WTF is the L Code?

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Re: WTF is the L Code?

Postby amaryllis » August 3rd, 2015, 4:30 pm

I always thought of "The L Code" as all of L's contacts and identity as "L" when dealing with detective agencies and governments, but actual detective codes are codes of conduct and ethics like you mentioned in the other post. By inheriting this code as his successor, theoretically one would need to take on everything L does and continue to do it in the exact way he did (his sense of justice, his rules on which cases to accept, how to go about solving them, etc).

Honestly, though, with how eccentric all of the kids are he's considered as successors I kind of wonder how he or Watari expected this to work. Mello says,“L was the goal of everyone in Wammy's House. Everyone wanted to surpass him. To step over him. To step on him. M did, N did, and B did. M as a challenger, N as a successor. B as a criminal.”

So among three of his many successors in that orphanage he only has one who seems interested in copying his way of doing things, or his code(?): Near. Unless I'm misunderstanding the code.
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