My Own Way - References
by MRS Jeevas

Some innoculous enough, like a faint humming of the Darth Vader theme tune as he strode out of earshot, but others could get a man killed.
Mafia about Mello, My Own Way, chapter 1: Contact

Darth Vader is the villain from the 'Star Wars' series of films. He also wears black clothes.

The Consigliere had just been caught out telling a blatant lie to the Capo Crimine.
Mafia about Mello, My Own Way, chapter 1: Contact

In Mafia hierarchy, the Consigliere is the advisor, while the Capo Crimine is the boss.

It was only when Rod had made a comment, concerning the babania, that both men had realised that the Capo thought they were checking on earners, not following leads on cyberpirates.
Rhodes and Bulmer, My Own Way, chapter 1: Contact

A babania is someone who deals in heroin. Rod thought that Rhodes and Bulmer were investigating a heroin deal. Cyberpirates are hackers.

"Probably MDMA and a couple of pills. But he's been up for three days, so..."
Aimee, My Own Way, chapter 1: Contact

MDMA and Ecstasy pills are both illegal stimulants.

It was a cleaning, but he was certain that no-one even knew where he was, let alone was following him. Nevertheless, the city had eyes and ears. It was unlikely that a button had got into the inner sanctum long enough to recognise him, but that was no safety net. There were whole streets in this part of the city that owed their protection to his family and other streets where the families might risk all out war to clip the blond teenager.
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 2: Grown

In Mafia terminology, a cleaning means to take the necessary steps to avoid being followed. A button is a low ranking member of the Mafia. 'To clip' means to kill.

The soldier was too new, too eager. He left without a word. Even if he read the letter inside, it was in German. He would not know, until it was too late, that it contained within an order for the brothers to make him disappear.
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 2: Grown

A soldier is a rank and file member of the Mafia

"Yeah and you came dressed as Trinity out of 'The Matrix'. Where are we going?"
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 2: Grown

In 'The Matrix' series of films, a female character, Trinity, wears tight-fitting, black clothes. She actually shows far less flesh than Mello does.

"Stop." Matt smiled. "Elevator? Laundromat? When did you turn into a Yank?"
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 2: Grown

In English, elevator is a lift, while laundromat is a laundrette. For discussion of the use of 'Yank' see a later reference to 'Yankee'.

"You were asking?" Matt smirked, then raised his hands. "'kay, boss. Lay on, MacDuff."
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 2: Grown

Matt is quoting from William Shakespeare's 'MacBeth'.

I will not yield,
To kiss the ground before young Malcolm's feet,
And to be baited with the rabble's curse.
Though Birnam wood be come to Dunsinane,
And thou opposed, being of no woman born,
Yet I will try the last. Before my body
I throw my warlike shield. Lay on, Macduff,
And damn'd be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough!'

"Messaggero is back from the Batinelli family. Come and hear what he has to say."
Rod, My Own Way, chapter 4: The Mattress

In Mafia terminology, a messaggero is a impartial messenger between two families.

If we're hitting the mattress, then we are going to have to shelve your Kira plans for..."
Rod, My Own Way, chapter 4: The Mattress

In Mafia terminology, 'hitting the mattress' means a war between two Mafia families.

Rod was dismissive. "There are enough young Turks running riot in that family that Batinelli has no control anymore. I'm amazed that there's anything still on the record there."
Rod, My Own Way, chapter 4: The Mattress

In Mafia terminology, Young Turks are a new generation of Mafioso, who don't follow the traditional code of conduct. 'On the record' means official business with the knowledge and approval of the don.

'Original Bedroom Rockers' switched into 'Prime Audio Soup'.
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 5: Men of Violence

'Original Bedroom Rockers' is by Kruder Dorfmeister and is on 'Hackers OST'; 'Prime Audio Soup' is by Meat Beat Manifesto and is on the first 'Matrix OST'. Matt either has the two albums on his playlist and the settings on shuffle (as I did whilst writing this scene) or else he's made his own playlist with these on it.

"I ne uvedi nas u napast. I ne uvedi nas u napast. I ne uvedi nas u napast." Mello muttered aloud, clutching his rosary in both hands. "I ne uvedi nas u napast."
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 6: Intoxication

The line from The Lord's Prayer translates as 'lead us not into temptation'.

If this was the City of Angels, then tonight he felt like its Archangel. .
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 6: Intoxication

The settlement that became modern Los Angeles was originally called El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles. This translates into English as The Town of the Queen of the Angels. In Christian mythology, the chief angel is an archangel.

... plasters (which turned out to be called Band Aid, though apparently not after the collective charity group)
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 6: Intoxication

Band Aid, in America, is a brand of plasters. In Britain, it's a supergroup, made up of many popular artists of the time, to raise money for famine victims in Ethopia.

"I hack anything for a fee." He smirked. "I'm 'guilty for every computer crime we have a law for' and 'he is considered by the authorities to be the most dangerous man alive'. I'd love to have someone ask us what we do, so I could answer with that." He caught Mello's blank stare. "Sorry, I thought you said you'd watched 'The Matrix'."
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 7: Demon in my View

Matt is quoting Agent Smith from the first 'Matrix' film. Agent Smith was describing Neo and himself respectively.

Mello had known him too long. He was being too casual, even for Matt. He ran and overtook him, peering down at the laptop playlist. "'Furious Angels'?" Mello asked, sweetly, probing for information. "Not an album I'm prepared to listen to with you in the room." The redhead muttered. "And that isn't your cue to just go and buy it." Matt closed the whole music player down.
Mello and Matt, My Own Way, chapter 8: Furious Angels

'Furious Angels' is an album by Rob Dougan.

Back in the cyber community of the EHC, conversation was rife about the Mafia deaths. Matt had switched on his public chat, though only to secretly read, not to announce the fact that he could. In the inner sanctum, they were already bored by it and so were discussing Silver's worm. However, other members had announced the tidbit in the main forum. The consensus was 'good riddance to bad rubbish' and some of them were being quite candid about suspected Mafioso operations in their areas. MBDetroit had actually witnessed a murder in a strip club where she had worked; Ahlol talked of protectionism in his/her city; and PFWFG had had a brother given a permanent smile by a Mafia thug. It was violence stark and raw. It was forcing Matt to really see what his friend was mixed up in.
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 9: The Deciding Factor

There are several shout outs here. Silver = Spoiled-kitten; Ahlol = Awhaaaa; MBDetroit = Monkeybird; and PFWFG = Miyamashi.

It was intact but looked like a scene from Dante's Inferno.
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 9: The Deciding Factor

Dante Alighieri wrote 'The Divine Comedy', the first canticle of which was the 'Inferno'. This canticle describes the different circles of Hell, culminating in the inner circle where Satan resides.

Even with the Ibuprofen in his system, Mello was writhing on the settee.
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 10: Those Whom the Gods Favour

Ibuprofen is a painkiller. It isn't nearly strong enough to counteract the pain that Mello is feeling, but anything stronger tends to be a narcotic and therefore will interfere with his thought processes. Mello prefers to be able to think clearly.

He looked like the Phantom of the Opera. It had melted his face
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 11: The Winner Takes it All

Erik, the protagonist of 'The Phantom of the Opera' by Gaston Leroux, has a birth defect which has deformed half of his face. He uses an opera mask to conceal it.

"1978, diptheria and chlorea solution." Matt spoke randomly, as he crossed the floor. "The most important medical advance of the 20th century." He held out a glass with a milky liquid at the bottom of it. "Water, sugar and salt. It's not proper rehydrating salt, but it's still salt."
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 11: The Winner Takes it All

Until 1978, thousands of people died of dehydration after contracting diptheria, chlorea, diarrhea and a list of other things. It was discovered that a solution made simply of water, sugar and salt would allow the body to rehydrate more quickly, thus saving millions of lives.

"My name is Mello. I was Consigliere to Rod Ross in LA, but Kira didn't know my name. I apologize that I have no-one to introduce me, but I understand myself to be amongst reasonable and honourable men, as I am myself."
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 15: Evil Be Thou My Good

In the Mafia, the Consigliere is the advisor. Mafia etiquette dictates that individuals be introduced by a trusted intermediary. Mafiosos are not supposed to introduce themselves to each other.

"Impossible." The Capo flashed gold-capped teeth. "The Commission has decided that our thing does not involve moving against Kira."
Rio, My Own Way, chapter 15: Evil Be Thou My Good

The Commission, in Mafia circles, is a meeting of the dons of high ranking families, who discuss mutually beneficial policy or actions.

"Where is the babbo?"
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 15: Evil Be Thou My Good

In Mafia terminology, a babbo is an idiot or a useless underling.

Where I'm from, we'd be getting a place ready for you by now.
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 15: Evil Be Thou My Good

In Mafia terminology, to 'get a place ready' means to dig a grave or find somewhere to hide the body.

"'NYC2123'." Matt returned with pills and water, then wandered off again.
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 18: His Private Preserve

NYC2123 is an on-line Cyberpunk graphic novel.

There could be no accident about the way that the blond was eating his chocolate. The Cadbury's Flake advert women had been less blatant.
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 18: His Private Preserve

Flake is a brand of chocolate made by Cadbury's. The advertisements for them usually show beautiful women eating the chocolate very suggestively. An example is shown below.

So you've turned into Houdini in my absense?
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 18: His Private Preserve

Harry Houdini was a famous Hungarian escapologist.

You're hardly Miss World, are you?
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 19: The Deepest Cut

Miss World is a beauty contest, where the most beautiful woman is crowned as the eponymous Miss World.

"You never know, if we're really lucky, 'Oliver Twist' might be on the telly."
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 20: The Tender Mercies

The film, 'Oliver Twist', is based on the book of the same title by Charles Dickens. It is about orphans in Victorian London.

But fuck no, I was just there to spend my money, not see a mythical being; who is probably a Christianisation of Woden facing us from the other side of a Coca Cola ad. campaign.
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 20: The Tender Mercies

Santa Claus is a legendary character, who brings presents to children at Christmas. There is a theory that he started off as the Germanic/Norse God, Woden, but the conversion of his followers to Christianity reduced him to the figure of Santa Claus.

During the 1930s, the American Coca-Cola Company ran a series of advertisements using Santa Claus. They depicted him wearing red clothes, edged with a white fur trim. The colour scheme has attached itself indelibly to Santa Claus himself to the point where it is now his standard depiction in popular culture.

Matt bobbed his tongue out. "So if you're going for Oliver, does that make me the Artful Dodger?"

"I think I'm more Artful Dodger than you."

"You're the blond."
Matt and Mello, My Own Way, chapter 20: The Tender Mercies

Oliver and the Artful Dodger are characters from Charles Dickens's 'Oliver Twist'. The eponymous Oliver has blond hair.

"Brain the size of a planet and he's using it to plan where to stick baubles."
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 20: The Tender Mercies

Marvain, the Paranoid Android, is a character from Douglas Adams's 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. He often bemoans the fact that, despite having a 'brain the size of a planet', he is given only menial work to do.

"Yes, but Matt," Mello stepped across to slap his hands against the redhead's cheeks, "the point is that you know who Becket is! If I prodded you enough, we could even have a serious debate about modernism, post-modernism, culture, anti-culture." He sighed, happily. "It might even segue off into philosophy per se, or architecture, drama, literature. You have a mind! Oh God! I've missed conversations with someone with a mind." He cocked a leather-clad leg and climbed onto Matt's lap, pushing him backwards onto the settee. Kisses rained down, as Mello held Matt's head in both hands. "Talk to me about Satre and Camus."
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 20: The Tender Mercies

Samuel Beckett is a playwright and poet. There's a typo, it should have referred to Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus, both French philosophers. They all wrote on post-modernism and existentialism, which is what Mello is talking about here.

Mello scrambled amongst his belongings on the floor and came back with a gun. He held it to Matt's head. "More Toynbee!" He smirked, resuming his position on top of the redhead. "Apply Trevor-Roper and Geyl to the Kira situation too, they make more sense than Toynbee, and don't stop talking until I say you can." He cocked the trigger and carried on kissing.
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 20: The Tender Mercies

Mello is name-checking history theorists. Toynbee saw events as happening within a global context with universal patterns. Both Trevor-Roper and Geyl disagreed with Toynbee's theories.

"I am not fourteen years old anymore. I have learned that the world has no poetry. I understand now that the Easter Rising might look like a romantic ideal, full of brave men and women fighting for what they believed, but the reality was a lot harsher and more terrifying. The pain I feel, Matty, bringing you into my world would be nothing to the pain I'd feel losing you from it."... "But this is my war and it will be the gunmen dying for the people..."
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 21: Every Action of Our Lives

Mello is paraphrasing and quoting from the plays of Sean O'Casey. 'Juno and the Paycock' and 'The Shadow of a Gunman' are set during the Irish Civil War, in the 1920s.

The first is said by Mrs Boyle about to her son, Johnny:

It's well I remember all that she said -- an' it's my turn to say it now : What was the pain I suffered, Johnny, bringin' you into the world to carry you to your cradle, to the pains I'll suffer carryin' you out o' the world to bring you to your grave! Mother o' God, Mother o' God, have pity on us all! Blessed Virgin, where were you when me darlin' son was riddled with bullets, when me darlin' son was riddled with bullets? Sacred Heart o' Jesus, take away our hearts o' stone, and give us hearts o' flesh! Take away this murdherin' hate, an' give us Thine own eternal love!

'Juno and the Paycock' by Sean O'Casey

The second is said by Seumas Shields, a poor businessman.

