by Spoiled Kitten


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    'Dust' by Spoiled Kitten

    Inspired by February 1st, 1993

    From the depths of the cupboard, the small boy eyed the rat. The rat stared right back. At three years old, Milo looked much smaller, with the spindly limbs and slightly distended stomach of the malnourished. He was under no illusion that the rat would not attack. One had bit him before, only then Milo had had the stick to fend it off. As far as the rat was concerned, Milo was probably lunch. He just needed to evaluate whether it was a meal worth fighting for. Milo didn't give it time to decide. Despite the exchange of gunfire though the barricade, he slid out of the cupboard and hunted for a weapon. There was a fish-slice on the grimy kitchen floor, soiled and heavy with mould, Milo nevertheless grabbed it and glared at the opened cupboard door. The rat did not emerge.

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