by MRS Jeevas


© Miyamashi
*** Personal Data

True Name: Raakel Emmi Mäkelä

Birth: January 26th, 1993

Height: 5ft 7"

Weight: 9 stone 8lbs

Likes: Linguistics; meeting people

Disikes: Losing

Basic Data

One of the children raised as possible heir to the L name. She was 2nd in the 5th generation Wammy's House (unofficial) rankings and wasn't actively involved in the Kira case.


Raakel Mäkelä was born, on January 26th, 1993, in Lahti, Päijänne Tavastia, Finland, as the daughter of Sauli and Karita Mäkelä. Karita committed suicide shortly after Raakel was born.

Sauli remarried, on August 9th, 1997. Raakel's stepmother, Helena, had brought four children of her own into the marriage and Raakel felt sidelined amongst them. As she grew up, Raakel tended to hide in her room, undertaking solitary activities, like puzzles and reading. The feeling was mutual and, when Sauli was killed in a boating accident, on March 15th, 2009, Helena had Raakel placed in care.

Raakel's genius was already notable in her schoolwork and a local representative of the Watari Network headhunted her, due to an alert prompted by her records. She was taken to Wammy's House, in England, on April 24th, 2009, and took the name Lauren.

Why Lauren?

Professor Christer Laurén is a linguistics expert and an author of many books on the subject. Raakel had read and admired his works, so took his surname as her pseudonym.


Despite a reputation for being insular, Lauren can be extremely forthright. She had enough confidence in her own rights to tackle Mello and Matt about being too loud in the Wammy's House library, despite the hero worship towards them of her peers.

If the situation requires it, Lauren can also be courageous.


Lauren is a polymath, but her interest lies in linguistics. She speaks fifteen languages fluently and can get by in another five.

Lauren is also extremely good at swiftly reading, assessing and acting within any situation.

Lauren is the only person, in the fifth generation of Wammy's House students, to possess Mello's e-mail address and mobile 'phone number. This is a particular notable feat when it is considered that the fourth generation can only contact him via the Watari Network. Only two other people (Matt and Hal) have Mello's mobile 'phone number.


~ Collated by MRS-Jeevas

"Are you like twelve years old or something? Honestly, have you heard yourselves?"
Lauren, Poisoned Rationality: Chapter 16 – Linguistics

"Tomorrow is my German finals, while my dissertation is about the possible influence of Sanskrit on the Indo-European languages."
Lauren, Poisoned Rationality: Chapter 16 – Linguistics

"Plašiš svakoga, Mello."
Lauren, Poisoned Rationality: Chapter 23 – The Abyss

"Mello, I think I like you much better when you're tearing into chocolate rather than eyeballing it. Get it down your neck."
Lauren, Poisoned Rationality: Chapter 23 – The Abyss

"I've been trying to look around for a place. I'm thinking of becoming a linguist." She waved her hand, a vague gesture, which both men read as her thinking about it all more than actually doing anything about the arrangements. "Or a detective."
Lauren, The Mello Code: Chapter 18 – Negotiating Business

"I'm not like you two. I haven't got that courage."
Lauren, The Mello Code: Chapter 33 – Stitches

"Mello, the world would lose a great detective if you gave up now. A great and glamorous one."
Lauren, The Mello Code: Chapter 33 – Stitches

"There is a motorbike right in front of you. I am putting a helmet on your head, then please cock your leg."
Lauren, The Mello Code: Chapter 41 – TYVM for 1000 Hits