by Brookestardust


    'Puta' by Brookestardust

    Inspired by chapter 8: Puta

    Mello climbed onto the pillow, snapping his fingers into the air to make Matt sit up again. Then Mello sat with his back to the headboard and rested the belt on the pillow beside him. "On your knees." He commanded, as he reached into the top of the beside cabinet for handcuffs. Matt did as he was told, facing him and Mello, smiling, fitted one end of each cuff to Matt's wrists. The other ends were quickly secured to the headboard, forcing Matt half-prostrate with his head in Mello's lap. His arms were spread-eagled either side of Mello's body. "You waiting for a starting gun?" Mello enquired. "Surely it's obvious what you're putting in your mouth down there." He snorted and lifted the belt again. "While I..." He gasped slightly as Matt began licking Mello's balls, "occupy myself with your punishment." The belt came down upon Matt's back, then again upon his buttocks.

    Matt moaned and took Mello into his mouth. As the leather rained down, the moans became exquisite in their vibration, especially when Mello held Matt's head down to stop him withdrawing. He felt himself deep in Matt's throat, with the whimpers and groans an ecstasy around his cock. Matt didn't even struggle and that just added to it. Mello lost his rhythm, trying hard not to come, just to prolong the sensation. Occasionally, Mello released the pressure on Matt's head, just enough for his throat to clear. He felt and heard the deep breaths that Matt took through his nose, his whole being concentrating on getting oxygen to his lungs and expellling carbon dioxide. Mello let it happen once or twice at most, then Matt's head would be rammed back down and the belt would fly again onto his exposed back. Matt did his best, swallowing, licking, gulping, but mostly it wasn't a traditional blowjob. It was a man trying to stay alive long enough to take his punishment. As for Mello, he had to stop it, because he was too close to orgasm and so losing all perspective. He let the belt drop, then, with a reckless abandon, let himself travel over the edge and into that soaring place. Matt swallowed every drop.

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