Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas

The timeline of events for this series have been pulled from a few places. As far as possible the actual timeline of 'Death Note' and 'Another Note' have been adherred to, however, there are a couple of points of deviation. Otherwise, my stories and the character profiles were the main sources, along with a little bit of making it up as I go along.

There are very few occasions, either in canon or in my stories, where the date is actually stated. Where it is, it's been used. More often though you get a note that this is the next day or this is a week later. Sometimes someone will say that 'such and such' happened, for example, two days ago. This is how I've cobbled together a timeline. Please note that the years are chronological and therefore will include spoilers, if you haven't already read all of my stories, plus 'Death Note' and 'Another Note'.

This timeline did not exist as I was writing it though. Therefore there have been some contradictions. It's time to confess all by highlighting those.

Discrepancies and Notes:

1, I deviated from the official timeline because I didn't believe that Mello could heal from his wounds in three days. There is basically an extra year here, where half the events of 'My Own Way' and all the event of 'It Matters' take place. This has been countered by making some of the 2009 events happen in 2008 instead.

2, Deontic is a year younger than Matt at the end of The Mello Code, while Hal says in the interviews that Deontic is only 19. But in the Christmas Story, she's 13+, when Matt's only 12. I've opted for her being younger and will alter the Christmas story according.

3, Near is only 12 when he becomes L. This is because I had several people telling me so during the time of writing Watari Pt 2. I asked for sources, but neither they nor I could find any. I made a split decision that the Near fans probably knew his timeline better than me. I rewrote the section in the chapter where it's mentioned, as originally Matt had told Mello that Near was around for 'a couple of years' after Mello left. I now believe that I was right the first time. Near didn't start looking at the Kira case until three years before meeting the president of the USA. Mello had left five years previously. -.- However, I've gone with Near leaving at 12, as there's now too much to rewrite.

4, Matt and Mello die and then live on. This is because 'All the Way Here' retells the canon. Those stories chronologically after this are alternative universe stories.

5, In 'It Matters', Mello states that he was at Wammy's House before Matt. However, Matt was three and Mello was four. There is only a month and half where that is the case. In 'Poisoned Rationality', it's stated that Matt arrived on February 2nd, 1993.

6, In my head, Mello's parents were killed in a massacre similar to the real one at Vocin, in 1991. However, he was only two then. The massacre had to have happened in 1994, which I thought was fine, as the Croatian War of Indpendence was 1991-1995. Fortunately for the Slavs, but unfortunately for my story, there was little actual fighting in Croatia in 1994. It was all kicking off in Bosnia instead. There was an opening in May 1995, but that would have made Mello five and therefore too old. I've therefore altered real events in Yugoslavia to allow for a Vocin type massacre in 1994.

7, Both Chrissie and Century are seen to use the 'C'; however, the latter is using a computer that Chrissie has just vacated, so it's possible he was using her connection too.