Lemon Scene Challenge #1!

Try your hand at writing original MxM Death Note fan-fiction with these prompted and timed short stories. It's all a bit of fun, with no-one judging you. Come on in.

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Lemon Scene Challenge #1!

Postby Angie » August 8th, 2015, 5:11 am

Just like the others, except it's specifically a lemon scene. Give yourself about 30-40 minutes to write one involving Matt and Mello (in any order you choose) with any of the following prompts:

* Slow
* Anger
* Fanfiction
* Distractions
* Long-distance

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Re: Lemon Scene Challenge #1!

Postby Angie » August 8th, 2015, 7:28 pm

Mistress9 wrote:Unspoken rule, the challenger must take their own comment fic challenge ;)

Well, of course I will. But it seems only courteous to let at least one other person post one first. ;) At least give them a chance, you know? (That said, I will go first if I don't see one in couple of days.) :near:
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Re: Lemon Scene Challenge #1!

Postby Bubbles » August 9th, 2015, 12:43 am

Take this with the grains of salt that
a.) I am not a writer
b.) I am heavily medicated due to tonsillitis and
c.) I have not slept in about three days.



“Matt, what on earth is it that you think you are doing?”

Matt shrugged, refusing to take his eyes off the project in front of him. “It’s going to be my magnum opus, Mel,” he replied after a time frame that Mello found clearly far too long.

“Is that… you have Windows Movie Maker open?”

“Yeah. What else would you use for this? Final Cut?” An eyebrow was cocked in Mello’s direction but the project continued on.

“Well, I mean probably. Isn’t that what the industry standard is?”

“We’re not talking about the industry here, Mello. We’re talking about something that goes far beyond the industry. This is bigger than that, it’s bigger than all of us, really.”

“Uh hunh,” Mello picked up the script sitting to the side of Matt’s desk. “Did you write this?”

“Of course I wrote it. Well, adapted it from my novella, but I wrote that too so it totally counts.”

There was another silence as Mello flipped through the pages, noting the many annotations and corrections that his partner had scribbled in the sidelines.

“Matt,” he bit his lip, preparing himself both mentally and emotionally for the statement he was about to release from his vocal chords. “Did Veggie Tales even have a lemon character?”

“Are you really asking me that right now?” Matt snapped up from his computer, his eyes glinting with a passion that could only be possessed by someone who had invested weeks, if not months, into his fanficton turned script turned stop motion animation based around singing religious produce.

“I mean, it’s called Veggie Tales,” Mello reasoned. “So… vegetables. I am pretty sure lemons are fruit…”

“Blind Lemon Lincoln was more than a fruit, Mello,” Matt’s eyes narrowed even further. “He was an inspiration to everyone including but not limited to Larry the Cucumber.”

“Yeah, but that makes it even weirder. Both Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato are technically fruits too, what with their internal seeds.”


“What, it’s tr—“
“These are fighting words and I refuse to hear such blasphemy against a work of cinematic perfection.”


“You heard me,” Matt glared. “Cinematic perfection.”

There was yet another pause as both Mello and Matt stared each other down, the smell of a vaguely rotting lemon lingering in the makeshift studio. It added to the moment, Matt thought, the citrus-y overtones only made his directing moment stronger. It fueled his passion in ways very few things could.

“Cinematic perfection,” he said once more, tapping the script with his hand as though to emulate Miles Edgeworth in a court scene.

“I… I suppose it might be. If you like to talk to tomatoes, I mean. Or if a squash can make you smile…”

Matt grinned. “I can see the cogs working in there, Mello. I can see them coming together. Do you like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aisle?”

“I’m not answering that,” Mello crossed his arms defensively as Matt’s eyebrows waggled with a fervour usually reserved for far more intimate moments.

“You do.”

“Still not answering it.”

“You will. Once you see the finished production here, you will.”
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Re: Lemon Scene Challenge #1!

