Headband (Sketch)
by Melissa


    'Headband (Sketch)' by Melissa

    Inspired by chapter 3: Trumpets

    Mello crawled on all fours across the bed, then kneeled in front of his husband. He used his hands to carefully scrape all of Matt's hair off his forehead, periodically smiling at his work. "Hold this up." Matt held his cigarette between his lips and let Mello guide his hands into securing the hair. "Heh." Mello beamed. He reached out and lifted the goggles from Matt's eyes, then placed them high on his head. There was a moment's contemplation as they both let go, but the hair held. "Kickass and gorgeous." Mello declared. "Probably best to wash all that crap out of your hair first though. You don't need it."

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