by MRS Jeevas


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*** Personal Data

True Name: Jeannette Pointe

Recorded by Miyamashi

Birth: October 12th 1995
United States of America

Height: 5ft 5"

Weight: 9 stone 7lbs

Likes: Medical sciences

Disikes: Deduction Classes

Basic Data

One of the children raised as possible heir to the L name. She was 3rd in the 5th generation Wammy's House (unofficial) rankings and wasn't actively involved in the Kira case.

Jamboree was the first and, thus far, only Wammy's House orphan to successfully petition to officially not become a detective. She is set to become a surgeon.


Jeannette Pointe was born, on October 12th 1995, in Treme, New Orleans, USA, as the daughter of Billie Pointe and Mark Henry Barrington III. Her father was married with another family and, though he supported her financially, she never met him. In 2005, the Barrington family left Lousiana and Billie was unable to locate him.

Jeannette was raised by her mother in a loving, but unremarkable, home. On November 14th 2007, Billie was working in a liquor store. At closing time, she was securing the property, when a car pulled up. Inside were four men, who robbed the store, holding Billie at gunpoint. She reached for the alarm and was shot dead at point-blank range. Jeannette was taken to a local orphanage.

On September 1st, 2008, Hurricane Gustav ripped through Louisana. Jeannette was amongst orphans evacuated in the days previously. When New Orleans was reopened on September 4th, it was discovered that the orphanage had been destroyed. All of the orphans were quickly relocated, scattered amongst other orphanages. Jeannette was one of twenty-three who were taken in by institutions run by the Wammy Group. Taking the standard IQ test, it was discovered that she possessed a quotient of 191.

Jeannette was taken to Wammy's House, in England, on September 9th, 2008. She took the name Jamboree.

Why Jamboree?

Billie Pointe frequently volunteered as a staff member at the National Scout Jamboree, in Lousiana. Jeannette accompanied her to the events and enjoyed them.

The name, Jamboree, was taken to remember better times.


Jamboree is a determined, ambitious teenager, who knows what she wants and will present her case until she gets it.

Generally pleasant and polite, Jamboree is hard-working with a hunger for knowledge and learning. Her natural habitat is the Wammy's House library. She is also acknowledged as a graceful beauty and had recently discovered boys and flirting.

She has a very rare temper, which usually exhibits as door-slamming or a sharpness of tone. She is aware that her opportunities lie in keeping her emotions suppressed and thus does so.


Jamboree is a polymath, though her interest lies in medical sciences. She has already amassed a lot of knowledge about anatomy, medicines, medical diagnosis and treatments. She is also an extremely competent detective.


~ Collated by MRS-Jeevas

"I won't let you down. I will be the best surgeon that ever lived. I will make The Wammy House proud of the opportunities you gave me."
Jamboree, It Matters: Chapter 19 - Epilogue

"That's why I was at the University!" Jamboree added. "Hal arranged it. They have real cadavers there to train on. For all the facilities here, there's not that."
Jamboree, The Mello Code: Chapter 29 - The L Code