Timeline of Events - Pre-1989
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 3rd 1989: Joseph Yemo is killed in a collapsed shaft, at the Matempu Mine, Mbuji May, Zaïre. He leaves behind a pregnant widow, Saadiya Ndongi.

May 8th 1989: Slobodan Miloševic becomes president of Serbia. His policies pave the way for civil war in Yugoslavia.

May 10th 1989: Kamwala Wa Ndongala (later named Salvo) is born to Saadiya Ndongi, in Mbuji May, Zaïre.

July 13th 1989: Henriette Chaho asks a French pharmacist about vitamins and supplements for pregnant women.

July 14th 1989: Cisco Heras and Henriette Chaho are suspected of detonating several bombs in Southern France in the name of Basque Separatism. The couple disappear from the official radar.

Aug 6th 1989: Hashimoto Genki (later named Mairoo) is born to Hashimoto Tai and Isoko, in Kansai, Japan.

Oct 17th 1989: Prljavo Kazalište played a concert, in Republic Square, Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Mihael and Silvija Keehl attended, the latter six months pregnant. During the playing of 'Mojoj Majci', Croatian nationalist feeling rose to fever-pitch amongst the 200,000 –300,000 people there. Silvija was lifted onto Mihael's shoulders to see and her unborn baby kicked her in time to the music.

Dec 9th 1989: Hashimoto Genki is spotted staring at the labels on his stuffed toys rather than playing with them.

Dec 13th 1989: Mihael Ezra Keehl (later named Mello) is born to Mihael and Silvija Keehl, at home in Gorskica, in the Krapina-Zagorje region, Croatia, Yugoslavia. He was born in the presense of two aunties, two great-aunties and his grandmother. His great-aunt Mare delivered him.