Pray for us Sinners

This is a forum for those who have read the whole series to date, including all of 'Watari Pt 1', and wish to freely discuss it without worrying about spoilers.

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Pray for us Sinners

Postby mrsj » October 27th, 2013, 1:29 am


I'm really tired and I was going to get an early night tonight, but it's 1.25am and I'd rather die than stop reading this. And that's excruciating, because I wrote the bloody thing (but never read it) and so that looks really arrogant. And I missed the boat by several years on anyone else reading it. So I can't gush over what the sweet fuck I'm reading. Bloody Hell, that was intense.

And I can see why Fenian was so instantly popular when he appeared for the first time. I never got that before.

Bloody Hell!

2 Secs... let me just get this level...

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