Postby Angie » December 16th, 2015, 5:27 am

What better way to celebrate my return than with some PWP of our boys? :D :mello3: :matt2:

Prompt: Long-Distance

Matt walked into his hotel room, leaving a trail of con swag and cosplay gear all over the floor as he walked into the en-suite bathroom. When he finished in there and came out, he changed into PJ pants and a T-shirt, and flopped lazily onto the bed. He was having a great time at GamerCon. There were interesting panels, and lots of epic cosplayers. One in particular stood out in his mind. She was blonde, and she wore tight leather. Matt smiled as he thought about her. His mind began to wander, and soon his hand wandered into his pants. He imagined her doing all sorts of amazing things with those pretty lips of hers. Sure, he was in a committed relationship, and yeah, she appeared to have a boyfriend herself, and no he didn't even know her name. But that didn't mean he couldn't fantasize about her! Soon, in his fantasy, however, she transformed into Mello. That made Matt think how much he missed his boyfriend...then he got a wonderful idea. He reached over to the bedside table and picked up his cell phone, and continued stroking himself.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment, Mello had filled up the tub, and was enjoying a bubble bath. With chocolate and prosecco, of course. It was rare that Mello got any time to himself to relax. He wasn't at GamerCon, because while he didn't dislike video games, he just didn't like them as much as Matt did. A convention about them just wasn't Mello's idea of a good time. He wondered what Matt was up to. Just then, his cell phone started playing the Mario theme song. Matt was calling!

"Hey, Matt," he said. "What's up?"

"Oh, not much," came the reply. Matt smirked to himself. Just my cock!

"How's the con?"

"Pretty good. But you know what? I miss you."

"Aw, I miss you too!"

"Hey, I gotta ask you. What are you wearing right now?"

"Well, nothing. I'm in the tub. Why do you ask?"

"Because I was just thinking about you...in bed."

Mello grinned. "Oh, yeah?" he asked, knowing where this would be going.

"Yeah," replied Matt. "We were kissing, and then you took off my shirt."

Mello swore he heard the sound of a shirt being discarded on the other side of the phone. "Then what?" he asked.

"Then we started running our hands along each other's chests," replied Matt.

Mello ran his hand along the planes of his chest, feeling his nipples harden. "Mmm, that feels good," he said.

"Then I reached down, and started stroking you down there."

He let his hands wander down further, and he too began stroking his growing erection, sliding his foreskin up and down.

"Then, I took off my pants!" The sound of pants being thrown to the floor was heard on the phone. "I'm naked now."

"Mmm, I wish I could see you!"

The phone chimed, to let Mello know he'd gotten a message. It was from Matt! Mello opened the picture attachment, and saw an image of Matt, kneeling naked on the bed, facing into the mirror. He was holding the phone with one hand, and his erection in the other. He had his foreskin pulled back to expose the sensitive, weeping head.

"Oooh, I like what I see!" said Mello.

"I bet you do," replied Matt.

Then Mello faced into the bathroom mirror, and sat on the edge of the tub with his legs spread apart, showing everything off, and snapped a picture of his own.

"You look amazing," replied Matt, stroking himself a little harder. "Then, I reached into our drawer. You know the one."

Mello looked around in the bathroom. He found a container of lube, left in the shower from the last time they had shower sex. Then he silently cursed, as he had to get out of that nice warm water and run to the bedroom, phone still in hand. He opened up the drawer, and pulled out his favorite vibrator, before going back to the bathroom. Once Matt heard Mello get back in the tub, he continued.

"I want to watch you prepare yourself."

Mello squeezed some lubricant into his hand, then reached around, and inserted a finger inside himself. Then he added another, and another, generously coating his passage, moaning as he did so. With some difficulty, he turned around towards the mirror, and sent another naughty picture to Matt.

"Mmm...so sexy," replied Matt still stroking himself. "Then I took the vibrator and put it inside you...mmm....yeeesss...."

Mello slid the toy inside of him, slowly, as deep as its flared bottom would allow it to go, before pulling it out and sliding it back in again. "Ohhh!!!"

"Yeah...turn it on..."

He turned the toy on to a moderate speed. "Aaaahh...yeeeeeeeeessss!!!! Ohhhh!!!"

"Mmm...you sound...so...sexy right...ha...now...oohh...I'm turning it...ahh...up now..." Matt was getting close, and by the sounds coming from the other end of the phone, so was his lover, who dialed up the speed on the toy.

Mello continued to thrust the toy in and out, stroking in time with the thrusts. Meanwhile, Matt continued to stroke himself, thrusting up into his hand as he did so.

