by MRS Jeevas


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*** Personal Data

True Name: Zhanna YefimOvna Sedykh
Жанна ЕфимОвна Седых

Recorded by Saya1984

Birth: April 13th, 1991
Soviet Russia/The Russian Federation

Height: 5ft 7"

Weight: 10 stone 9lbs

Likes: Mints; Martial Arts; hand-gilding

Disikes: Bullies

Basic Data

One of the children raised as possible heir to the L name. She was 5th in the Wammy's House rankings and wasn't actively involved in the Kira case.

Since leaving Wammy's House, Nathalie has worked on cases originating with the Watari Network.


Zhanna Sedykh, was born on April 13th, 1991, in Bryansk, USSR, as the daughter of Yefim and Marta Sedykh. In December, 1991, the USSR was formally dissolved and Bryansk became part of the Russian Federation.

Yefim worked as in the locomative industry, but suffered irregular wages during 1991 and early 1992. By mid-1992, he was out of work and the family struggled in poverty to survive. Yefim's brother, Aleksandr, was in a similiar situation and chose to associate with vory y zakone (organised crime gangs). Yefim made a little money smuggling jeans and cigarettes, but became nervous at penetrating any further. Aleksandr, however, had no such qualms. He rose swiftly within the ranks of the Russian Mafia.

Though impoverished, Yefim and Marta kept their home together until the local economy stabilised. By 1998, Yefim was bringing home regular wages again.

On November 17th, 1999, Aleksandr undercut a superior in a business deal, then promptly disappeared. Yefim and Marta were outside their home, when a car pulled up and a gunman opened fire. Zhanna was inside the house and was uninjured, but both of her parents were killed. Unsuccessful attempts were made, by the authorities, to locate Aleksandr Sedykh and his family. Zhanna was taken to a Wammy's Group orphanage.

On January 11th, 2000, Zhanna was transported to Wammy's House, in England. She later took the name Nathalie.

Why Nathalie?

In Wammy's House, during May 2002, when pseudonyms were being chosen, Nathalie expressed the opinion that, if she was to be known by a new name, she wanted one that was 'ordinary'. Some of those hearing her agreed and so chose names accordingly.

Natalie Murphy is a character in Roddy Doyle's book, 'The Commitments'. Nathalie liked the name and so used it. She added a 'h', as she saw it as an alternative spelling and thought it added glamour.


Apparently open, garrulous and friendly, Nathalie attracted people who viewed her as one of life's natural leaders. She was often called upon to be the spokesperson for some of her more reserved friends.


Nathalie was extremely good at diplomacy. She was able to engage in conversation, whilst also keenly observing and evaluating everything that takes place around her.

Her abilities made her ideal for integrating herself into a group or community in order to investigate cases.


~ Collated by MRS-Jeevas

"Please stop fighting! It's Christmas!"
Nathalie, Christmas Day 2002

"I'm having a really bad day. I'm trying to cheer myself up. Someone tell me that they've heard that Mello got killed in some really gory, prolonged way. It's about the only thing that could redeem my state of mind at the moment."
Nathalie, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 5 – Alumni

"God, Mihael." She kissed his unblemished ear. "You've changed in more ways than one."
Nathalie, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 5 – Alumni

"Here's your chance to flee. You might have been the best of us, Mello, but I know this is nerve-wracking. But, for your information, I think it's so sweet that you and Matt are holding hands."
Nathalie, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 6 – The Fourth Generation

"Ok. Liugi, I have four eggs, which I'll put on to boil for you. Mello, I have a packet of Penguins, it's the closest to chocolate in here. Lamond, there's a sewing basket next to the chair nearest to the television, help yourself. Deontic, I'll get you some paper. Matt, best I can do is Wii Sports, but I think there were some other games that came free when I bought the Wii. Can I get anyone a glass of wine?"
Nathalie, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 6 – The Fourth Generation

"Shall we bother with small talk or just admit that we're all shit at it and cut to the chase?"
Nathalie, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 6 – The Fourth Generation

"Spell it out for us, Mello, and cut the crap about how much smaller than you we are."
Nathalie, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 6 – The Fourth Generation