It Matters - Quotations
by MRS Jeevas

"I hurt you so you feel safe. You don't have to wear the goggles."
Mello, It Matters, chapter 5: Defenceless

"Without me, you'd have been a self-destructive junkie by now. You have that personality. Dead with heroin tracks up your arm by the time you were eighteen."
Mello, It Matters, chapter 5: Defenceless

"Jeevas, when I got hurt bad," Mello flicked his blond fringe away from his facial scar, "you were there. You didn't judge me. You just let me get on with it. You made me feel gorgeous again. Now I don't know what got into you this afternoon and I don't care. You are mine and I'm not letting a few tears change that."
Mello, It Matters, chapter 9: Owned

"I've tried shouting at you and I've tried molly-coddling you. You're alright, but you've let something really stupid get into your brain. So let me demonstrate what I mean by 'you're mine', shall I?"
Mello, It Matters, chapter 9: Owned

"Let me help you decide." Matt rasped, then yelled into his lover's face. "Fucking fuck me, you prick-teasing wanker!"
Matt, It Matters, chapter 9: Owned

Matt coughed out air and blood into the pillow, but his side-wards glance upwards held more daring than trepidation. He smiled and Mello cupped his chin to bring him back facing him. Despite the situation, the violence and the lust, Mello was control. Combustible by nature, Matt nontheless understood that he was watching for clues. He stared up at the blond, beautiful man above him and just said, "Ow."

"You're such a fucked up whore, Matt."
Matt and Mello, It Matters, chapter 9: Owned

"Took me a couple of minutes to get in."

"No, it took you thirty seconds to bypass the security gate and one minute, 48 seconds to stop moping around the porch."
Matt and Roger, It Matters, chapter 10: A Sort of Homecoming

"We're here for drugs?" Mello rolled his eyes. "For fuck's sake, I could have got you them. You don't need them. I'm back now."
Mello, It Matters, chapter 10: A Sort of Homecoming

"Near, we're freaking Roger out. Want a word with him? You know, tell him everything is alright. You're eating well, changing your underwear on a regular basis, trying not to get sucked into the drink and drugs scene etc." Mello snapped off more chocolate with his teeth. "Tell him how much you love him."
Mello, It Matters, chapter 11: Mind Games

"Is it a comfort fuck? A Matt's-still-drop-dead-gorgeous fuck? A make-me-feel-like-I-belong fuck? Or is it a make-me-forget-I -exist fuck?" Mello hated the thought that he was missing something. He never missed anything. Roger shouldn't have put that notion into his head. "I refuse to believe it's a I'm-horny-take-me fuck."
Mello, It Matters, chapter 12: Tripartate

"What came first? My bloody sadism or your masochism?" Mello frowned. "Did I make you this way? I can't remember."

"Probably." Matt's hands wandered over Mello's chest. "Maybe you prayed really hard one day and the Virgin Mary said, 'I know, let's give him someone who'll really get off on the fact that he's a tempermental headcase and see if it that sorts him out.'"
Mello and Matt, It Matters, chapter 13: Cleansed

"Then I suggest that we sit down, like rational adults and discuss this." Roger stood stiffly. "I shall make us a cup of tea, whereupon I am sure that whatever is amiss will shortly be put right."
Roger, It Matters, chapter 15: The Mario Clause

"I haven't even put a worm in Near's server. I'm a little angel."
Matt, It Matters, chapter 16: Isolation

"I didn't realise you could have a career change out of the Mafia." Matt frowned. "How do you even put that on your CV?"
Matt, It Matters, chapter 17: Flight

Mello picked up bags and stored them along the wall, clearing the bed of all clutter. He touched Matt's shoulder. "I'm going after Kira."

Mello and Matt, It Matters, chapter 17: Flight

"I'm getting naked! Look!" Matt pulled his striped shirt off and reached down to undo his flies. "We stop for a cigarette break after this, ok?"

"You can put something in your mouth, but if you think you're setting fire to the other end, you are so out of luck."
Matt and Mello, It Matters, chapter 18: Returning