"Ooohh!!! OH! OH, GOD, YEEEEESSS, MATT!!!" Hearing Mello finish like that was enough to send Matt over the edge as well.

"MEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!" He collapsed onto the bed, trying to catch his breath.

Mello slumped back into the tub, sliding the vibrator out and turning it off. "Wow...that...that....was..."

"Amazing," finished Matt.


"I have...to...tell you...something..."


"....I...I love you..."

"Aww...I love you..too..."

There was a pause, as the two got their thoughts together and caught their breath.

"You should come here," said Matt. "I'll come get you in the lobby, and we can do it for real."

After resting in the tub for a while, soon Mello was dried off, dressed, and getting on his motorcycle, heading in the direction of the con.

The end.

:| Yeah, that was so bad...and I went over my time, too. :lol:
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Re: Lemon Scene Challenge #1!

Postby BrokenBoss » December 16th, 2015, 4:46 pm

Shhhh no this is the opposite of bad! *u*
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Re: Lemon Scene Challenge #1!

Postby BrokenBoss » December 16th, 2015, 10:34 pm

Uh... so... this happened. Because Angie's prompts are gold and this popped into my head and refused to leave. Then Mello started driving when I tried to type it out. Blame them! I'm an innocent bystander, I swear.

Orange or MRSJ, if this is read out loud to your spouse, I will give you my first born child to hear a recording of that.



Mello had been meticulously searching for a file like this ever since the “Man United Goalscoring Stats 1985-2014” incident. Of course it had been harder (much, much, much harder) to find a file that Matt wanted to keep hidden, but with perseverance and a little help from Bubbles he’d finally found something.

“All right, Baby. Show me what you’ve got.”

The air was cold and stale in the cell as Link gained consciousness. He groaned and tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes which is when he noticed his arms restrained above his head in hand cuffs…

Oh? Mello skipped down a few paragraphs.

There was a groaning from the guards outside the door and then it was opened. Link blinked in the sudden light. How long had he been in this prison? He must be dehydrated. Hallucinating or something. There was no way it was-

“Link!” Zelda cried out, before rushing to him…

The text was soon filled with a nonsense dialogue. References that were probably too obscure for the casual gamer and certainly beyond Mello. Despite this, it was easy enough to see where this was going. Matt was reading erotic fanfiction? Mello wasn’t so much surprised at his husband having it, as he was at his husband hiding it. He knew about Matt’s admittedly vast library and it wasn’t like they didn’t sometimes watch normal porn together (for the given value of normal in their house). He scrolled till something caught his eye.

Zelda let the underwear fall to the floor before daintily stepping out of them. She would be naked now, under the dress. Link blushed.

‘Link blushed’? Mello thought to himself. No, that wouldn’t do. ‘Link squirmed as the heat of his desire burned across his face.’ Mello smirked to himself. ‘Amateur.’

He bit his lip as Zelda slowly pulled up her skirts, past her pale thighs and revealed her hard and dripping cock. She palmed herself and started stroking. The metal against his wrists rubbed harshly against his skin as he ached for the freedom to touch her.

Well! That was unexpected.

And then it hit him.

Oh, God! A gender ambiguous blond and their manacled lover. Was Matt thinking of him while he read this!? Mello pushed back from the desk and let his head burry itself in his hands. He could feel his own face going red now and he was having a little trouble breathing. Was Matt into that sort of thing? It might explain why he never seemed to let up about his allegedly questionable gender identity. He indulged himself in a few moments of secondhand embarrassment before pulling himself together. He looked back at the screen suspiciously. He’d come this far. He had to finish it.

Her heels clicked against the stone floor as she came closer. Her cock was at the perfect height for Link to take her in his mouth. He leaned forward but the cuffs held him back, mere centimeters from his object of desire. The blonde chuckled above him, but kept teasing herself, just out of reach. Link begged, “Princess, please!”

“Princess, please!” Matt begged, every muscle, every tendon straining to reach Mello’s cock. The nickname stilled bothered him on some level, but with Matt this far gone there was no way he’d done it on purpose. And with the redhead so eager that Mello half expected him to dislocate his own shoulder in the effort to suck him off, he was prepared to be forgiving.

