by MRS Jeevas


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*** Personal Data

True Name: Aimee Louise Drayton

Recorded by Catastrophe247

Birth: June 8th 1990

Height: 5ft 3"

Weight: 9 stone

Likes: Matt; class A drugs; socialising

Disikes: Getting in trouble

Basic Data

Aimee lives in a council flat in an estate just south of Southampton city centre. She befriended Matt after he left Wammy's House and looked after his flat for a time after his reunion with Mello.


Aimee Louise Drayton was born, on June 8th 1990, as the daughter of Tracey Drayton and Jason Burns. She has an older sister. Tracey and Jason split up, when Aimee was three, and she was raised primarily by her mother. Her father did pick her up most Saturdays and took her to his mother's house, but the visits petered out when her paternal grandmother died.

She left school at sixteen with five GCSEs, including English and mathematics. She wanted to work in the fashion industry and spent a lot of time designing clothes in a sketchbook. However, she couldn't find any information on how to go about turning them into real clothes and so abandoned the idea.

Aimee worked for a short time in the local market, helping with the fruit and veg stall, but was sacked for bad time-keeping. She has had a succession of jobs, including working in the chip-shop, serving between the bars of several pubs and, briefly, as a reception at a building firm.

On May 5th, 2008, she was with friends going to collect some amphetamines from a flat in Southampton, when Matt overheard their conversation in a lift. He asked her if he could buy some from her. A friendship was struck up and Matt taught her how she could make more money by actually selling the drugs herself.

Matt and Aimee's friendship survived until Mello returned to England.


The life and soul of the party. Aimee is very loyal to her friends and also extremely compassionate. She will try to intervene in any situation, however awkward or potentially dangerous, if she believes that her family or friends are in trouble.


Aimee is very sociable and has the ability to befriend anyone.


~ Collated by Spoiled-kitten

"Probably MDMA and a couple of pills. But he's been up for three days, so..." She frowned. "Are you police?"
Aimee, My Own Way: Chapter 1 - Contact

"Yes, Matt. You do little, lost boy very well."
Aimee, My Own Way: Chapter 23 - That Was Then, This Is Now

"You have no right to hit him."
Aimee (to Mello), My Own Way: Chapter 23 - That Was Then, This Is Now

"Matty, you whore, you've got lovebites all down your jaw!"
Aimee, It Matters: Chapter 23 - TY for 3000 Hits

"Speedreading?" She stared, her mouth a perfect O. "Like reading on speed?"
Aimee, It Matters: Chapter 23 - TY for 3000 Hits

"I know. I told him that me and my ex-girlfriend did it with a turkey baster. I read about that once. People do do it."
Aimee (about pregnancy), It Matters: Chapter 23 - TY for 3000 Hits

"I would have liked to have been with you."
Aimee, It Matters: Chapter 23 - TY for 3000 Hits