Knowledge of the Stories

1, What position did Mello hold in the Rod's Mafia family?

2, Who is Matt's mentor in the EHC?

3, What is Mello's favourite brand of chocolate?

4, Matt hallucinates that MI5 are tapping his 'phone. What does he think is stalking the flat?

5, According to Matt's passport, what is his first name?

6, In Los Angeles, Mello left a laptop for Matt. What was the password to access it?

7, What does the acronym EHC stand for?

8, Where is Rio's Mafia family based?

9, What is the make and model of Mello's motorcyle?

10, Who wrote 'In Search of Kira'?

11, What did Mello get for his 20th birthday?

12, Who is married to Chrissie?

13, Who is the father of Aimee's baby?

14, What book was Mello reading, when he first realised that he was in love with Matt?

15, In Watari Pt 2: Wammy's House, Mello and Matt visit an electrical store. What do they buy?

16, Who is Michiko?

17, Which football team does Mello support?

18, What was Matt's first game?

19, Which Letter was born in Estonia?

20, Who is the only person ever to successfully hack the EHC Inner Sanctum?

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My Own Way
It Matters
All The Way Here
Poisoned Rationality
Watari Pt 1: L's Heirs
Watari Pt 2: Wammy's House
The Mello Code

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General Knowledge

1, Name two conditions that are risked by being punched.

2, In Great Britain, where are the census records held?

3, Between which two American states does the Hudson River flow?

4, What is the First Aid procedure for scalds?

5, What is Homeland War in Croatian?

6, What is oxytocin?

7, What chemical does pain release into the body?

8, How long can the human body survive without basic needs?

9, In Urnfield numerals, what is the highest number that can be stated?

10, Why did the Goddess Persephone have to stay in Hades?

11, Which part of the human brain deals with memory for a) under three year olds and b) over three year olds?

12, Is it legal for a Briton to adopt a child from the former Yugoslavia and bring said child to Great Britain?

13, In which year was the Diptheria and Chlorea Solution, described as the most important medical advance of the 20th century, discovered?

14, From where does the word 'slave' derive?

15, What happened between the Royal Welch Fusiliers and der Panzergrenadier Battalion 371 on Christmas day 1941?

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