Which Letter Are You?

Answer these questions as honestly as you can. If you think more than one applies to you, just try to pick the one that most applies to you.

Do people consider you to be good-looking?
People have been known to flirt with me.
What's that got to do with anything?
No. *blush*
... the fuck?!
I have a unique look and I don't care for the opinions of others.
Yes *smirk*
Only by those who matter.
No. I'm too ugly.
I have no idea.
Erm, how can one tell?
I hope so.
If you've got it, flaunt it, honey!
I have a certain charm.
My significant other says so all the time.
Mello is...
... 2nd in the Wammy's House rankings.
... a lot softer than he makes out.
... misunderstood.
... a psychopathic wanker.
... in the way.
... scary sometimes.
... a small man with small man syndrome.
... quite cute.
... inspirational.
... *twitch* *twitch* I don't talk about Mello.
... an uncultured lifewire.
... someone I'd love better as a corpse.
... my idol.
... a human being
Matt is...
... not really on my radar.
... my first crush.
... one of the most intelligent people I ever met.
... someone with no compassion or humanity.
... insignificant.
... Mello's partner?
... not as bad as Mello.
... gay! :O
... a hero.
... not someone whom I wish to discuss.
... another inmate in this dark place.
... someone who can make Mello see sense.
... bait.
... a human being.
Is there something that you habitually eat or occupy yourself with?
Endless cups of coffee.
Erm, I tap my pen a lot and annoy people.
I manicure my nails a lot.
I like my food.
Boiled sweets.
Hard boiled eggs.
Mafia memorabilia.
Chewing gum.
Wammy's House is...
... best avoided.
... a highly illegal institution.
... home now.
... a mould for cerebral cannon fodder.
... my playground.
... my best chance at getting on with my career.
... a nightmare.
... the setting for my destruction.
... a fine and educational place.
... a torture chamber.
... a lonely place.
... my childhood home.
... the setting for the biggest game of all.
... sometimes salvation.
The L Code is...
... something that concerns other people.
... a childhood goal, meaningless now.
... the pinacle of achievement.
... an excuse for fucking stealing children and fucking... *insert rant*
... nearly mine.
... not something that I wish to compete for.
... the ultimate goal.
... a reminder of my inadequacy.
... still a goal, if I work hard and network precisely.
... something that would be nice to achieve.
... way out of my grasp.
... my dream job.
... mine. One day.
... the best detective code in the world.
What is your favourite academic subject?
Ancient History.
Anatomy/Medical Sciences.
All of them.
To get what you want in life, you would...
... just do it.
... research all of my options and take the best route that I ethically could take.
... work hard towards achieving it.
... hope that the bastards would try to hold me back from getting it.
... do whatever it takes to remove the opposition.
... find out who I need to convince to let me do it.
... find a time machine and try to make better decisions in my past mistakes.
... fail. I always fail.
... do my best. That's all that you can do.
... just keep my head down and hope that the opportunities arise naturally.
... bide my time, working towards it.
... blaze on in there and stun the world into letting me have it.
... kill.
... evaluate its feasibility, then go for it if it was a realistic goal.
How do people generally describe you?
Young and innocent.
Quiet and a bit reserved.
Who fucking cares how other people describe me? They don't fucking know me!
They can't see past my looks. Fat.
They don't see my worth, but neither do I.
I keep myself to myself.
How do you usually spend your weekends?
Climbing mynydd to inspect a ruined caer.
With my family.
Working on cases.
Chilling out. Enjoying the craic with friends.
Sitting in basement bars with the Vampire Society.
Going to the mall to hang out and flirt with the locals.
Watching telly and going out for a meal.
Exercising and keeping fit.
Reading or visiting the library.
On my own, just pottering about.
Watching anime or reading manga.
Partying and recovering from partying.
Watching 'The Godfather'.
Composing and playing music.