The Graduation - To Renchan from Us

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The Graduation - To Renchan from Us

Postby mrsj » December 19th, 2015, 12:19 am

"Canton, Ohio." Mello mused aloud, as his vehicle purred to a halt and switched off. "The sort of place that Stephen Colbert would find 'crappy'."

"No." Matt informed him from the passenger seat. "That's the one in Georgia."


Matt faintly smiled. "South Dakota." He'd recently been inducted into the Colbert fan-club through a combination of Bubbles going on about the satirical comic, and boredom binge-watching shows from hotel rooms with Mello. Matt was also tapping away on his laptop. "Yes!" He breathed. "Thought as much." He peered across the street to discern the name of it from the sign emboldened there. "Gamer friend of mine is from nearby here. Graduating Psychology today."

Mello looked vaguely interested. It had been a long trip stabilizing old Mafia money. "Psychology is graduating, or your friend?"


Mello frowned. "Did that answer the question?"

"Partially." Matt's lips twitched into a smirk again. "It's completed by adding, 'you pedantic fuck.'"

"Oh good." Mello saw Matt's finger raise to point down the street, a finger hooked to indicate a right turn. "What?"

"Down there." A quick glance to see if Mello was going o fuss over this or not. "I'll tell you when to turn."

Mello peered into the direction that he was being directed to go. "Where are you telling me to go?"

"Renchan's graduation." Matt grinned, "Where else would we be going?" The blithe answer was 'on a Mafia collection round', but that one wasn't spoken aloud. Mello looked dubiously at him. "Let's go." Matt clapped his hands together twice. "To Renchan's graduation!"

(Next person inspired, please write the next bit!)

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Re: The Graduation - To Renchan from Us

Postby kinofdragons » December 19th, 2015, 1:28 am

(I'll do my best. Please forgive me if this sucks. Congrats Renchan!)

Matt continued looking at his computer, occasionally pausing his typing to give hand gestures and mutter street names. Mello glanced at him when they pulled up to a red light and saw Matt was grinning. He had to admit he himself felt somewhat excited but he couldn't place why. He heard a honk behind him, pulling him from his thoughts, and raised his middle finger out the window as he took off at the green light. He was in America and had to use the proper hand gestures after all. He saw Matt's smile had morphed into a faint smirk next to him. "Shut up." He muttered.

Matt shrugged his shoulders in faux-innocence then said, "Take a right at the next light." Mello followed the instructions as he continued to ponder his feelings. It then hit him why this felt so novel.

"We never graduated." He muttered. "Can you imagine how disturbing a Wammy's graduation would be?" He then eyed Matt. "Is that why you want to go?"

Matt shook his head. His hair fringe shook over his goggles a bit and became slightly tangled over the lenses. He ignored it while Mello vowed to get him a haircut when they got back. "Renchan is a friend. Graduation is a big thing. Renchan deserves supporters for leveling up." He then jerked a bit in his seat. "We need to get a gift! Leveling up deserves loot!"
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Re: The Graduation - To Renchan from Us

Postby amaryllis » December 19th, 2015, 2:00 am

Mello's expression switched from amused to dubious and then back again, which might have aroused comment from Matt if his husband had been paying any attention.

"I'm amazed you even thought of it. You'd better get me directions to shops quickly or make up your mind otherwise before I reach this next light."

Matt had started chewing a thread of his glove worriedly. He glanced at the time, then up at the light. "Keep going the way I told you. There's a 'Belden Village Mall' further down this road, though it will take us past the University as well. Think that's the place she works at? She might hate anything from there by proxy."

"I have no idea," Mello answered blithely, ignoring the fact that Matt's question had been directed inward. He was smiling, though. Matt was right, graduations were a big deal, and certainly a thing to be celebrated. "Have any idea what to get her? Keeping in mind that we're on a schedule now and that you can't spend hours in a game store."

(( Congrats, Renchan! <3 ))
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Re: The Graduation - To Renchan from Us

Postby BrokenBoss » December 19th, 2015, 6:34 am

Entering the mall was a smooth enough operation. It was in the graduation section of Hallmark that they faltered. There were shelves upon shelves of options, but nothing that felt quite right.

"Teddy bear with a graduation cap?" Mello asked. Matt gestured the "enh"-ness of the potential gift.

"What's with all the flower necklaces?"

"No idea..." Mello browsed the card section. There were hundreds if not thousands of choices.

"This one is made of money!" Matt called. Mello came to inspect it.

"It doesn't look that complicated to make. Why would anyone buy one?"

Matt perked up. "You could make one! You've got that duffel of hundreds in the trunk!"

Mello shook his head. "She wouldn't want it. It's dirty money."

"Oh, now you're concerned about the morality of the money? Only, it's not like you're not going to put it back into circulation anyway."

"No, I mean it's dirty. There was a tear gas incident and it needs to be decontaminated. Not the best thing for jewelry."


They moped around the store for precious few more minutes before resigning themselves to just buying flowers in the school colors.

Mello was striding quickly back outside, bouquet in hand, when suddenly Matt's footsteps disappeared. Looking over his shoulder he found his spouse mesmerized, both hands on the glass of a claw machine. "Babe?" he asked, sauntering back to his husband to see what the delay was about.

"I found our present." He said, pointing and digging through a pocket with his other hand.

"That? It looks kind of off-putting."

"It's perfect." Matt claimed, putting his first quarter in the machine and it shuttered to life under his control.

"We don't have time for this." Mello said with an edge in his voice.

"This will only take me two secs. Y u doubt my leet skillz?" Matt asked, releasing the claw. It hit, but the toy was anchored under a Pinky Pie. The claw drew up empty.

Mello just raised an eyebrow.

"You don't have any quarters on you, do you?" Matt asked. "This might take a few tries."

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