Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 11th 1991: Cisco Heras shouts at his son for excreting on the lounge floor after his three day old nappy fell off. It's one of the few times that Cisco directly addressed Mail.

Mar 9th 1991: Sharon Gabrielle Haif (later Linda) is born to Isaac and Gabrielle Haif, in Denya, Israel.

Mar 12th 1991: Andrus Peiker (later Jonny) is born to Andrus and Piret Peiker, in Luunja, Estonia. The country is in the last months of being part the USSR.

Apr 6th 1991: Hashimoto Genki starts to read basic words.

Apr 13th 1991: Zhanna Efimevna Sedykh (later Nathalie) is born to Efim and Marta Sedykh, in Bryansk, USSR. Due to irregular wages, the family are in poverty. It's a domestic situation which isn't fully resolved until 1998.

May 19th 1991: With 86% voter turn-out, 94.17% of Croats vote in favour of independence from Yugoslavia.

Jul 11th 1991: Liam Tighe (later Fenian) is born, to Peter and Susannah Tighe, in Galway, Eire.

Aug 20th 1991: Estonia formally declares independance from the USSR and becomes the Republic of Estonia.

Aug 24th 1991: Nate River is born to Kayleigh River, in Wichita, Kansas, USA. They live in a residential program for young mothers, as Kayleigh is fifteen years old and has been disowned by her family.

Oct 8th 1991: Croatia declares independence from Yugoslavia.

Oct 10th 1991: Milo Heras learns colours by watching 'Sesame Street'. He recognises that 'rojo' is his hair colour.

Dec 13th 1991: Serbian paramilitaries massacred Roman Catholic Croats, in the Croatian village of Vocin. Our Lady of Vocin was destroyed with explosives with the abused, tortured, then killed villagers inside. Mihael Keehl is vaguely aware of the war, because of his mother crying about the Vocin massacre at his 2nd birthday party.

Dec 26th 1991: The USSR is formally dissolved. The Russian Federation and several independent states take its place.