by Matti


    'Ann' by Matti

    Inspired by Chapter 9: A Pattern Forming

    Ann reached into the pocket of her overalls and pulled out two toothbrushes, still in their packets. One she threw onto the bed beside Matt and the other she held out to Mello. "There should be toothpaste and clean flannels and towels already in there. If you really must smoke in here, and I wish you wouldn't, then please open the window and do not let the children see you doing it. I also wish to point out that there are young children asleep in adjacent rooms, so please behave appropriately when creating any noise. Breakfast is at eight." She looked from one to the other. "Do you need anything else? Shaving razors? Nightwear? Your clothes laundered, seeing as you haven't brought a change with you? Computers or reading materials?"

    Mello seemed very young, as he pointed towards her lap. "What else have you got in your pockets?" He grinned cheekily. "I'm curious."

    "You always were, Mello." She reached in with both hands and extracted some items. "I have a bar of chocolate, a small Catholic Bible, a Nintendo DS with a couple of Mario games loaded and a packet of cigarettes. I hadn't spotted that Mail had brought a Playstation with him." She looked up from her haul, as a gloved hand snaked out and, with finger and thumb pincered around the end, wriggled the chocolate out from between the Bible and the DS. "There was a whole plate of them downstairs, Mello. Didn't you pick any up?"

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