by MRS Jeevas


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*** Personal Data

True Name: Constance Ann Leaman

Recorded by Catastrophe247

Birth: January 11th 1944

Height: 5ft 6"

Weight: 16 stone 4lbs

Likes: Well-behaved children; going to the cinema

Disikes: Injustice

Basic Data

Housekeeper at Wammy's House, she is the closest thing to a mother that the children have there.

She has earned the respect of staff and children alike, to the point where Roger will consult her over the welfare of the children.


Constance Ann Perry was born, on January 11th 1994, in Winchester, England, as the middle daughter of Wilf and Constance Perry. To avoid confusion with her mother, the younger Constance was known as Ann. She left school at 14 years old and married Brian Leaman aged 18. Ann was considered to be 'quite a catch'. She emphasised her passing resemblence to Marilyn Monroe with make-up and hairstyle to match.

Ann suffered three miscarriages and two eptopic pregnancies, before doctors warned her that it would be dangerous to conceive. She and Brian were married for ten years before he was killed in an industrial accident. Ann never remarried.

Living alone, but with aging parents close by in need of support, Ann took several cleaning jobs to supplement her budget. In 1974, she took a position as a cleaner at a state orphanage in a suburb of Winchester. She stayed until 1987, when Quillsh Wammy approached her to become a live-in housekeeper at his new premises, The Wammy House. With both parents deceased, Ann was lured by the promise of rent free accommodation. She arrived with excellent references.


Ann is fundamentally a solid, practical woman. She remains a little bewildered by all of the academia prevelant in Wammy's House, often privately convinced that common sense could solve many of its problems. Fully aware that she has neither the IQ nor the education to take on any of the administration or staff, Ann takes the view that children are children regardless of genius. She therefore uses a stern tongue or a cuddle to reach those whom Roger cannot reason with.

Her main flaw is that she feels inherently inferior to the learned people in charge and therefore hasn't spoken up often enough in the past, when her opinion ran contrary to the perceived wisdom. Increasingly, over the years, she did intervene and the children were generally better off for it.


Even the most reticient or troublesome Wammy child will often speak with Ann. She has single-handedly stifled several Wammy's House civil wars at their root, before they could erupt into reality.


~ Collated by MRS-Jeevas

"You've played me like a harp, haven't you? But I'll give you it. It was well done and beautifully timed."
Ann, Christmas Eve 2002

"Mihael, my boy, you are so good. You are so, so good..." ... "Keep the faith, darling, in yourself as well as God. You are so brave..."
Ann, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 16 – Gothic

"They are frightened too. Mihael, it's ok for you to be frightened."
Ann, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 16 – Gothic

"I kept you healthy, fed and sheltered and that in itself was a long, slow, hard won process. Seventeen years later and you still freeze when I hug you. How can I know that I'm not causing you more distress than comfort?"
Ann, Watari Part 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 18 – Setting An Example

"Mello, I am the housekeeper. My job is to ensure that all the linen is laundered; that your clothes were in good repair; and that the practical organisation of the house continued in good order. I'll sit with you when you are ill, but I did that off my own back. My job description is more for the nuts and bolts than attempting to mother the likes of you pair." She sighed. "I apologise if that sounds harsh, but the cuddles came free."
Ann, Watari Part 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 18 – Setting An Example

"You pair, nor any child in this house, is just a profit-making robot machine or whatever you called it. At least not as far as I'm concerned. I don't care what you're digging up from the archives and balance sheets. Quite frankly, I find it hurtful that you believe otherwise. You might have been raised in exceptional circumstances, but I've always done my best by you as I saw fit at the time."
Ann, Watari Part 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 21 – Hiraeth

Ann's voice sailed down the corridor. "It Matters! Why are you disturbing the children in their classrooms?"
Ann, Watari Part 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 26 - The Great Love of my Life

"There's nothing here that can't be solved over a nice cup of tea, so why don't you just put the gas down?"
Ann, Watari Part 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 29 - Alumni Aftercare

"I don't know why you boys can't just settle your rows like civilised human beings." Ann continued. "You never used to fight. Well, not each other. It's like you've gone downhill since you grew up."
Ann, The Mello Code: Chapter 33 - Stitches

"This isn't how a husband and wife would behave, so I'm certain it's not how two..." She struggled for the words, seeming uncomfortable. Even Matt looked up, while Mello fixed her with an amused stare. "How a homosexual husband and wife should... two husbands then."
Ann, The Mello Code: Chapter 33 - Stitches

"Twenty-one might not seem all that great to you, my darling. But I saw you go storming off into the rain as a tiny thing, then come back through all that danger. It seems nothing short of miraculous in your case. That you reached it, I mean. Now humour me with a hug and some chocolate and a promise that you and Matt are going to be nice to each other from now on."
Ann, The Mello Code: Chapter 33 - Stitches

"You do frighten me with what you kids get up to. You're such a clever thing as well."
Ann, The Mello Code: Chapter 33 - Stitches