by MRS Jeevas


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*** Personal Data

True Name: Nate River

Recorded by Miyamashi

Birth: August 24th, 1991
The United States of America

Height: 5ft

Weight: 6 stone 2lbs

Likes: Toys, puzzles

Disikes: Kira

Basic Data

One of the children raised as possible heir to the L name. He was 1st in the Wammy's House rankings and was instrumental in catching Kira.

Since leaving Wammy's House, Near has been the brain and personality behing the L Code.


Nate River was born, on August 24th 1991, in Wichita, Kansas, USA, as the son of Kayleigh River. She was a fifteen year old teenager, who never named his father. She was disowned by her ultra-religious family.

Kayleigh River was placed in a program for young mothers, where she did learn how to feed and care for her baby. She was proud when her baby seemed more alert than the other babies and was downright ecstatic when he began speaking at five months old. Once she was sixteen though, she no longer qualified for the program and was required to find her own accommodation. Alone again, Kayleigh soon struggled to cope with her infant son.

Care workers were assigned to the sixteen year old mother, because of her age and circumstances, but Kayleigh took more notice of a neighbour, Mrs Ethel King. Ethel informed her that her child was unnatural. His early progress was too quick and could only be from the devil. Kayleigh had a complex relationship with her son. She simultaneously treated him as a small adult and was afraid of him. Care workers noted that, at eighteen months, Kayleigh treated Nate like he was the head of the household. A retraining course was suggested, but Kayleigh failed to attend it. When care workers next called around, they discovered that Kayleigh and Nate had moved from their apartment.

They had moved to a farm, owned by a couple known by an associate of Ethel King. Elvin and Rachel Karmann were also lay preachers, who were known locally for exorcisms. At nineteen months old, an exorcism was performed on Nate River to expel his demons. Kayleigh stayed on the farm until Nate was six, during which time he had four more exorcisms performed upon him. The final one saw him so nearly drowned that she was persuaded, by another mother, to take him to the hospital. There she was retained by the Child Protection Officer and Nate was taken into care.

It was apparent that Nate River was different to the other children in the institution, but this was believed to be as a result of trauma. It took several months before his doctor diagnosed Aspergers' Syndrome. He reacted extremely well to treatment. Once intellectually stimulated, Nate amazed staff at the institution with his genius. However, a new director deemed his presense disruptive to the other children and sought to have him relocated to a home specialising in special needs and disabilities. In frustration, a staff nurse contacted Quillsh Wammy, about whom she had read an article in a childcare journal.

An American representative of the Watari Network assessed Nate in June 2000, but was initially unable to bring him to Wammy's House, in England. He was, however, taken to an orphanage, owned by the Wammy's Group, in Topeka. On August 2nd, 2000, Kayleigh River signed papers giving her son up as a ward of the courts. On August 4th, 2000, Nate River was transported to Wammy's House, in England, where he later took the name Near.

Why Near?

Near's real name is Nate River. The first and last two letters of his name are NA+ER. He rearranged them into an existing word.


A child prodigy, Near is notably intelligent even amongst the genius cohort of Wammy's House. He consistently topped the rankings, despite being younger than the majority of his peers (only Century is younger).

Near's observations of the world are unparalleled and he often exhibits an almost preternatural insight into the details of cases. He is frequently perceived as an unfeeling robot, churning out intelligence like a computer. This sense of him is compounded by the fact that he remains calm and logical in the most testing situations. Unemotional, his pronouncements sometimes appear blunt to the point of rudeness.

However, Near never feels part of the world. His sense of isolation stems from his extreme genius and is also heightened by unsupported Aspergers' Syndrome. At only twelve years old, Near was removed from Wammy's House and expected to take on the role of L. Though ultimately successful, Near has realised that he is fundamentally a puppet, trapped in a role and a network which he cannot fully control.

He does have emotions and, in fact, feels very deeply. Though there is an element of natural calm in his personality, it is not the whole story. He frequently focuses on the job in hand simply because he knows that he would panic, if he had to view his world in its entirety. In order to concentrate, he often refers to himself, others and larger circumstances in the third person, viewing everything as a case file rather than actual lived experience.

Near is also not above lying and cheating, if it will solve a case more quickly. It is not his default medium and he much prefers reaching logical conclusions through honourable strategy. His reasoning is that lying and cheating are lesser evils to allowing a case or situation to continue unchecked.


Near is a mathematical genius and a brilliant detective.


~ Collated by Rochelle

"Forty seconds feels like a long time, sometimes."
Watari Part 1 "Brainstorm"

"Age has nothing to do with genius. If Mello and I had not taken on the case, then Kira would probably still be out there. How many more would be dead now without Mello's so-called child soldiers?"
Watari Part 2 "Innocent Voices"

"Mello is very angry."
Watari Part 2 "L's successor"

"Nevertheless, it annoys Mello that his friend works for me."
Near Watari Pt 2: Wammy's House: Chapter 28 - The New Watari

"I have always admired Mello's initiative and intelligence. Working together, we surpassed our idol on the Kira case."
The Mello Code "Epilogue"

"We went to war and we came back. Others were not so fortunate." Near raised his hand and they all saw the L fingerpuppet there. "Choose your idols carefully, that they don't fail you. Thank you for my medal."
The Mello Code "Epilogue"

"I have no wish to kill anyone. You are all far more interesting alive."
The Mello Code 45 part 5

"There is no good reason to give away information now. One person started and then we were bound by honour to reciprocate in kind. Information for information, it's how it's always worked."
The Mello Code 45 part 2