Timeline of Events - Pre-1989
by MRS Jeevas


Unknown date in 1989-1990: Milo Ricardo Sebastian Heras born to Cisco Heras and Henriette Chaho.

Jan 22nd 1990: Croatian and Slovenian delegates walk out of the League of Communists of Yugoslavia, in protest at Serbia's stance on the federation. War becomes inevitable.

Feb 14th 1990: The Croatian Parliament changes its laws to allow a multi-party system and thus elections.

Feb 22nd 1990: Hashimoto Genki starts speaking intellibly and soon progresses to full sentences.

Feb 28th 1990: Carl Tegeder (later named Luigi) is born to Hanni Tregeder, in Schaan, Liechtenstein. He never knew his father.

April 6th 1990: Lilac Sharise DeGaneau (later named Chrissie) is born to Thierry and Odette DeGaneau, in Montreal, Canada.

Apr 22nd 1990: Multi-party elections take place in Croatia. The Croatian Democratic Union party wins.

May 30th 1990: Franjo Tudman becomes president of Croatia.

June 8th 1990: Aimee Louise Drayton is born, to Tracey Drayton and Jason Burns, in Southampton, England.

Sept 26th 1990: Claire Kouropoulos (later named Lamond) is born, to Ioannis and Evelina Kouropoulos, in Serres, Greece.

Oct 15th 1990: Lim Pek Wan (later named Deontic) is born, to Lim Zhoushi and Foo Ai Lin, in Trenggau, Malaysia.

Dec 25th 1990: Cisco Heras leans over his son's cot and calls him Milo Ricardo Sebastian Heras.