A note to editors - and a call for more!!

For matters related to the striking of DN from IT Matters/Matti's fiction

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A note to editors - and a call for more!!

Postby orangepunch » April 6th, 2017, 9:09 pm

To all that have been working on this project : I am so excited about how it has been going. The discussions have been doing their job in inspiring new bits of story which will replace anything DN without stripping Matti's story of it's own story-ness....

This is where I'd like to point out something important - the best thing a discussion can do is to try to dig deeper and uncover the underlying story when arguing why an element of a character or object is important and that it remains... So, what is it about the object or person? What do they do to move the story along, to affect the character's psyche... If it were to be replaced (even if you're arguing that it shouldn't be) what replacement objects can serve the same or similar purposes, what might the new object add that the old object didn't have, or what might it be missing and how might this change the story, if at all? ... This is generally what's been happening when deciding that someone like person x has to be in the story or object z is necessary and so forth, I was just trying to come up with some good points/questions to draw on if, as an editor, you run into an object or person which was taken from DN originally but which you feel would change or really take something away from the story. If we have the how and why, it helps to decide what elements can be grounded into the new backstory so they make sense without DN, or to identify replacement that can work and to try the feel of them out (and by trying things out I mean Matti messing around with writing).


If anyone wants to participate, it can be a lot or a little, it can be dipping into discussions or the actual live editing of the novels with all of the other editors... please just email at it.matters.series@gmail.com with who you are on the forum and you will be added into the group.

And, again another thanks, because this has been going so well, and the discussions have been great! There have been people with differing opinions who've brought in multiple perspectives and angles from which to consider things, and there have been complicated concepts or events which are interwoven with DN which have been teased apart through great collaborative discussions. I can only seeing it getting better with more people taking part, for anyone interested!


Woot! :mello3: :matt2:

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