Aimee Love
by Melissa


    'Aimee Love' by Melissa

    Inspired by Chapter 23: TY for 3000 Hits

    Aimee nodded. "I'm pregnant." Matt's grip increased on the edge of the front door and he hurriedly shut it. His mind span through all of their past associations, trying to imagine if he had ever been that high. He didn't recall so. "My sister's friend said that if you know how to work the system, then it can be more profitable than going to work, but there were all these forms." She swiped at her eyes. "You know I'm no good with forms. But I did get a flat, then Brucey moved in and Kaz warned me about him. Mind you, Kaz told me never to bother with you again, after the way you treated me. Brucey can be really sweet though, you know? Once you get to know him. But then I had the police at the door and the baliffs sent me a letter. Our Dee said they only do that to scare you, but I'm not so sure. What if they do come tomorrow? I can't bring up a baby on the street!"

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