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Postby lua » April 5th, 2017, 10:27 am

this may be a thing that gets answered with the new background that we'll be getting, but the character of kira raises a lot of questions just by being mentioned as it is.
but first a clarification: when you guys said there is a background story being put together, did you meant a new background story for the story in it matters (as in no longer chasing an antagonist) or a new background story for the characters (as in their origins/lives so far are different)?

and on to the questions that came to mind considering the idea of kira:

what is mello character's goal in life if not being a (the best) detective? or is it still being a (the best) detective?
what is the ranking system for if it isn't for detectives?
what is happening in the background of mello and matt's story in it matters?
if mello is chasing an antagonist, what or who is he pursuing?
what was his end game that failed in l.a.?
is the photograph still important or is that just paranoia? if it is still important, why?
are they still going to japan? if yes, why? if no, where are they going instead and why?
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Re: kira

Postby orangepunch » April 6th, 2017, 9:15 pm

These are great questions. These are the important things to be asking to make sure nothing is missed. The back story will replace the kira case, but with what is not known yet (*looks at Matti*) but knowing what elements are essential to have is why it's so important to be asking questions and vetting elements... I realised this after I posted the other day saying it was okay anyways because it was accounted for in the backstory... The elements should still be vetted and discussed, so I made a post about it tonight XD

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