All the Way Here - Quotations
by MRS Jeevas

Mello quietly whispered, "(The President of the USA is) afraid that Kira will use the Death Note to force him to do something like press the button. Nuke somewhere."

"What warped fucking mind would come up with...?" Matt began, then noticed the glaring of other patrons. It was starting to get so that supporters of the mass murderer were becoming more open. As if those in opposition were in the wrong. "Mind you, it's Kira, so nothing surprises me."
Mello and Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 5: The Time Comes

"Right, Matty, how can I put this?" Mello's tone dripped sarcasm. "We've done 63 rounds of lesser monsters and now we're close to the boss with no healers in sight. Our bloody hitpoints level is low and we could really do with boosting it. Now can you fucking hack the City of New York or not?"
Mello and Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 5: The Time Comes

"To be honest, I bum around all day doing fuck all. Nursing my institutionalised inferiority complex and playing computer games."
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 6: Dissolution

"Look at you, you fucking slut. I don't need to dominate you, you just roll over and submit by nature. It was way too easy to knock you out of the race. I just had to show an interest and you were already on your knees, doing what you do best. Suck me, Matty, suck me."
Mello, All the Way Here, chapter 7: Waiting for You

"Thank you. Can you make sure that all of your games are on silent, so there's not a load of beeping in the background? And can you practice achieving a level without shouting 'woot' please?"
Mello, All the Way Here, chapter 8: Nick Street

"I can't destroy the world in a blaze of glory, while you're still in it. You're that precious. You are my redemption."
Mello, All the Way Here, chapter 10: Scared

"Matt, have you just told me, in your incomprehensible way, that you are fully prepared to die here?"

"If you're in danger of losing your Godsword. Yes." Matt smirked feeling for the kettle.


"For fuck's sake, Mello. I accepted that eventuality the second we knew L was dead. We all did." He found the tap and filled the kettle. "I know."

Mello arranged pillows on the bed, slapping them hard. "What if you got there and I was already... I'd already lost my Godsword?"

"I'd pick it up and get after the bastard that pwned you."
Mello and Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 10: Scared

"It isn't mandatory that we handcuff you to the headboard, you know." Mello snapped back testily. "Some people go all their lives without ever being tied down at all and still manage to have hot sex."
Mello, All the Way Here, chapter 11: Cold Snap

"I can't believe that a mind that can master radiator plumbing by searching Google for an hour can end up so befuzzled by a salad."
Mello (about Matt), All the Way Here, chapter 13: Aftermaths

"I'm guessing that what we do is yaoi or something."
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 14: Knowledge

This is the man I own, this is my tag upon his body.
Mello, All the Way Here, chapter 18: Ukeru

"Yeah." Mello picked up the remote control and flicked through the channels. They were all showing the same sort of hysterical non-news. "And it falls to me to work out how to keep you alive when the baddies aren't javascript."
Mello, All the Way Here, chapter 19: The Law of This New World

"You fucking, incomparable arsehole!" Mello screamed back. "That was fucking loaded! And the way you shoot, it's amazing I'm still here to rip your motherfucking head off and shove it up your blessed jacksy!"

"Yes." Matt called back, coolly. "But you're the one without a loaded gun or chocolate."
Mello and Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 20: Preparations

"You have a really interesting fighting style. Moments of pure genius, interspersed with stupidity and the odd instance of lying down and playing dead."
Mello (about Matt), All the Way Here, chapter 20: Preparations

"What do you want for your birthday?" Matt deftly changed the subject. "Besides Kira's head, Near's death, safety for the entire world, your rightful place as L's number one heir and chocolate."
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 21: Coming Out

"Don't look at me!" Matt responded eventually. "I don't know what Catholics do in these situations. I know I'm figuring on spending the rest of my life with you, so if it's marriage. Yeah. Marry me."
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 21: Coming Out

"Good to see you back." Matt replied, the ember bobbing up and down between his lips with each word. "The pod person who kidnapped you and took your place has been really weird to live with."
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 22: Curing His Heart

"Your body is something to be used as an extension of that brilliant mind of yours. You use it like Linda uses a blank canvas, to create great art to create an impression. All this leather and guns, it's just another bit of methodology in the solving of the puzzles. Your body is more than that. It's something that needs food and sleep; it's something that can feel pain."

"Where's this going?"

"You wanted my take." Matt turned to look at him again. "Your mind is more than just a machine for churning out intelligent things. You've had your world torn apart so many times. The first time when you were way too young. No-one should have to go through that kind of shit so young." He grit his teeth and it was obvious to them both that he wasn't just thinking of Mello there. "I'm amazed you never cracked up, in truth. You're too stubborn to go insane."
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 24: Growing Up

"I couldn't be Catholic because there's too much fear of tomorrow. I can't be scared of the future. It would do my head in too much."
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 27: Watching

"Why do you always buy clothes that take ten years to get you out of?"
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 28: Christmas

One thing The Wammy House did was put wedges between the lot of us." The blond glared into the distance. "I wonder how the Japanese police, when they were sniffing round there, took it? Them there with their pretty families and their picket fences and flowers and shit. Then they find themselves in the middle of the most self-absorbed, half-insane, smart arse collection of back- stabbers they are ever likely to find. I wonder if it was very obvious or just subtly so, that they learned nothing not because we'd pulled rank. It was because there's not a kid there who would share a thing, for fear of accidentally giving someone a lift up higher than they are." His eyes narrowed, shooting daggers with a glare. "Kira couldn't kidnap a supposed brother or sister of mine, because the way we were raised, that's just removing another of the opposition. We wouldn't fly half way around the world to give up our hand out of sentimental familial love, because the poor, little orphans haven't got family worth shit to worry about."

"Note to self, don't get kidnapped and expect Mello to get you out of there." Matt grinned. "Oh hi! Did you forget I was here?"

"You're different." Mello twitched. "You are where I fucked with the system."
Mello and Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 29: Circles

"Just tell me what needs doing. I'm your point and click genius, ready to solve all of your problems."
Matt, All the Way Here, chapter 30: Explorations