A Pattern Forming
by Melissa

    A Pattern Forming

    'A Pattern Forming' by Melissa

    Inspired by Chapter 9: A Pattern Forming

    "How's your dick?"

    "Say it a bit louder, I don't think those people down by the market heard you." Matt frowned. He knew he was blushing and hated himself for it. His tone dropped low. "So your sexual fantasy was basically cock torture."

    Mello shook his head, his unruly hair still moving a second after he'd stopped. "No, silly." He looked so camp that Matt just knew that everyone for a million miles around knew that they were lovers just by looking at them. "It was the contrast. Making you be gentle with me, while I was doing that to you. Comforting you, while it was me hurting you. You letting me, even though you could have just moved. Wow! That was a real turn-on." Mello shifted uncomfortably and drew his chair further under the table. Matt smirked at him, sneaking a leg out to cross ankles with him. "But you didn't like it, so..."

    "I didn't say that." Matt watched the pinking of Mello's cheeks. "So it's comfort and hurt you're into now. This is what we're saying?" Mello frowned slightly, but it was in thought. He appeared to be considering whether that was alright. "Mell, you've always been into that. You just dress it up as being a responsible sadist, checking I'm still breathing and stuff before you lay it on again. It's all good." It was so unusual to see the blond losing his composure that Matt pressed home his advantage. "Any other kinky perversions I ought to know about?"

    "You think I'm kinky?"

    Matt laughed aloud. His gaze took in the leather and the zips; his mind sped through all the things that he knew sent Mello into a sexual frenzy. "Don't you?"

    Mello shrugged, but he still appeared pensive. Then he executed one of his lightning mood changes and he became impatient. "Yes, there is something else you don't do." He picked at invisible lint on his top. "Where's the romance?"

    "Huh?" Matt applied a mental brake onto his thought processes and screeched the 180 degree, tyre-burning turn necessary to follow Mello's brand new whim. "Romance? Like flowers and, oh, chocolates. I buy you chocolate."

    "But sometimes I want to be, I don't know, courted."

    "Courted?" Matt tried hard not to laugh. "You are such a girl!" He tried to find precedents from their shared history for this one, just to work out what Mello was trying to tell him. "Ah! I get it. You've been reading 'Wuthering Heights' again. You're under the influence of Heathcliff. This is eventually going to end up with you demanding poetry with malice aforethought. I mean, let's get this right. You want me to woo you with roses and candlelit meals, so you can beat me up and fuck me. If you don't mind me saying so, there's a bit of a split personality going on there." Mello's eyes narrowed and he glared at the floorboards. "Ok, don't go all Scarlett O'Hara on me. I'll buy you flowers."

    Mello exhaled petulantly and played with a food knife. "Don't just do it because I told you to."

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