by MRS Jeevas


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*** Personal Data

True Name: Carl Tegeder

Recorded by Nearu

Birth: February 28th 1990

Height: 5ft 11"

Weight: 10 stone 9lbs

Likes: Sciences; boiled eggs

Disikes: Being startled; violence

Basic Data

One of the children raised as possible heir to the L name. He was 8th in the Wammy's House rankings and wasn't actively involved in the Kira case.

Luigi lives alone, though remained friendly with most of his Wammy's House peers, including Nathalie, Deontic, Lamond, Hollow, Jonny and Linda. His closest friend was Nathalie, though they were never romantically involved.


Carl was born in Schaan, Liechtenstein. He was given into care by his mother, Hanni Tegeder, when he was two and a half. She stated that she 'couldn't take to him', as she hated his father so much. Though physically cared for, Carl's speech and other expressions of social behaviour were largely undeveloped. It was initially believed that he had below average intelligence.

Fostered by a family who specialised in special needs, Carl quickly responded. He startled his foster parents by learning the names or words for everything he saw, never needing any to be repeated. Within weeks, he was speaking in whole sentences and within months was fluent.

Carl was passed to another foster family, to make way for a genuine special needs child. However, ill health dogged his childhood and he began to spend more time in hospital, than in the family environments.

At nine years old, Carl was temporarily placed with his sixteenth foster family. His foster-mother asked on an internet forum about genius, as she believed she had a genius foster-son. Amongst the responses was one from a Watari representative, who sent an IQ test. Carl's foster-mother reported back that he had scored 188.

In 2000, when Carl was ten years old, he was taken by Quillsh Wammy to Wammy's House, in England. The Liechtenstein authorities believed that he was entering an orphanage in their country.

Why Luigi?

Luigi named himself after Mario's brother, in the series of games by Nintendo. He was hoping that this would gain favour with Matt. He was further hoping that Matt would be able to intervene to stop Mello bullying him. Whether either Matt or Mello even realised the strategy, or the origin of the name, is debateable.


Initially outgoing and occasionally arrogant, Luigi was targetted by Mello as a rival. Unable to withstand Mello's physical and verbal bullying, Luigi became very withdrawn and depressed.

Luigi tries not to be noticed by anyone. He presents a very polite, proper persona. He hopes that this will be so bland as to keep him under the radar of people like Mello.

Despite medication and occasional therapy, Luigi remains very nervous and prone to severe depression.


Luigi is brilliant at sciences.


~ Collated by Blondie-love

"There's no reason for everyone to be so worried. No-one here wants everyone else dead. Only Hollow wanted that and she's dead."
Luigi, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 - TY for 4000 hits

"I was given up into care, but I was ill as a child. A little child. I went through a lot of foster families before I wound up in Wammy's House."
Luigi, The Mello Code: Chapter 45 - TY for 4000 hits

"It seems," Luigi coughed, "that quite a few of us brought guns to a funeral."
Luigi, The Mello Code: Chapter 47 - TY for 4000 hits

"All this talk of feuds and dehumanisation. Funny, really."
Luigi, The Mello Code: Chapter 47 - TY for 4000 hits

"Did anyone notice that my name wasn't given? It Matters didn't say it and Chrissie said hers was the only one not spoken."
Luigi, The Mello Code: Chapter 47 - TY for 4000 hits

"Incidentally, I do speak Croatian. I arrived at Wammy's House already fluent in German, Slovene and Croatian. We could have talked, Mello, instead of fighting. Back then, when all any of us wanted to do was go home."
Luigi, The Mello Code: Chapter 47 - TY for 4000 hits

"Yes, Century, most improper. I'm sorry."
Luigi, The Mello Code: Chapter 47 - TY for 4000 hits