He reached a hand out to the wall, bracing himself a foot or two above the redhead, leaning over him, looking down on him, but his hips were arched back, cock still cruelly out of reach. Matt looked up at him and Mello felt a molten twisting in his balls. The redhead was destroyed. His eyes were blown out in arousal, deep in subspace and pleading. There were even a few fresh tears on his cheeks. His thighs and chest were stripped with raw belt marks and he was naked save for the collar, cuffs and a cock ring that had kept him from relief for the better part of the last three hours.

Mello’s hand tightened reflexively and he let his arm speed up. “I think I might keep you like this forever.” He groaned. Matt just looked up at him wonderingly, mouth slightly agape. The corner of his lip was still bleeding from an earlier bite. “Keep you tied up in the basement, hard for the rest of your life. Just to look at you.” Matt’s breathing was growing more labored, if that was even possible. “Because this,” Mello bit a lip hard. “This is probably the most beautiful I ever see you. You’re so hard.” He was moving his hips now, fucking his own hand and Matt’s attention was rapt, straining for his cock. Drooling. “So desperate. You want to taste me Puta?”

“Si!” Matt cried out, brokenly.

Mello closed his eyes at the sound, luxuriating in the pleasure it brought him. “I’d never even have to touch you again. I’d just come on that pretty face of yours. If you opened your mouth you might even get to taste it.”

Matt opened his mouth wide, body following the implied order before his mind, slowed as it always was in the haze of sub-space, caught up with the rest of the statement.

“No! Please!”

“No?” Mello crouched down for a moment, somehow crowding Matt without touching him. He felt surrounded. Trapped. “Mail, look at me!” And he did, helpless to follow the command of his master. Those blue eyes were intense, merciless. “You are my submissive and I will have you obedient. You are my play-thing to use and abuse and your desires are not of my concern. If I choose to never touch you again, that is what you are going to gratefully accept. Are we clear?”

Matt was shaking now, hot tears of frustration falling freely down bright red cheeks. His gaze fell and he sagged the tiniest bit. “Yes.”

Mello gave a warning growl in the back of his throat.

Matt pulled himself together and looked his master back in the eye, fighting against his body to follow his orders. “Yes, Sir.” And there it was. The obedience. The willingness. The surrender.

“Fuck!” Mello stood quickly and stepped that final step towards his husband. Matt wasn’t reacting quickly enough so black painted nails forced is jaw open and the other hand was on the back of his head forcing his mouth around his cock. Mello felt him swallowing eagerly, body reacting according to his training even as his brow was knotted in confusion. There was a noise of surprise from the redhead but Mello just stayed where he was buried, the vibrations rolling over him. There was a choking sound from his lover’s throat and Matt began to pull back, but Mello just tightened his fist, keeping his lover locked in place. He looked down as Matt looked up, hair a disheveled mess, lip bloody, wet eyes serene and trusting, even as his throat spasmed around his cock, desperate for air and survival.

And that was it.

Three more thrusts against the back of Matt’s throat and Mello was coming, groaning the praises of his lover, “Fucking! Shit! So hot, Guapo! So fucking perfect! Gorgeous. Gorgeous, sexy man.” He finished spilling down his throat and pulled out, only to slide shakily down the wall, straddling his husband’s naked lap and resting his head on his shoulder. Matt was coughing violently but nothing he wouldn’t be able to handle. When the redhead finally settled, Mello was recovered enough to at least sit up and wipe the spit and semen from his husband’s chin. “How’s it going in there?”

With visible effort, Matt gathered enough pieces of his mind to manage a coherent response. “’s good.”

Mello laughed affectionately. After the first few rounds Matt had been so frustrated. He still was, Mello supposed, but now past the point of expecting reciprocation. “How many more do you think you can last?”

“At least one more.”

Mello smiled. He’d said that the last time as well. “Right. In that case you rest here and I’ll go get us something to eat.” As if the redhead had another option, restrained as he was. He gave his husband a chaste kiss on the cheek before standing up to fetch some snacks and water.


He paused in the doorway to look back at his lover. “Yes?”

Matt seemed to hesitate and the blonde just smiled knowingly. “I will be back for you. Trust me, and you will be rewarded.”

“I will be back for you. Trust me, and you will be rewarded.”

