by MRS Jeevas


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*** Personal Data

True Name: Kamwala Wa Ndongala

Birth: May 10th 1989
Zaire/Democratic Republic of Congo

Height: 6ft 5"

Weight: 15 stone

Likes: Chrissie; chewing gum; music

Disikes: Diamonds

Basic Data

One of the children raised as possible heir to the L name. He was 11th in the Wammy's House rankings and wasn't actively involved in the Kira case.

Nontheless, he works as a detective. The Salvo Code might not be as high profile as the L Code, but it is respected.

He lives with his partner, Chrissie, their infant son and Century at an undisclosed location.


Kamwala was born in the city of Mbuji May, Zaire. His father, Joseph Yemo, had been killed four months earlier, when a shaft collapsed in the Matempu Mine. His mother, Saadiya Ndongi, struggled to raise Kamwala and his elder brother alone.

The main source of income in the area was the mine, but gaining a licence to work there involved bribing many corrupt officials with several months to a year's worth of income. More dangerous was illegal mining. MIBA, the largest mining company in the region, employ guards to patrol the area. Armed and untrained, the guards shoot on sight. Nevertheless, Saadiya became an illegal miner.

Tensions with neighbouring Rwanda, and internal protests against the Zaire government, had escalated steadily throughout Kamwala's childhood. Mbuji May often erupted into violent street war, as militia from various factions passed through. However, the First Congo War officially began in November 1996, when Kamwala was seven. Though both children witnessed extreme brutality, Saadiya was able to keep them safe throughout the conflict.

On May 20th 1997, Laurent-Desire Kabila proclaimed himself president of Zaire and immediately reverted the name of the country back to Democratic Republic of Congo (République Démocratique du Congo). A year later, when Kamwala was nine, the Second Congo War began. Still on-going, this war has so far claimed the lives of 5.4 million people.

Saadiya's luck finally ran out on November 10th 2001, when MIBA guards cornered her and her eldest son, shooting them dead. With no family to turn to, twelve-year-old Kamwala considered his options. He determined that his outlook might be more secure at a refugee camp, despite the epidemics, pandemics and violence prevalent in them, and so ran to a teacher's home to solicit her help. She kept Kamwala at her home, while she made enquiries for a safer location. As a Roman Catholic missionary, her calls were mostly to Western style orphanages and her bargaining plea included the fact that Kamwala had a startling high IQ.

Kamwala was taken to St Benedict's Home for Christian Boys, in Mbuji May. Though pretending to be a Christian, Kamwala had merely memorised the tenets and never converted. A nun, working at the home, tested Kamwala and suspecting his genius, entered him in an international competition for gifted and talented orphans. Kamwala won it and received a cash prize. The competition, however, was sponsored by the Quillsh Wammy estate and a representive soon visited the orphanage.

On June 19th, 2002, Kamwala arrived at Wammy's House, in Winchester, England, and took the name Salvo.

Why Salvo?

A salvo is a sudden volley of gunfires or bombs, usually given in cheers or salute. In its correct context, it signals the end of conflict, as in the Latin term 'salvo jure': 'all rights reserved'. Salvo comes from the same root word as 'safe' or 'salve'.

Kamwala viewed his arrival at Wammy's House as having achieved safety. He thought he might be cheering about that for the rest of his life.


Calm and slow to anger, Salvo is often the peacekeeper amongst his Wammy's House peers. His height sets him apart from most of his shorter peers and leads to him generally being called upon to physically grab those losing their temper. More usually though, it is Salvo's quick grasp of facts and alertness to potential conflicts that will lead him to intervene verbally with logical salves.

Tenacious and determined, Salvo will never leave his post as long as there is work to do. A flaw in his character is that he tends towards workaholicism.

Naturally kind-hearted, the wars taught Salvo compassion. He will always try to find the best in people.


Salvo enjoys research and therefore he is best deployed in the archives. Methodical, with a keen eye, he has the patience to sift through reems of data and the intelligence to deduce which information is important.

Salvo also enjoys music and has a growing collection of instruments.


~ Collated by MRS-Jeevas

"Oh Roger." (Salvo) stared at the old man with blank eyes. "You raised us better than that." Salvo, Christmas Day 2002 (upon Roger suggesting that Wammy kids don't compete)

"For what's it's worth, I agree with Mello."
Salvo, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 11 – The Race is On

"Chrissie is hiding somewhere. She is my back-up, in case I went missing going to Wammy's. I can call her."
Salvo, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 17 – A Motley Crew of Freaks

"No. Matt's gay. He told Chrissie that when we were about twelve." He shrugged. "Ok, so she told me. It was juicy gossip. It was obvious that Mello was gay and they shared a room, so two and two together..."
Salvo, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 18 – De Profundis

"I'm sorry, but my wife is nine months pregnant. Do you think I'm going to leave her exposed until I've checked out this set-up?"
Salvo, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 18 – De Profundis

"Salvo reached out to place a heavy hand onto Mello's arm. "Lamond, I'm going to treat that with the contempt it deserves. Mello, it doesn't deserve a response. If everyone is happy that I've made a case for them not being lovers, then Mello continue with your line of thought. Everyone happy?"
Salvo, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 18 – De Profundis

"A fly couldn't shit on the roof without someone catching it."
Salvo, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 21 – Garden

"Volim te, anyone?"
Salvo, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 21 – Garden

"It's 3am." Salvo protested. "Hey! Another 3am meeting. Great."
Salvo, Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs: Chapter 24 – Secrets and Regrets

"Can we have a running commentary on just how far Matt's just crawled up his own arse please? Some of us are only on audio."
Salvo, Watari Part 2: Wammy's House: chapter 19 – Birthright

"I'm not sure that being denied 'Wind in the Willows' counts as child abuse worthy of the United Nations.
Salvo, Watari Part 2: Wammy's House: chapter 20 – Administration of the House

"Here is my future. My little boy."
Salvo, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits

"So you see, it wasn't the war at all. Not directly. I lived through them both, but it was the mines that killed my family. There is nothing left for me in Congo."
Salvo, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits

"I'm sorry that it's turning out like this. I know you wanted to create harmony."
Salvo, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits

"Fenian, Mello, this is beneath you both now. Let's discuss this like gentlemen."
Salvo, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits

"If it wasn't a game, then people wouldn't kill for it. It's not being L that was the lure ever. Surely you know that, Linda. It was knowing that, amongst those people, these people, you were the best. Who here wouldn't have given everything for that to have happened? We were like those kamikaze pilots, who were told from infancy that they were but an unimportant ant and that the best thing that they could do for the empire was to die to secure it. Only it wasn't the empire, it was the code. It was being the best detective ever. Justice, money, who knows what Mr Wammy wanted. He got killed in its pursuit too."
Salvo, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits

"Justice." Salvo looked at them all in turn. "Does that really make me the anomoly? As a child, I was helpless against injustice; as an adult, I am not. I've been given the resources and position to do something, so I am."
Salvo, The Mello Code: Chapter 44 – TYVM for 4000 Hits