by Soulless-Lover


    'Breathless' by Soulless-Lover

    Inspired by Chapter 7: Waiting For You

    The laces eventually loosened enough that the leather trousers could be prised from Mello's abdomen and down to the floor. His dick stiffened already, slapping Matt's cheeks. He took it in his mouth, deep throating as Mello spoke, distant but his words piercing. "Look at you, you fucking slut. I don't need to dominate you, you just roll over and submit by nature. It was way too easy to knock you out of the race. I just had to show an interest and you were already on your knees, doing what you do best. Suck me, Matty, suck me." Mello came, shooting into the back of Matt's throat with a loud moan. "Fuck, yes."

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