by MRS Jeevas


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*** Personal Data

True Name: Liam Tighe
Liam Mac Taidhg

Recorded by MRS Jeevas

Birth: July 11th 1991

Height: 5ft 11"

Weight: 10 stone 9lbs

Likes: Kiana; geology; potholing; exploring caves; Celtic Nationalism

Disikes: The English; Mello

Basic Data

One of the children raised as possible heir to the L name. He was 9th in the Wammy's House rankings and wasn't actively involved in the Kira case.

Since leaving Wammy's House, Fenian has returned to Eire. He lives with Kiana and researches geological evidence of continental drift in potholes and cave systems under Irish soil. He is also involved in emergency search and rescue operations.

Fenian refuses to do any detective work on behalf of the Watari Network and thus lives in fear of discovering what the consequences might be. He has, however, agreed to take his place on the Board overseeing Wammy's House.


Liam was born, in Galway, Eire, on July 11th 1991, as the only son of Peter and Susannah Tighe. Both were schoolteachers and, despite Liam's later claims, had nothing whatsoever to do with Irish Republicanism in Ulster. Liam also stated, first to Roger and later to Kiana, that he came from a Gaelic speaking household. It was actually English speaking. However, Liam did study Gaelic at school and got an A.

Liam's closest childhood friend was Niall Connery. Niall's grandfather and his friends did attempt to regale the children with the spirit of Irish Nationalism, though Niall and Liam found it all very boring and much preferred computer games and hanging out with their friends.

In 2001, the headteacher of Liam's school became impressed enough with his work that he arranged for Liam to take a MENSA exam. Liam passed with an IQ of 180. This was on his record when, on August 1st, 2002, Liam was orphanned. The car, driven by Peter, overturned in heavy rain and killed himself and Susannah. Liam was uninjured in the back seat. His school record, when added to the state database, triggered an alert to the Watari Network. A representive quickly intervened with procedure to claim the twelve-year-old for a Wammy's Group orphanage.

On August 3rd, 2002, Liam entered Wammy's House, in England, where he took the name Fenian. The fact of his being taken to England, and told that his identity was to be stripped from him, by an Englishman awakened all those stories of Irish Nationalism. He coped with his bereavement and displacement by placing himself in the wider context of the Irish fighting off aggression and invasion by the English.

Why Fenian?

Liam initially tried to be called Fiannaíocht, but Roger refused to accept the name. Roger argued that many of the other children would struggle to pronounce it and, as a Gaelic Irish word, it pointed too strongly to Liam's country of origin.

Liam tried again with Fianna. Roger misheard it as Fiona and asked him why he wanted to take a lady's name. In the furious argument which ensued, Roger suggested that an English translation of Liam's original suggestion would be acceptable. As that is 'Fenian Cycle', Liam abbreviated it (as two Irish Nationalist groups had done beforehand) to Fenian. Roger demonstrated a severe lack of knowledge about Irish political history in allowing him to have the pseudonym.

Fenians traditionally protest, by whatever means, English sovereignty over Ireland. Fenian chose his name to protest being brought to England. L got the message, but neither he nor Wammy were able to the orphanage to deal with the issue, before both were killed by Kira. Roger was asked to make him change his name, but never succeeded.


Fenian by Melissa Fiery and sometimes prone to emotional outbursts, Fenian also has a reputation as a blunt speaker. He has a quick temper and will defend himself violently, if threatened. He is not above reinventing himself (and his world) into something more suited to what he wants it to be. His lying has brought him into conflict with Kiana.

All of this, however, is a smokescreen for Fenian's default emotion, which is fear. He reacts agressively or emotionally to feeling afraid. If Fenian feels secure, then his true personality is revealed. He has a romantic streak, but this is coupled with an extremely analytical mind. He is very charming and compassionate.


Fenian is a brilliant geologist and potholer.


~ Collated by Spoiled-kitten

"I'm Irish! I'll not have the fecking English come and tell me I'm not!"
Fenian, Christmas Day 2002

"Fuck, man, have you gone ahead and had your dick removed or is it shoved in there somewhere?"
Fenian, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 22 – Fianna

"I'm sitting in a car with you and the person who's been killing my friends and..." Fenian half-closed the monitor. "I'm doing this to save the Matt who once stepped over me when I was crying in the corridor, because his arsehole friend had just punched me in the fucking nuts. That Matt?"
Fenian, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 22 – Fianna

"Mello is an illegal immigrant and therefore should be deported back to the Balkans at the earliest opportunity."
Fenian, Watari Pt 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 19 – Birthright

I miss absolutely nothing from this place, but most of all I don't miss Mello. You fucking mark my words, there's domestic violence there. Once a bully, always a fucking bully. He hasn't got the rest of us to use as punchbags now, so you join the dots." He gestured angrily towards the door. "Got him up the fucking wall out there."
Fenian, Watari Pt 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 20 - Administration of the House

"However," Fenian smiled, "it could also be a rich linguistics experience. I mean, who here wouldn't have leapt at the chance to learn how to say, for example, 'fuck off out of my face' in Croatian?"
Fenian Watari Pt 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 26 - The Great Love of my Life

"Mello." Fenian glowered. "I'm not fucking you. I'm not kissing you. I'm not coming within ten fucking feet of you."
Fenian, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits

"You've diluted all the fucking testosterone now. You and the fucking baby. Go on, you've got us all waiting like perfect gentlemen. Apart from the harpies, of course. They're immune."
Fenian, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits

"I know he's Catholic. There's nothing I can do about it, short of writing to the Pope in protest."
Fenian, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits