The Annals of Fear - Quotations
by AnimePrincess and KinofDragons

Mello blinked. His breath finally released in the split second before his voice rose. "You're firing a gun at a fucking rat!" His quick gaze took in the rest of the workshop. "In a small room! You're firing a fucking semi-automatic at a blasted rat!"

Matt lowered his gun in a ragged reaction, like his arms really were locked in place. His gloved hand came up to wipe his mouth, while his gaze and then his right hand found the packet of cigarettes on the side. He lifted the packet and took one out with his lips. It was only as he lifted his lighter that Mello could see that the redhead was shaking. Mello's eyes widened and he looked back for sight of the rat. The corner remained resolutely empty. After a couple of drags of calming nicotine, Matt finally spoke. "I know it was probably overkill."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, chapter 0: Prologue

"You're annoying me now..." Mello began, before instantly changing tactics. He stood and wrapped his arms around Matt from behind. His kisses nuzzled into Matt's neck. "Guapo, place the order." His hand moved over Matt's and raised it onto the keyboard. Guiding Matt's fingers, Mello pulled up the supermarket site's order form. "How's this for taking you over?"

Matt laughed. "Only you could turn shopping into sex."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 1: A Mystery to Solve

Mello slid his hand down Matt's chest to the bulge of his jeans. "Because I'm bored of this and just want to get it ordered and because it's annoying you as much as you're annoying me. Quid pro quo." His gloved hand squeezed, just a touch. "Then, because it's a lovely day, you can come with me into the village to buy my cheese."

Matt frowned at him. "Why do I have to come?"

"Because I'm never going alone to buy cheese again." Mello gaze held just a hint of menace. "Call it one of my little superstitions." Matt received the message loud and clear. Suddenly Mello's grip on him wasn't some doomed attempt at romance. It was possession. "Humour me, Mail." Mello growled, softly, like Matt had a choice in the matter. "And come with me to the deli."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 1: A Mystery to Solve

Mello smirked. "A cat can stare at a queen."

Matt chuckled. "I'm not the Queen in this house, Mello." He shook his head and retreated towards the bedroom. "Hell no."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, chapter 2: Lambs

"Do you think I'm starting to look older?"

Matt blinked at him. Matt didn't immediately say no. He just stared, until a grin started to form on his lips. "What?"

Mello thumped him. "The burns dried out my skin. Even the new skin gets all..."

"You are such a fucking girl."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 2: Lambs

"I gave up God for you, Mail Jeevas." He watched the uncertainty settle over Matt's expression. "You had better make eternal damnation worth it." He twisted around, grabbing Matt around the waist with both arms, and propelling him backwards onto the bed. Mello's whole body holding Matt down, he clutched at a handful of red hair, forcing Matt's head into a position from which he could be kissed. Mello's mouth closed over Matt's, harsh at first, becoming more gentle as he relaxed into it. Such force was not at all necessary, but sex was always a power struggle between them. A bid for domination which Mello wanted to win and Matt wanted to lose. Matt had even helpfully raised his own arms above his head. His legs parting to wrap around Mello's body. "Am I gorgeous, Mail?"

"Out of my fucking league."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 2: Lambs

Mello didn't believe in subliminal messages in music. He also recalled a time when he didn't believe in shinigamis nor the ability to kill by writing in a notebook.
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 2: Lambs

Mello was back in his study. He had his electric violin out and paper lined up along the length of this computer shelf. Zooming in, Matt would see music printed on them, but no title. He waited, creeping back into his seat and replacing his headphones, but the sound through them now was the audio feed from Mello's study. It wasn't that Matt cared too much for violin music, but watching Mello play could be better than most internet porn. Mello didn't so much drag stretched horsehair over stranded steel, as much as simulate sex. He made love to his instrument. At least the expression on his face during the crescendos was often the same as his orgasm face.
The Annals of Fear, Chapter 3: Méditation

Mello's smirk faltered, then recovered. "You were turned on. You love watching me playing. It's like live porn to you."

Matt shook his head. "How you just played wasn't seductive. It was disturbing."

"Then you saw what I presented. You watched with your brain instead of your balls, as you normally would." Mello's eyes shone with triumph. "You witnessed me starting work on the case and you rose to detective alongside me."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 3: Méditation

"Matt!" Mello danced forward. "Just leave that! I'll do that!" He reached his husband and took the brush from his hand. "You shouldn't be clearing up my mess!"

"That's my job."

"Mail!"Mello yelled. "Just fucking stop!" He could feel the anger rising and just wanted to hit Matt so hard. But Matt turned from his crouch and wrapped his arms around Mello's back, holding him. It felt like restraint, it was almost a cuddle. Mello's fury flashed in the pan and was extinguished. He returned the hug, burying his face into Matt's neck and shoulder. "I'm sorry I shouted. I'm sorry."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 4: Gethsemane

"No!" Mello lifted his head, the intensity blazing through him. "Listen to me. I love you! If anyone harmed a hair on your fucking head, I'd..."

"I know, Mello." Matt risked a tiny smile. "It's taken as read. And ditto." His hand rubbed up and down Mello's back. "What's brought this on."

"Just understand it!"Mello snapped, grabbing at the dustpan and pulling away to crouch down into the pieces of crockery.

Above his head, Matt swallowed. "I do understand it."

"No you don't." Mello countered, his irritation made worse because it didn't have a definiable source. "You're a victim of infant neglect and every psychological study in the world says that you can't possibly..."

"Mello, I understand."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 4: Gethsemane

Matt waited until Mello grunted. "Are you eating?"

Mello chewed and swallowed. "Yes."

"Some nice Swedish chocolate?"

Mello glanced at the remains of the tortilla. "No. I fancied putting something Spanish in my mouth."

"Really?" Matt was grinning. Mello could hear it. "Shit! I'm in the wrong country!"

"Unlucky." Mello forked another piece.
Matt and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 5: Mullhyttan

"The Swedes flew over and they all congregated on this manor. That's when it all goes a bit..."

Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 6: Myocardial Infarction

"Was the hideous woman the supernatural thing?"

"Yes." Mello grimaced.

"Was she, like, a zombie or something?"

Mello shook his head. "We don't know. That's all he said."

"He didn't say much, this Rasmus."

"No." Mello concurred. "He was pretty traumatised. Jan and Maja were both dead by then."
Matt and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 6: Myocardial Infarction

Matt waited. This was the only death that he hadn't been asked to investigate. Mello, however, was lost in thought, as he already had this fact. "What did he die of?"

"Myocardial infarction." Mello muttered.

"Heart attack." Matt exhaled. "Why is it always heart attacks? I hate fucking heart attacks." He quickly rolled himself another cigarette and lit it. "At least no-one's mentioned a fucking shinigami."
Matt and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 6: Myocardial Infarction

"Now who would have known that? An airport actually in Örebro, instead of two hours drive away in Västerĺs! Longer, obviously, with that accident that I mentioned earlier, which nearly made me miss my flight back." Mello let his breath graze Matt's ear. "And I thought to myself, 'what a prankster that Mail Jeevas is, adding well over four hours onto my journey, needlessly'."

"I'm dead."

Mello edged forward, peering around Matt's frozen head to peer into his face. "I have to admit that I may have cussed a little, planning all manner of nasty things with you in mind, for when I got home."

Matt blinked, unsure how to take this. "But you came in hyper and full of the case."

"I'd calmed down by then." Mello grinned. "And besides, revenge is always a dish best served cold."

"Oh shit."

Mello stood up, shaking his hair back off his face. He was already undoing his belt as he headed for the door. "Bedtime, Mail."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 7: Puta

"First," Mello smiled, turning to walk away, but peering back over his shoulder, "I want to see you strip. You were a lot more naked when I envisaged this scene." Matt's colour flushed, but he rose. There was a sharp look in Mello's direction, full of piercing intellect. Mello smirked back. It was genius versus genius, though Mello suspected that only he acknowledged that. Matt pulled off his gloves and threw them onto the carpet. There was no sexiness in it. Matt was not a natural born stripper. He just looked good with his clothes off. Then he sat on the bed and took his boots off. Mello had to look away to stifle a laugh, which threatened to bubble out anyway. He arranged his face back into sternness, then turned back when he heard the thuds of both of Matt's boots hitting the floor. "Nervous, Mail?" Mello purred and was gratified to see Matt's blush rise again. "Heh."

"No." Matt lied. "Because there's nothing you will do to me that I won't want you to do anyway."

"Interesting use of the auxiliary verb, 'will' instead of 'can'." Mello grinned. "Little distinction there between what I'm capable of and what I might choose to do."

"Yes, Mello." A tiny smile played at Matt's lips. He wasn't nearly scared enough now. Mello darted forward with the belt and whacked it hard across Matt's jaw. "Ohmph!" Matt flew back onto the bed, which rocked for a couple of seconds under his impact. He held his face with his hand and experimentally moved his jaw. "Fuck!"
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 7: Puta

"You waiting for a starting gun?" Mello enquired. "Surely it's obvious what you're putting in your mouth down there." He snorted and lifted the belt again. "While I..." He gasped slightly as Matt began licking Mello's balls, "occupy myself with your punishment." The belt came down upon Matt's back, then again upon his buttocks.
Mello to Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 7: Puta

"Ah, puta! I abuse you, half-suffocate you, beat you and you, without so much as a whisper on your own genitals, are ready to scream Halleujah."
Mello to Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 7: Puta

They were parked on a dirt track, lined with drystone walls. Over wall, the mountain rose further, sheep grass covered it like moss. Here and there, a large rock poked out of the earth, gathering bigger tufts of weeds. Sheep nibbled at them. To the other side, the mountain fell away, rendering them on the level with treetops. They could hear running water far below. Matt looked ahead to a turning spot with a gate blocking the way. There was a cattle grid under it. He twisted to see behind him. The track turned a corner so he could only see twenty yards. It looked rural. "Mello." He breathed, in the tone of someone who has been very patient up until now. "What Godforsaken fucking hole have you brought me to?"

"Wales." Mello bit down the smirk that had been playing on his lips for miles. "Now would you mind getting out and opening the gate for me please?"

"Gate." Matt replied blankly. "Why do we want to open a gate? There could be fucking cows on the other side of it."

"Yum, yum, roast beef." Mello grinned, despite the fact that he rarely ate red meat, much preferring white. "Go on, Matty. We can't move until you do." He had to cover his mouth with a gloved hand to smother his involuntarily snort. Matt was still glaring at him. "What is your problem with the countryside?"

"No internet signal for a fucking start!" Matt snapped, opening the passenger side door and stomping out. He slammed the door behind him, as Mello finally gave into laughter.
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 8: Elvenpath

The teenager glanced at him, "Why are you in Machynlleth?"

Mello stared at him. "Say that again."

"Why are you in Machynlleth?"

Mello nodded. "Absolutely nothing like we were pronouncing it. You're not big on vowels in Wales, are you? I've just been directing Matt here using a map. We went for 30 miles on consonants alone."
Century and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 9: Machynlleth

"You've got cocky over the summer." Mello accused. "Are you still scared of guns?" The words hung in the air and the teenager seemed to wilt in his seat. "Well then." He turned back to look at the road.
Mello to Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 9: Machynlleth

Century sighed. "Mah." It was repeated by Mello. "Now put the tip of your tongue against the back of your two front teeth and just breathe. Don't try to enunciate a sound, just breathe. That is the 'll' letter. Then 't'. Mallt." Mello tried it a few times before it was declared correct. "Da iawn! Mallt, that's her name. Then 'ee-nos', y nos. Mallt of the night."

"Mallt-y-Nos." Mello tested out the name. He could just hear Matt saying it too, under his breath, as he drove.
Century and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 9: Machynlleth

He jumped out to open the gate, enjoying the sounds of the forest and water below. Yet he felt watched. It was a sensation that crept up on him gradually and Mello shook his head, trying to dislodge it or to find its source. He turned slowly, but the mountain was dark behind him and there could be a whole army out there, unseen, but seeing him in the glow of the car's lights.
The Annals of Fear, Chapter 9: Machynlleth

"What I don't understand..." Mello started, then paused, turning on his heel to return to their sitting room. "What I don't understand is what they thought we'd do with him! Do they honestly think...?" He stopped again, correcting himself. "Hal's sent you. Chrissie's got no authority. Chrissie could ask, just like we asked Century to come, but she can't command you. Hal's sent you. Does Hal honestly think that I'll harm him? What is it? Physical?" Another suspicion fortified Mello's paranoia. He was practically shrill. "Is it because we're gay? Does she think we're going to jump on his bones?" He was working himself up into another rant.

Deontic interupted him at this. "With respect, that is utterly ridiculous, Mello."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 10: It Begins

Mello stormed back in, the 'phone closed in his hand. But whatever he had been about to say died on his lips, as a loud wailing began outside. It was haunting, insidious, and it raised the hair on the back of all of their necks. It sounded like many voices, keening, bereft. Mello froze, eyes moving wildly as his gaze took in all of his surroundings, then he raced to the window. Matt had also frozen, his head jerking up.
The Annals of Fear, Chapter 10: It Begins

Mello gestured impatience, turned the corner of the middle landing and recoiled in horror. He was back into view and halfway down the stairs within seconds, darting around the settee to stand at Matt's side. His breaths emerged raggedly and his hand fluttered to his mouth. He crossed himself, still staring, while they all stared at him. Matt reached out, a hand snaking between Mello's legs to cup his thigh. The Slav jumped back, startled. Deontic spoke, her voice dead with calm, "What did you see, Mello?"
Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 10: It Begins

Your fear is a weakness. You have allowed yourself to gain this Achilles's Heel and it will be used against you, if you let it. Mine died in fire and I've embraced fire. You would have been better off if you'd embraced your nemesis too."
Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 10: It Begins

"Heh." Mello sniffed, without mirth, and drew out his gun. Century's eyes scittered towards it, but it didn't even make it to his temple before he began screaming. Terror made him push back, knocking the table into the fireplace. The lamp fell and smashed on the hearth and Century would have gone with it, had Mello not still held him by the hair. Century fought with feet and fists, forcing Mello back. Then Deontic was between them, arms wide, like a goalkeeper shielding the teenager. Mello released his hair, but it didn't stop Century screaming. He was curled up, foetal position against the wall, and Mello, watching, flushed from red to pale. "Wow." He backed away, hands in the air. "Ok, I've stopped."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 11: Primrose Path to Hell

He raised a hand to signal to Century to wait, then twirled around to jog in Deontic's wake. She was standing behind Matt, looking horrified. Mello giggled. "Like he'd fucking save you!"
Mello to Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 11: Primrose Path to Hell

Mello continued, slightly subdued, "The case isn't about a haunted house by the way. People died here last year."
Mello to Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 12: Night Hags

As an afterthought, Matt rose and sat on the floor, his back against Mello's left leg. Mello casually stroked Matt's hair. Deontic and Century watched the whole tableau with growing unease, but Deontic hadn't responded. Mello smiled. "Quite comfortable there, Matty?"


"Good." Mello's fingers continued to rake through his husband's red hair, but his attention was firmly on the other two.
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 12: Night Hags

I, at least, learned the lessons of Lamond and Hollow and all those who died, because of our civil wars. Families do not always see eye to eye, but I wish to cultivate the spark of the idea that you three are my foster brothers. Surely I made that clear in Greece?"
Deontic to Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 12: Night Hags

Century pointed."She would have had to reach behind that to put the...." He gushed, falling over his own words, "That, the thingie, device! She would have had to touch it!",

"It wasn't there!" Deontic half-screamed. "No-one could have got past us! We've all been standing here! No-one could have got past us!" Matt slowly rubbed her arm, then took his hand away to put the cigarette into his mouth. He took a long draw on it, the tip glowing orange. "It wasn't there!"

Mello's iron grip on Matt's waist finally eased. He took a bite of chocolate and moved around, past Deontic to survey it properly. "No doorways."

Deontic pointed, "There's nothing but panelling! It's a corridor! There's nothing...."
Century, Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 13: Not Alone

The figurine of Mother Mary was back, standing in the centre of the table where they could all see it. Deontic was staring at it now. "Why have we got this anyway? Does it belong to the house?"

"It's mine." Mello's tone and gaze dared her to comment unfavourably about that. "I brought it from home."


Mello didn't reply. He just pulled more of the wrapper off his chocolate and nibbled on a corner. Matt watched him do it and mused on the fact that, if they were here many more days, Mello would emerge covered with as many crosses and Christian paraphernalia as he'd worn in the Mafia. All this from a man who proclaimed to have turned his back on the Catholic Church. Matt wondered if either of the other two realised just how shaken and scared Mello was right now. They both seemed to have bought into his attitude of command.
Detonic and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 14: A Little Welsh Flavouring

Mello sucked on a square of chocolate. "The band came here because of rumours of a ghost. That's why they were here and not in a proper recording studio."

Deontic glanced across every laptop, noting the feed from each room. "Where did they record it? There's no recording studio in this house."

"In there, I believe." Mello indicated the room in which they had been sitting originally. "Have you heard the album? The quality is horrible. We're not talking about a professionally mixed operation here. We're talking about five people setting up in a room and just playing. Ok, the equipment they recorded it on was reasonably good, but not the environment."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 14: A Little Welsh Flavouring

"However, if we do get attacked by a hideous woman and pull off her mask, I won't be surprised to find Mr Roberts underneath it going, 'I would have gotten away with it as well, if it wasn't for you pesky kids.'"
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 14: A Little Welsh Flavouring

Matt chuckled. "The really insulting thing is that Hal, and Roger before her, consider me to be so helpless. Do you think I couldn't smother him in his sleep if it came to it?"
Matt about Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 15: Some Great, Almighty Test

"He is paranoid. He's paranoid as Hell. He did not want to leave me with you nor in this house."

"Then why did he?"

Matt took the cigarette from his mouth and stubbed it out in the ashtray. "Because I asked him to."

Deontic frowned, confused, "Why did you?"

"You're missing the point." Matt peered up from his game. "I asked him to do something that he really did not want to do and Mello," Matt paused for emphasis, "did it. What does that tell you, Deontic?"

They heard distant voices out on the bank, coming closer. Deontic turned back to the window. She could just make out their silouettes, Century tall and slightly stooping; Mello shorter, but drawn up to his full height, confident in his gait. She watched them disappear again behind the old stables, then emerge in the yard behind the two cars. Mello stopped to point upwards, then they both turned to inspect the cobblestones. Deontic gritted her teeth. "You're not scared to ask things of Mello. You're not intimidated by him."
Matt and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 15: Some Great, Almighty Test

"I have been in situations that have scared the fucking crap out of me, but I've had to go through with them. Moments when I never knew if I would make it through the next five minutes, let alone the next hour. Watari taught me to think of myself as expendable, in pursuit of the greater cause."

"Justice is important." Deontic bowed her head. "And you are referring to the old regime."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 16: Madness

Someone was there. Mello was staring straight into her face, her eyes inches from his own. They were dead, lifeless, yet animated with emotion. She was dripping wet. Mello's shriek came out as a grunt. He couldn't leap back because the mattress was in the way. Ice flooded his veins, his whole body rendered immobile though it screamed out for flight or fight. She was not human. His mouth opened to scream or speak or anything, he didn't know. He heard his own voice, shaking and scared, "Zdravo Marijo, milosti puna, Gospodin s tobom..." And she moved away. She walked along the corridor away from them, past the top of the stairwell and into a room to its right. Mello crossed himself.

"I saw it too." Matt whispered, stunned.
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 16: Madness

Matt lit a cigarette, Mello watched him do it. He could feel his sanity shifting under the precedent of memories. "You saw it, didn't you, Matt? It wasn't just me."

Matt nodded. "I saw her." That was safety. That was solid ground. Mello waited and Matt, sensing that more was required, went on. "She was standing literally right behind Mello, as in right up against him. Then she walked off into that room that we went into next." He took a deep drag on his cigarette. "And the bitch nicked my camera."

They all looked at the stairs. Century asked, "What did she look like? Could you see through her?"

Mello shook his head. "She was solid as you and I. She was wet. Dripping wet."
Mello, Matt and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 16: Madness

Century chuckled. "I can't believe that you just said you're a raving queen."

"What?" Mello kept the lightness in his tone. "You thought I was straight?"

"Well, no, but...." Century put his head down onto the pillow and lay there smiling.
Mello and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 17: Lay Me Down to Sleep

Mello frowned. "You're suggesting that some entity in this house is inside our minds?"

Deontic bit her lip, looking close to tears again. "I don't know what I'm suggesting."

"It does make a weird kind of sense." Mello conceded.

Century blinked. "I don't want to think of a ghost in my head."
Mello, Deontic and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 17: Lay Me Down to Sleep

"There is a Mallt-y-Nos?" Mello demanded.

"You get the Mallt-y-Nos." Century sniffed. "There's just the one everywhere."

Mello spelt it out, as if talking to an idiot. "Is there a legend of one here?"

"Not historically no." Century sucked on his lollipop, not looking at Mello. "But there was talk after what happened to that band. Most people around here just think that they were all on drugs and did each other in, but there are a few old ones who are talking about Gwrach-y-Rhibyn. I asked him why, because that bit about the hideous woman wasn't common knowledge, was it, Mello?"


"He told me it was the injuries. Covered in scratches, he was, down by the river."
Mello and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 18: Interlude

Matt interupted. "Says here that the Gwrach-y-Rhibyn only comes for pure blood Welsh. She's not interested in newcomers. We're safe then."

Century's mouth opened and closed. Mello frowned. "Why would she attack a Swede then?"

Century replied, annoyed, "I don't know. Find and interview her next, is it?"
Matt, Mello, and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 18: Interlude

"Erm, Mell. Silver says that there are three different versions of the album on the internet."

"What?" Mello straightened and the loss of him was unwelcome. "Which one have we got?" He read the e-mail over Matt's shoulder. "So only one kills."

"He doesn't say that."

"It's obvious." Mello frowned. "Get all three, Mail." He stepped back, nibbling on his chocolate as he considered this new development. "Are they three mixes of the same recording? Or three separate recordings?"

Matt frowned. "How should I know? I've only just found out that there were three. Wouldn't Jörgen Ĺström know? He was the one who made them available to the world in the first place."

Mello nodded. "I'll e-mail him."
Matt and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 18: Interlude

"Consider their thought processes. They want something mysterious and dark, yes, but they are fundamentally immature."

"How do we know that?"

"I'm basing it on their ages. They were our age, more or less." Mello shrugged. "We're immature."

Deontic gave a half-shrug. "Some of us are."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 19: Clues and Conjecture

"My God, yes! Mother Mary was placed at the top of the stairs, as if to say, 'look up here'. Then she was placed in the corridor, but where was she facing? Towards that room! Maja's ghost, where did she lead us? Into that room! That room has always been the key! That's why they keep trying to show it to us!"
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 20: Source Room

Out on the landing, Century suddenly shouted, "Help me!" They all fled from the room, dreading what they would find. Century was tearing at the carpet runners on the stairs, but making no headway. "It was often at the top of the stairs!" They all looked at him blankly. "The priest hole!" He stood, nearly losing his balance on the stairs. "Look at this wall! Why do we have to come around such a long mid-landing? There's a whole box here that doesn't add up when you view it from that room!"
Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 20: Source Room

"I know you want to see this, but think! The last time that was opened, five people died and kickstarted a chain-reaction that's still killing people now. Do you really want to go in half-cocked?" Century pursed his lips and reached for a lollipop. "Let's just say that I learned a few lessons about rushing in, where angels fear to tread, during the Kira case."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 21: The Priest Hole

"I don't think it's affecting us as much today. It's trying a different tack..."

"What is?" Century interupted. "I'm sorry, but you all keep saying this. Mello on about 'it' coming up in the centre of the room. You talking about 'it' affecting us. What is 'it'? Because you're all well out of the realm of the Gwrach-y-Rhibyn. She's not like a Hollywood demonic entity."

Mello gave him a long, appraising look. "Whatever was awakened in this house."

"Which was?"

"Something Welsh and nasty; a demon; a shinigami; a bunch of malicious ghosts." He smiled without humour. "You'll be amongst the first to know when we know."

Matt stated flatly. "The only thing that I can tell you is that it's everywhere. I'm checking the data from our sensors and meters. They are all lighting up like the National Grid. It's in this house and it's in every room." They all glanced about themselves. "Yes, even this one."
Deontic, Century, Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 21: The Priest Hole

"We all brought baggage here and it, whatever 'it' is, probed us for our weaknesses. Who here would show a weakness in front of the others?" She met each of their eyes in turn, except Matt's. He was focused on his laptops. "Yet even Mello became extremely vulnerable last night. I don't know why I cried like I did. It wasn't even specific. Yes, the water was getting on my nerves and yes, it triggered a deep-rooted emotion inside me, but I don't know why I was crying. It was for Nathalie, for Lamond, for Jonny." She considered it. "Yes, even for myself. It was like all of that loss reared up inside me and I couldn't stop crying. Then Mello was so kind to me and I just felt foolish."

"Don't let your emotion build up inside." Mello warned. "I've learned the hard way that that's never a good idea."
Deontic and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 21: The Priest Hole

"We don't know what's down there."

Century called back. "It's some kind of chapel. There's some painting on the wall that looks like a representation of Christ."
Mello and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 21: The Priest Hole

"There's a little pot. It's glass, with things in it. Shine that torch, Matt." There was a pause. "It's like water with pins, nails and broken glass inside. The top is sealed." Another pause, then dismissal. "Oh! It's ok, it's modern. There's a sell-by date of last year on the bottom of the jar."
Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 21: The Priest Hole

There was no glimpse of the room there. Matt shone his torch up, his eyes widening at the sight of floorboards. "You have got to be fucking kidding me."
Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 22: Lost

The ground underfoot became soggy, as the river seeped through the stones. She stepped back, trying the other way and thought she saw movement in the mist. "Century!" She called out, hearing the fright in her own voice. But there was no reply. "Mello!" Nothing. She trudged on anyway, until she suddenly realised that, on either side of the large rocks upon which she scrambled, the river was cascading down. She was walking into it! And it was ferocious, raging like the drainage from a monsoon. Deontic stopped dead, unable to see through tears. "Ebu, Abah," she whimpered, "Tolong!"
Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 22: Lost

"Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi!" That was his Taid again. Memory throwing up the old advice, passed from grandfather to grandson, 'Iestyn-bach, if you're ever in trouble out there, call on Elen of the Hosts. The old girl will see you safely home.' His back to the tree, it became almost like a chant. "Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi! Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi!" Always with the image of Jan Pettersson in his head. Torn to pieces out in this wood. "Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi!"
Century and Century’s grandmother, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 23: Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi!

"Have you even checked to see if there's a light in here?" A female voice spoke suddenly from a few feet away.

Mello leapt on his stair. His gaze shot up from where it had only vaguely been focused upon the ground between his feet. His sensibilities reeled at putting a name to the familiar voice, "Nathalie?"

"Yes. Bit of a shocker there, I warrant." The darkness replied. There was the clipping of stiletto heels on the cement floor. "Two possible theories to my mind. The first is that this house is a psychic pressure cooker, allowing anything through. The second is that you're hallucinating, based on Deontic's comment earlier that I could have handled you far better than she can. You've glimpsed the ghost of a Wammy kid before, when you've been under extreme stress, so it's a distinct possibility."
Nathalie and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 23: Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi!

"I'm asking you, as a genius, as one of L's successors, what would you do if you were me, Nathalie?"

Nathalie sounded subdued. "I can hear you. I'm still getting over the shock that you have consulted me. I thought my intellect was nothing to you." Mello didn't know how to respond to that, so he said nothing. "Ah! I see." There was a slight scraping as her stiletto dragged across the cemented floor, as she paced. "I'd put on the light, so you can see what's down here. Then I'd go and find Matt, Deontic and Century, because if you're in this mess, then what kind of crap are they in?"
Mello and Nathalie, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 23: Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi!

"Mother of God, they shouldn't have opened the floorboards. It let it out."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 24: Search and Rescue

"I'm getting you out, Mail. I'm fucking getting you out!" Mello whacked and clawed with nothing of precision that Hal could see, but the damage was being done to the floorboards. She longed to take it from him, because she could see what precise leverage should get them through more quickly, but Mello's expression kept her back. He looked like a man possessed. Officers were pouring into the room. Hal turned and automatically began the crowd control. Mello snarled. "I said I would always come for you, guapo." Yelling out the last, "I said I'd come!"
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 24: Search and Rescue

Hal had to intervene, "Mello, look at him. He's covered in glass and...." A nail fell from Matt's hair, onto the floorboards. "He needs medical attention."
Hal, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 24: Search and Rescue

"These are disused barracks. There are no permanent troops stationed here. Just a skeleton crew keeping things ticking over. We can debrief here and then you can tell me what you need."
Hal, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 25: Psychological Plague Dogs

"Has Century been found yet?"

"No." Hal retained her professional voice, but Mello saw through it. He glanced sharply at her. "They've got dogs on his trail, but it ran out at the river."

Mello snorted. "You realise that Century holds the record for the sheer number of times that someone has run away from the institution. Some of us managed never to be found and he's mostly one of them." His lips tightened. "He's on his own turf as well."

"Mello, let's discuss this later." Hal warned and it irked Mello.
Mello and Hal, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 25: Psychological Plague Dogs

Mello's gaze sought out Deontic, who was sitting woodenly upon a chair. She was wrapped in a blanket, glaring daggers at him. "Deontic."

Her tone pierced him. "You went too far."

Mello's eyes widened. Beside him, Matt moved just a touch closer to him and Mello caught sight of the medic flanking them. "Hal, get them the fuck out of here. This is between me, Matt and Deontic."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 25: Psychological Plague Dogs

Only Hal lingered and, as soon as the door closed, she barked, "What happened out there? Is Century ok?"

Deontic replied, not taking her eyes off the Slav, "Mello shot at him."

Mello's jaw dropped. "I..."

But Matt was quicker, "And you replaced the floorboards, trapping me inside the chapel."

Deontic's attention turned to the redhead. "I did not!"

Mello growled at her, "And I didn't shoot at anyone, especially not Century."
Hal,Deontic, Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 25: Psychological Plague Dogs

"Chrissie, Salvo and Century are thick as thieves, but Fenian is an outrider in their gang. We are on the west coast of Wales. Out there is the Irish Sea. If Century can get to a boat and persuade the captain to take him across it, then he'll be in Ireland. You do the mathematics." He stared at Matt. "Trust me, Hal, Century can disappear very well on his own. Let him reach Fenian and we'll probably never see him again. At least if he makes it to the other two, there's always the chance that Salvo can be persuaded to see sense."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 25: Psychological Plague Dogs

"I'm suspecting that we all saw and heard a great many things that weren't really there. I'm wondering about that rat."
Matt, The Chapter 25: Psychological Plague Dogs

"But Mello, you did miss an important point." Matt touched his collar, tilting his head up the inch it took to bring his lips close to Mello's. "You were there. And you came for me, just like I knew you would."
Matt, The Chapter 25: Psychological Plague Dogs

"We need to stop. We're both trying to be brave for the other one. Ok, I'll start. I cried like a baby in that cellar. I thought I was surrounded by explosives that could potentially destroy a building with you inside it and I did nothing. I just stood there. I've been in much worse danger than that and remained calm. I've had people shooting at me. I've walked around with a hit on my head for years, but I've remained calm. I wasn't calm this evening. I lost the plot completely, even when I was certain that you were in danger. I was too scared to come and look for you."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 26: Another Aftermath

Matt interupted. "Mello, where is the end of your rosary?" It was inappropriate, he knew, but it would upset Mello and that was the main thing.
Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 26: Another Aftermath

"She's listed as llygaid brown and their texts are all in Welsh." She clicked through the text messages on the 'phone in her hand. "But there are a lot of kisses and love hearts in them, hence I deduced that she's a girlfriend."
Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 26: Another Aftermath

Mello fell into step with Matt. "Ok, forgive me." His hand crept into Matt's, but Matt threw it away. "Mail, just hear me out. I'm hanging on by a thread here. Ok?" Matt had stopped walking, so Mello leaned up against the opposite wall and looked at him. He had his hands up. "You are so closed down right now. I don't think you realise it. I can't get close to you. I can't see if you're alright or if you're covering up because you're seriously not ok. I personally am not. Ok? I've got a million things going through my head and I'm just trying to prioritise them to deal with them. There's been a whole can of worms opened in my psyche. I just want to find my feet, which involves knowing that you're hanging on in there too. Then I can turn my attention to the case itself. Do you understand me, guapo?"
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 26: Another Aftermath

"Who's looking after Wammy's House if Hal is here?"

Mello rolled his eyes, but looked at Hal. She coughed and inched her own chair forward. "All of the staff are there, including Ann. Near is aware that I'm not present, but if there is an emergency there, then Linda is currently in residence."

They all looked at her. Mello licked his chocolate with apparent glee. "Linda as Watari. That should be interesting."
Matt, Hal and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 27: Playing to Win

Deontic stared at him, but Mello was already speaking, "Stop seeing a tragic, little boy, Hal. Century is also one of the fifteen children picked out as a possible heir to L. Would you be panicking quite so much if it was me out there?" As Hal made to rebute his charge, Mello laughed at her. "Don't lie now. When I was his age, I survived in the Mafia. Century will survive his own native countryside, even with the ghosts around."

"Not necessarily." Deontic warned and they all looked at her. "Mello, you asked Hal for honesty. I ask the same of you and Matt now. Who was suicidal today? I'm talking about a strong urge to kill yourself. None of the whole psychological profiling that goes around that, just an instant in time, in or around that house, where you had the," she pitched for a word and found it, "compulsion to end your life."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 27: Playing to Win

"Century is alive because he's been in contact with Chrissie. We know this because Chrissie hasn't called us demanding answers for ages. For him to have done that, he's found a telephone or a computer. We can further deduce that he knows where he are, insofar as Chrissie and Salvo know where we are. What he doesn't know is that I didn't shoot a gun at him."

Deontic shook her head. "Chrissie would have more sense than that. She would know that you would arrive at that conclusion and therefore she would call just to ensure that you didn't."

Mello smiled, "Yes, she would."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 27: Playing to Win

"We were all on edge. All day. There were things within our psychologies which didn't add up." Deontic looked at the floor, not at any of her companions. "But down by the river, I came so close to just giving up and letting myself drown. It was a compulsion." Her finger stroked the paper. "I am not generally suicidal. I refuse to believe that those were my thoughts."

"Then you are saying that something was in your head." Mello pointed out.

"Yes, I am."

He nodded. "That's consistent."
Deontic and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 27: Playing to Win

Mello prompted him, "You said that you nearly shot a rat in an enclosed space."

"Yes, but I didn't." Matt replied, quietly. "I had the gun out, but I didn't do it. I realised that there was a high probability of a bullet rebounding to hit me.”
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 27: Playing to Win

All three raised their eyebrows at that. Mello carefully asked for clarification, "You attempted to use a glass jar as a hammer?" Under their gaze, Matt was wooden again. "To hammer something above your head, with a glass hammer." Matt's eyes met Mello's and he didn't look impressed. Mello wore the faintest of smiles. "I'm sure there's a Darwin Award in there somewhere, Matt."

Quick as a flash, Matt responded, "At least I tried to get out of my room, Mello."

Mello winced, like the blow had been physical, "Touché."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 27: Playing to Win

She sniffed, "I'm trying to ascertain two things. We all felt endangered. How much of what we went through was purely psychological and in what regard were we truly in danger?" She looked from person to person. "In which real capacity could any one of us have been killed this evening?"
Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 27: Playing to Win

Mello wasn't interested, he was still pondering the rest of their clues. "The band were scared to death. Something came close to scaring us to death. It's psychological, which is why it's working on the album too. Yet we were spared and they weren't."

Deontic shook her head. "It wasn't all psychological, Mello. Something put those nails into the floorboard and..." She wrinkled her forehead, "We never did clarify this, did anyone actually fire a gun?"

"I didn't." Mello looked towards Matt, who shook his head. "And I'm fairly certain that Century wouldn't."

"Did anyone else hear the gunshot?" Deontic pressed.

Mello nodded, "I did."
Deontic and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 27: Playing to Win

'Is Mello going to kill me if I go to them?'

'Hal's there.'

Century wasn't reassured. It felt too cruel to have run so far only to find Mello waiting at the finishing line with a line baited to reel him in. His mind conjured up what might happen to his girlfriend, if Mello got hold of her. Century suddenly found that he was crying. Not all out sobbing, but quiet tears that he hadn't even realised that he was shedding until they dripped onto his lap. His hands shook as he made to type and he couldn't complete the sentence. He reached for the mug of tea and drank it in one long gulp. He whispered aloud, "Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi." Then typed, 'Is Mello going to kill me?'

'We don't know. Don't go.'
Century and Chrissie, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 28: The Rape of the Fair Country

"It was his heart, see? It stopped! These gentlemen gave him the kiss of life, until an electric thing could be brought up."
Mr. Roberts, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 29: Something Was Wrong

”Get them to check his heart for calcium ions. Call me back.”
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 29: Something Was Wrong

"I want this whole area quarantined. I want people watching every access point and," he raised a hand, "do not assume that that is necessarily the gates. I need the area patrolled, but more importantly I need it thoroughly checked. Something followed us here and it is watching."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 30: Tetris’d

"I need someone here taking blood tests. I want myself and my two colleagues tested for calcium ions in our system. I need those processed within the hour. I need the results back within two, delivered personally to myself.”
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 30: Tetris’d

"How is Century?"

"Still on oxygen, but they're flushing his system." Hal sat down on a chair, looking exhausted. "It all depends upon his age, fitness and previous heart complaints, but there's a good chance that he'll make it."
Deontic and Hal, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 31: Portents, Paranoia and Parenting

Mello smirked. "So I've offended soldier boy?"

Hal rolled her eyes. "I've been extremely diplomatic and we can stay here tonight. He would rather our operation moved on tomorrow."
Mello and Hal, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 31: Portents, Paranoia and Parenting

"In truth, if either of them need help, it's probably Mello. Matt controls him. In fact, Matt plays Mello like a harp and Mello just comes running."
Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 31: Portents, Paranoia and Parenting

. "Personally, I made do with Matt, the contents of a First Aid box and whatever his intellect could throw up to rehydrate me. While I was nearly dying, Watari was busy giving information about me to Kira."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 31: Portents, Paranoia and Parenting

"What I'm saying is that I concur with our discussion in there, that the room was originally a priest hole. It wouldn't have been big enough for a whole service, but certainly enough space for a priest and maybe one or two other people. Century would agree with that too. But more recently, it's been used for something else."
Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 32: The Metal Pig

"Gorskica taught me what war means."
Flight Lieutenant Lees, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 32: The Metal Pig

"There was masonry everywhere, covering a radius of perhaps half a mile. Six foot thick walls had just exploded outwards. We climbed all over it, listening for sounds of the survivors. Our lot, the Croats, the Estonians. The French and Americans were on the other side of town, but we ended up with a couple of their squads. It was basically all hands on deck, because of the sheer number of casualities." He closed his eyes, reliving the horror of it. "Almost in the centre, there was a bell tower. It was mostly collapsed, but a length of wall was still standing there. Really ominous creaks, as the structure strained under the weight of the damage. It was clearly unsound and so we were leaving it until the lads could arrive with equipment to deal with that. However, I was close enough. I heard a child screaming."
Flight Lieutenant Lees, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 32: The Metal Pig

I just ran into it and yes, I got the child out. He was right underneath a wooden bench and fought like the Furies until I got my arms around him." Flight Lieutenant Lees looked back at Mello. "And that child was you, wasn't it?"
Flight Lieutenant Lees, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 32: The Metal Pig

"It felt like we'd entered Hell and it was all my fault."

"When the bell crashed down, I think I nearly had a heart attack. It was the end of the world and my parents weren't coming for me." He wriggled the other boot off with his hand. Matt took the hint and started getting undressed himself. They were clearly going to bed. "The noise and the air. It was hard to breathe with all that dust, though I must have managed enough. I was screaming my head off."

"I can imagine."

"To be honest, guapo? I don't think you can."
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 33: Zombie

"The little things that you do. Like stubbornly insisting on sleeping between me and wherever an assailant might enter. Like between me and the bedroom door at home and with your back to the staircase, where it was all kicking off, last night. That's cute. I gave you the window and the door tonight." Mello smiled at him, but it didn't reach his eyes. He coughed again before continuing. "To be frank, if an invader did come upon us while we slept, the first thing I'd have to do is climb over you and put you to safety behind me, thus losing valuable seconds in dealing with the fucker. But I get that you want to protect me and that's nice. You know?"
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 33: Zombie

Deontic gave him a long, appraising look. "You've already solved this case, haven't you?"

His grin grew wider. "Mostly. Still a couple of things to check before I know that I'm right."
Deontic and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 34: Lost and Found

"Even before all that happened with your past, you and Matt would have left me alone. You would have done that knowing that something is out there coming for us."

”Yes." Mello didn't deny it. "But I'd have also trusted in your sparkling intellect to scream at the top of your voice, thus alerting us just across the corridor. Whereupon I would have descended upon your room like the Angel of Death and took out whatever entity was molesting you. So where do I get some breakfast?"
Deontic and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 34: Lost and Found

"I eat chocolate." Mello shrugged. "Matt plays games. Deontic folds paper. Near keeps up an infernal racket of clack-clack-clack on his jigsaw puzzles." He winked. "And Century disappears of the face of the God damned Earth."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 34: Lost and Found

"Conversely, I'm fine." Mello shovelled cereal into his mouth. "Last night might have been fucked up, but it cleared something. I'm no longer afraid of my past, but you pair are."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 34: Lost and Found

"All Hail the Watari kids! Solving cases far more important than their own lives!"
Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 34: Lost and Found

"How about the rest? We heard a gunshot that didn't exist. I heard a whole war that wasn't there. Century certainly acted as if airmen had raised guns and that didn't happen either. Mass hallucination?"

"Are you asking for my assistance now?"

"Just checking that our conclusions are consistent."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 35: Kings and Queens

"Don't argue." She kept her gaze on the hole in the floor. "Mello, I suspect I know what you're attempting. It will be an interesting experiment, but I doubt it will work. I'm going to monitor the emotions in this room and their relative interactivity. I just ask that you listen to me if I tell you, any of you, that it's time to step away."
Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 36: Reprise

"You're right. It's the emotion. Music just heightens emotion. It's no more about the music than it's about Wales or Catholicism. However, the latter is closer. It is something to do with religion, because those killing themselves are doing so in places of worship." His eyes were drawn back to the hole in the floor. "It was a priest hole. Possibly consecrated to God. It's been desecrated. Is that enough to explain the wrath of...?" He paused. His thinking had become too Old Testament. His God didn't behave like that. "But it's not Christianity per se. Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Pagans, they're all killing themselves. It's deity in general. Religion in general. Spirituality."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 36: Reprise

"Just for the record, we don't have a defibrillator here. Becoming that scared again will mean death."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 37: Past Favors

"And now we wait."

Deontic stared at him with horrorstruck eyes. "You've sent the song? Does the person know what it is?"

There was something just a little psychotic about the way that Mello looked at the woman. "If you don't want to be on my case, Dee, you can leave. You have your car."
Mello and Deontic, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 37: Past Favors

"I know you're watching me. I fascinate you." He smirked. He took a bit of chocolate, but held it between his lips. "You are always watching me, too afraid to kill me." Mello didn't allow himself to think that he might be wrong. This required his full concentration. This was life and death. And if nothing showed, then he could just walk away. No harm done. There was no-one alive witnessing this. "Peering down upon me." He glanced sidewards, his eyes glinting. The Mafioso glamour was upon him now. "Come on! Show yourself." He sucked the square into his mouth, unconcernedly passing it over his tongue. The taste of chocolate was all over his mouth, coating it. He chewed and swallowed, replacing it with another square between his teeth. "Mmm, lovely chocolate. It tastes," he paused, sensing attention, "so nice." The second bar was held even higher, above his head. Mello growled. "Ok, I'm bored now." He crunched the square between his teeth. "Sidoh! Show yourself or else I'll take your Death Note off you and you will die."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 38: Trifling With Gods

"I didn't want you to follow me." Mello stated softly. "I said whatever it took to stop you. I didn't necessarily mean it." His husband radiated cold. Mello sighed. "I really hurt you with what I said. I'm sorry. It wasn't fun for me either."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 39: Checks and Balances

"I am never going to leave you. The truth is, I'm too deeply in love. You're my rock. I'm not spending the rest of my life without you, so you'll just have to get used to me in your vicinity. You're mine and I'm keeping you."

Matt surveyed him coldly. "You threatened to harm Century's girlfriend, then left me with him. What kind of logic was that?"
Mello and Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 39: Checks and Balances

"The answer is that we need to know what is killing people, which we already do. It's a song called 'Banshee'. We furthermore need to stop that happening." He blinked. "Oh! Yes!" His fingers snapped in the air. "God sent me the perfect task force for this job. However you came to be here." He chewed happily on a square of chocolate. Bits of it splintered the air as he spoke. "That is enough to solve the case. It is alright to just shut this house up and refuse entry to anybody. Watari owns it. We can do that. But that would just be adequate. Century, you're working with me. Your job is to use all of that historical knowledge and passion to convince me not to just burn the place to the ground. The purification of fire." He smiled sweetly. "Matt and Deontic, you are working together. Your job is to remove that song from the internet."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 39: Checks and Balances

"Century, not to put too fine a point on it, you look like absolute shit. Whatever is in this house is after all of us, but you've already gone under once. I'm not saying that that is a weakness on your part. You were behind the lines longer. This house has a propensity to up the stakes bit by bit, like thumbscrews tightening, until you don't realise how anxious you've become. Then the hallucinations start, aided and abetted by real hauntings. It also delights in startling us. We've already had the running feet again in the last hour. I'm expecting it to throw anything and everything at us, the longer we stay. It's extremely risky any of us being here, but for you, I think it's downright suicidal." He paused. Deontic and Matt were looking anywhere but at Century. The teenager himself was just staring at the floor. "If you don't wish to get checked over under the auspices of Watari, then get yourself to Salvo and Chrissie and let them sort you out."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 40: Reports

The colour had drained from Mello's face. "It can't touch me with Yugoslavia now. I've got that out of my system. Flight Lieutenant Lees saw to that." He counted off on his fingers. "Four episodes to my life. It got me on the first. But I've dealt with it. Your presense collectively means that it can't get me on Wammy's House, because we're reliving it anyway. It's secure. Then I took the Mafia to it. It knows it can't get me there. Finally, there's my life with Matt and that's got nothing but joy and love in it." He smirked, a little of the colour returning. He raised his voice, letting it carry through the house. "So bring it on, you fucker!"
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 40: Reports

Century sniffed, "Matt's making the point for us all. We can't actually leave, can we?"

"Yes." Mello picked up a chocolate bar. "We can walk out of that door and go wherever we like."

"And then?"

Mello fixed his gaze upon Century. "Judging by the precedents so far, we can kill ourselves at leisure, because something follows us; or else we can cower in fear until we do our own heads in."
Century and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 41: Truce

"Jörgen doesn't know. He said that the symbol was attached to an e-mail that Jan sent to him. Jörgen was Jan's cousin, but also their main computer geek, plus a sort of, maybe manager, one day, if they ever got that big. It was certainly Jörgen who made both symbol and music available on-line."

Century muttered from the settee, "But not the final session."

Mello and Deontic stared at him. Matt just continued to be absorbed in his e-mails. Mello asked, "Why do you say that?"

With a great effort, Century sat up. "Because we've hypothesised that they were interupted during that and ended up fleeing for their lives. Yet no-one has mentioned a song that is half finished and no-one has mentioned an audio version of the interuption."
Mello and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 42: Into the Trenches

"We all just studied. But there had to be more. We didn't crack under it like A and B. We made it to the finishing line." His gloved hand stroked Matt's side. "I'm not asking for your weaknesses. I'm asking you to remember the things that kept you going, because I'm certain that we're all going to need them before this case is out."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 43: Histories

"It felt like it wasn't just after my life. It was after something bigger. Like death would only be the beginning of the torture; that it had something in store for afterwards. Bear in mind that I don't even believe in an afterlife." Century looked ashamed. "I spent about an hour just lying there debating what to do. Mello, I swear that if you'd walked in then and started evangelising, you could probably have converted me to Catholicism."
Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 43: Histories

Century swallowed. "It tried picking us off one by one. Now it's trying everything together to see..." He faltered. "See..."

Mello pointed at him. "To render it so that we are all simultaneously on edge and therefore can't strengthen whoever is going under." He nodded emphatically. "Clever boy, Century."
Century and Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 44: On Rainbow Road

"I've got it!" Mello roared out his victory. He released Matt and stomped around the table. Triumph blazed from his eyes and he laughed. "Century called it! Century fucking called it!" He descended upon the teenager, hauling him to his feet. "You have to trust me! I'll explain later! Say it, Iestyn Jones! Scream out what your grandfather told you to say! Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi! Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi!" Mello kept on yelling it into Century's face until the teenager took up the chant himself. "Da! Keep it up! Over and over again! Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi! Deontic, help him! Learn to say it quickly and say it with him!" He pulled Deontic from her stool and practically threw her into Century's arms. "Come on! Come on! Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi! Loudly!"
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 44: On Rainbow Road

Fenian laughed. "Kiana's a fucking witch, from a ancient line of Aislings. I wouldn't mess with her."

Century rolled his eyes. He wrote, "I need to stay here."

"No, you fucking don't." Fenian was adamant. "Look, you've come to me for help and advice and this is it. Mello's full of shit, always was and always will be. If Gwrach-y-Rhybyn is after him, then hurrah and victory for the Celts finally over that fucking Croat. You've been sucked into it because it got painted Welsh." He considered it. "Yes, fine, maybe I'd have gone if it was Eire, but I doubt it. I can see why you went, if only to stand back and laugh as they found out that Cymru isn't just a land of song and sheep-shaggers; it's got its dark side too and nothing darker than the slopes of your mountains."
Fenian and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 45: Bad, Old World

"He said something in Welsh before he went down. It mentioned the Gwrach-y-Rhybyn." Mello paused by his bag and brought out his semi-automatic. He released the safety catch, glaring at the window from which the sound of the wailing was currently loudest. "What did he say?"

Fenian swallowed. "He said, 'help me, Gwrach-y-Rhybyn has just arrived'."
Mello and Fenian, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 46: Pure Evil

Century isn't Pagan, but that chant to Elen saved him. You all seemed so very dubious about my conviction that the meeting with Flight Lieutenant Lees wasn't coincidental. It felt like all that happened in Gorskica couldn't touch me anymore, because I'd already got it out." He sniffed. "I just added up the dots. It's not what we're thinking, it's the reasoning behind it. These little things gave us faith. Hope. It felt like protection.
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 47: Queen of the Damned

"That's what she does. She comes to those about to die and she says their name." Century turned on the mattress and curled up. "But it doesn't matter. She only comes for the Welsh." He pulled his knees up tightly against his chest, like he could ward off another heart attack with the protection of them. "And she doesn't just come to scare people. If she comes, then someone will die. There are no ifs or buts or last minute dramatic rescues. One of us is going to die and it's going to be the Welsh person. Dwi'n marw."
Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 48: Do Not Go Gentle

"I can't see her. I can't hear her. There's what looks very much like a dead Welshman." He hurtled back into the other room. "Century, calm down. There's a dead man on our drive and it's not you." Matt snatched up the First Aid kit, then dropped it again as the realisation sunk in that it was practically empty. "You're not the one whom the bitch came for."
Matt, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 49: Nos Da Cariadiau

"Hello." He said calmly, into the network of voices. "I am with Mr Lewis and there has been an accident. I have no telephone. Could you please arrange for three ambulances and the police to attend? There has been one fatality and others in urgent need of medical attention."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 49: Nos Da Cariadiau

"Century, you're an historian. Tell me about witch bottles."

"Placed in the walls of buildings to protect against evil spirits. Or at crossroads. Under yew trees is favourite there. They're always..."
Mello and Century, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 49: Nos Da Cariadiau

He's speaking Welsh now? Fuck." He blinked. "Well, I don't want Gaelic soiled by passing his lips.
Fenian, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 50: Epilogue

"You already told us that you left the institution before anyone had taught you how to drive. You've got your own wheels now and Matt is willing to teach you how to use them. I'd teach you, but I haven't got the patience and we'd end up falling out again. But either way, it will help if you ever need to get away quickly from anywhere again."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 50: Epilogue

"Three things going on." He counted them off on gloved fingers. "The Gwrach-y-Rhibyn; the haunting of the band; and a third entity, which I still think was a flyer. I believe that there was a history of Gwrach-y-Rhibyn, which is why the witch bottle was under the tree in the first place. Moreover, I think that Mr Roberts knew this. Let me spell out my order of events." He took a bit of chocolate and got comfortable. "Maybe the house was built on the site of some ancient Celtic burial ground or something." He ignored Century rolling his eyes. "It had activity anyway. This is why a yew tree was planted on the crossroads behind the property. There was probably always a witch bottle placed under it and it did the job."
Mello, The Annals of Fear, Chapter 50: Epilogue