chapter 59 page 21

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chapter 59 page 21

Postby lua » May 27th, 2016, 11:43 pm


in the last page roger had grabbed mello's arm and told near to go to his office. at the time, near was almost done with his puzzle. when linda went outside and invited him to join, the puzzle was mostly incomplete. and at the time we saw near starting the puzzle by the middle *shakes head in disapproval because i can okay*
anyway, near carried the puzzle over to roger's office. so far we have seen mello kick a ball at someone and drag along a kid by their hair which makes me wonder how near managed to get his almost complete puzzle to roger's office without interference. mello refuses to antagonize him? roger made sure it didn't happen? did roger keep a hold on mello until they were at his office?

roger's office doesn't have chair for the children or visitors or caretakers who come in. it makes me think people are not expected to come into roger's office unless it's someone used to wammy's house and who wouldn't feel uncomfortable keeping a conversation like that. roger seems upset and the fact mello demands an answer gives me the impression roger is hesitating to tell them. it doesn't seem to be out of concern for mello and near tho because he just states the fact without anything to buffer it. also, continuing the lack of respect in the last page, mello doesn't seem to care at all roger was supposed to be an authority figure here.

both mello and near are barefoot in this scene. not sure if that's important but i just realized they were the only people at wammy's to be shown barefoot so far. it's not the norm of the place to walk around barefoot so why both these kids do it and why no one else does it?

the latin versions i got all seem to agree with the english one in the translation, but the italian version also has mello being pretty informal, i think?

aaaaand i can't tell the length of mello's hair at all in this one o.o


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