''They say the gunmen are dying for the people, but it's the people who die for the gunmen.''

'The Shadow of a Gunman' by Sean O'Casey

Mario, you really think even MI5 could have got through our firewalls and not one of us know about it?
Bubbles, My Own Way, chapter 22: Concerning Ninjas

MI5 monitor national security threats against the British Isles.

Matt frowned. "I never thought to question that. You aren't English, so there's no birthright loyalty. You'd have had more chance persuading Roger to let you go to a match if you supported Winchester City or Southampton. Why Manchester United?"

Mello smirked. "The only team ever to win the Treble, two seasons after being the only team ever to achieve the Double Double. They got the Treble right when I was learning to love the beautiful game." He glanced at Matt. "You wanted me to support losers? Heh."
Matt and Mello, My Own Way, chapter 24: Joyful and Triumphant

British people tend to support their local high profile teams, hence the 'birthright loyalty' comment. Winchester City and Southampton FC are both football teams local to Wammy's House, therefore, if Mello had been born there, he might be expected to support them. At the very least, their stadiums are close enough to the orphanage for Mello to have had a better chance at seeing them play at home.

Manchester United was the most successful team in the leagues and cups, when Mello was first starting to enjoy football. The double required them to win the prestigious FA Cup, while also coming top of the highest football league. The double double requires the team to do the same thing in the next season. The treble requires them to win the double and also win a cup in a continental tournament.

Mello could have also chosen one of the 43 teams in the Krapina-Zagorje league, but that would have indicated to his Wammy's House peers that he was Croatian.

"You want to listen to the Queen's speech?"
Matt, My Own Way, chapter 24: Joyful and Triumphant

At 3pm, on Christmas Day, the reigning monarch of Great Britain and the Commonwealth delivers a televised speech. Mello is commenting in 2008, when the monarch was Queen Elizabeth II, hence the 'Queen's Speech'. She didn't mention Kira.

Incidentally, Queen Elizabeth II and her family have an Estuary accent. I have written my stories envisioning Roger with this accent and so it has been passed onto most of the Wammy's House alumni. This accent is the reason that Matt comes out with things like 'awfully cute', which isn't terminology that us commoners tend to use.

"I think that's been well established. You keep glomping me with demands to debate the quantum physics of time travel."

"You're still wrong about that."

"No, I'm not." Matt sighed. "You check out the research coming from Princeton. It's been proved without a doubt that cosmic strings exist and..."
Matt and Mello, My Own Way, chapter 24: Joyful and Triumphant

Princeton is a prestigious university in New Jersey, USA. Professor John Richard Gott proposed, in 1991, that cosmic strings line the length of the universe and travelling along them creates time. If two strings could be joined, then time travel might be possible. Gott's department, at Princeton, continues to investigate this theory.

Sorry, you were going to teach me about Einstein. Please go ahead."
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 24: Joyful and Triumphant

Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize, in 1921, for his contribution to Theoretical Physics. He is best known for his Theory of Relativity.

"You gave Aimee the right answer. 'If you go, furious angels will bring you back to me.'"
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 25: An Ordinary Christmas

Mello is quoting a lyric from 'Furious Angels' by Rob Dougan.

"'The world has held great Heroes, As history-books have showed; But never a name to go down to fame, Compared with that of Toad!'"... "'The clever men at Oxford, Know all that there is to be knowed. But they none of them know one half as much, As intelligent Mr. Toad!'"
Mello, My Own Way, chapter 26: In The Wide Wastes

Mello is quoting from 'Wind in the Willows' by AA Milne

"Mello, you Yankee bastard, leave the man alone. Ox, you mind your mouth. You should know better than to provoke him."
Frankie, My Own Way, chapter 30: TYVM for 2000 Hits

With absolutely no regard for history or location, all Americans tend to be called Yanks or Yankees by some British people. Mello's use of American words and the slight American accent, coupled with the fact that the British Mafia know that he emerged from the LA Mafia, mean that they all assume that Mello is American.

"I don't know what you had in America, but this is London. Folk like me learned acceptance of poofs back in the days of Ronnie Kray. You spoke a word out of turn then and you were likely to have your face held over a gas hob."
Frankie, My Own Way, chapter 30: TYVM for 2000 Hits

Ronnie Kray, and his twin brother Reggie, were infamous gangsters in the 1960s East End of London. Ronnie Kray was openly bisexual.

Love my Steph to bits. She's a complete airhead, but breasts the size of Ben Nevis.
Rio, My Own Way, chapter 30: TYVM for 2000 Hits

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles.