by Spoiled Kitten


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    'Regrets' by Spoiled Kitten

    Inspired by Chapter 23: Curing his Heart

    "That's much better." Mello proclaimed, reaching as an afterthought to remove the goggles fully and to place them on the table. "Now which bit of 'Mello owns me' did you forget when I asked you, repeatedly, to mute your game? When did it slip your mind that I own you body and mind?" He removed his own belt, adding mildly, "Turn around."

    Matt peeped up from underneath a mass of red fringe, looked up further to survey his bunched, bound hands, then back at Mello, as if to say, 'how?' The blond just smirked and so Matt experimentally drew his knees up and then rolled over onto them. His wrists crossed over each other, steel digging into them. His face hid in the crux of his elbows and he was shivering, though it wasn't cold in that place. He tensed when he heard the footsteps stomping forward and he arched when the first crack of the belt came down in a searing, stinging thwack onto his back.

    Matt soldiered through six more just like it, before his balance gave out and he tumbled sidewards with a wracking jar of the handcuffs. Mello bent to catch and pull him back up. He stayed there, one hand on his back and the other at this tortured wrists. Kisses tasted the tears on his face, right up to his eyes. Keys rattled and he was undone, falling into Mello's arms and trembling there.

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