A Day That Should Have Been
by Melissa

    A Day That Should Have Been

    'A Day That Should Have Been' by Melissa

    Inspired by Chapter 47: TY for 3000 Hits

    Lamond peered at him with an expert's evaluation. "What have you done to your eyebrows?"

    "I got carried away." Mello grinned. "But they were really fine and blond to start with."

    "May I?" She raised a trembling hand to push back his fringe. "Ah, I see. You've damaged the hair foicles over on the left side."


    "You might have done the best thing then. You don't look strange with no eyebrows, though we could draw some on." Lamond smiled encouragement. "With enough concealer, the face is a blank canvas. We can be whoever we want to be. We just draw on a mask." She stared long and hard at his scar. "What effect were you going for?"

    Mello shrugged. "Understated?"

    "That's surprising." Lamond replied. "There's never been anything understated about you."

    "Maybe emphasise my eyes? I have nice eyes."

    "You have a nice face full stop. Beautiful bone structure. Quite delicate in fact. I can certainly reduce the sight of your burn. I could make it disappear, but the make-up would be so thick that it would look very obvious in a different way." Her hand fell again. She wasn't strong enough to do her magic today. "But another time."

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