Link watched her disappear. He’d spent so much time in this prison, dreaming of freedom, but now he wasn’t even sure if he wanted Zelda to find the key…

Mello numbly pushed back from his desk. Matt wasn’t reading erotic fan fiction. He was writing it.

There were pages more left on the document but Mello had seen enough. Knew from experience how the story would end. The writing was a little dry, and a little too ‘insert tab a into slot b’ but it was definitely an encounter they’d had a few weeks ago.

With a morbid curiosity he hit ‘command’ and ‘f’ and searched the phrase ‘writhing in abject pleasure’. Sure enough, there it was on page 7. Somehow that broke the tension and he couldn’t help but laugh.

‘Fine,’ Mello thought to himself as he pressed print, ‘You want to turn our sex life into porn for your gamer friends?’ He pulled out a red pen and started with the edits on the first page. ‘At the very least you can do it justice.’


The revisions took longer than he thought they would, but a glance at the surveillance monitors showed Matt playing a game, as he had been, virtually motionless for the last few hours. Perfect.

He slipped into their bedroom and dug through his closet until he found a dress he’d once ordered in curiosity before banishing it untested to the back of the closet. He slipped it on, long skirt falling to the floor. It didn’t fit perfectly but tying up the corseted waistband helped considerably. He pulled most of his hair back into a short braid and let two sections hang forward. The final touch was a bit more eyeliner and mascara than he normally used. After a few attempts he even managed some wings. ‘Huh. Those are harder than they look.’ He mused, blinking at himself in the mirror.

“Mail!” he yelled.

“What?” His husband answered in kind from down the hallway in his study.

“The hot water is gone! Can you check the boiler?” His only answer was a grumble.

“Now, Mail!” A grumble and some foot steps down the stairs.


Matt looked over the machinery but nothing looked out of place. He turned the controls to stop and restart the flame of the heating unit in the vague hope that the old standby of “Turning it off and on again.” would help even when he knew that wasn’t how the physics of the water heater worked. He sighed. If the problem wasn’t here, it would be in the wall somewhere. Mihael wouldn’t be happy about the holes he’d need to cut to get to the piping.

He trudged back up the stairs, lighting a cigarette. “It’s not the boiler. Must be somewhere else.”

“No, it’s fine, you fixed it.”

Fixed it? He took a drag. He hadn’t done anything. It was probably his husband not waiting long enough for the hot water to reach the upstairs bathroom and deciding that meant it was broken.

Impatient bastard.

Matt rounded on his sofa, about to lay back down when he spotted his seat had been taken by some papers, handcuffs and his replica Master Sword.

{“It’s a toy.” Mello had complained when he’d mounted a shelf for it on the wall.
“It’s art.”
“It’s plastic.”
“You don’t understand.”}

Matt picked up the papers and his blood ran cold.


How had Mello found this? He’d encrypted it three separate times and hidden it on a supposedly invisible part of his server.

The neat stack of papers was covered in red edits in the blonde’s neat scrawl. It was something he hadn’t seen since having Mello proof read his essays at Wammys. With a sinking stomach he read through the pages. ‘He’s going to kill me.’ On the last page he found the final remarks.

Prose could use more interesting imagery and the style was too formulaic. Zelda lacks character development. You have five minutes from now to save whatever you were working on and be handcuffed to the railing of the second floor landing. We’re about to write Chapter Two. –M


It was about an hour later that Mello reached up to release the chain keeping Matt’s hands back. The redhead lowered them gingerly and brought them to rest around Mello where he was cuddled into his side. His skirt was trailing behind him on the floor and partially tangled between their legs. His hair had long since fallen out of the braid.

“It wasn’t so bad though, was it?” Matt asked, breaking the silence.

Mello looked down and traced the seams of the corset thoughtfully. “It still feels strange, but I could do it again if you want.”

“What?” Matt looked down confused. “No, I mean the writing.”

Mello laughed. “Mail, it was… bad.”

“But a C minus? Really?”

“Yeah really.” Mello sat up, looking down at this lover. “Besides, it’s a moot point. Plagiarism is an automatic fail.”

Matt grinned. “So, what? You want to be cited? Should I put you down as ‘Mello’ or ‘MOverMario’?”

Mello turned to straddle his husband, skirts gathering around him. “You wouldn't dare!”

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