Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 15th 1992: The European Community recognises the independence of Croatia and Slovenia.

Jan 27th 1992: Kayleigh River is the envy of young mothers, in her residential home, when her five month old son, Nate, starts talking.

Apr 1st 1992: Evelina Kouropoulos leaves home, stating that she wants to be an actress. Her husband and daughter never see her again.

May 4th 1992: Kayleigh River reaches her sixteenth birthday. Unfortunately that means that she is no longer eligible for the residential program. She moves into a bedsit with her infant son, Nate.

May 22nd 1992: The United Nations recognised the independence of Croatia.

Jun 11th 1992: Efim Sedykh joins his brother, Aleksandr, with smuggling jeans and cigarettes for a crime gang. The experience frightens Efim enough to ensure that he doesn't do it again.

Jul 8th 1992: Ethel King tells Kayleigh River that the early progress of her son is unnatural. She suggests that he might be possessed by the devil.

Aug 21st 1992: Hanni Tegeder places her son, Carl, into care stating that she 'can't take to him' as she hates his father. Carl is placed with the first of 17 foster families. Though physically cared for, he has not received much in the way of human interaction and his speech is accordingly below par for his age group.

Oct 5th 1992: Carl Tegeder starts speaking in whole sentences.

Oct 27th 1992: The Lim family are stranded in a remote Malaysian village by floodwaters caused by a monsoon.

Oct 29th 1992: Foo Ai Lin dies of cholera.

Oct 31st 1992: Lim Zhousui dies of cholera.

Nov 12th 1992: Lim Pek Wan is taken to Singapore to live with her maternal grandmother.

Nov 29th 1992: L leaves Wammy's House to travel around the world solving cases. Quillsh Wammy goes with him.

Dec 2nd 1992: Phrase Two starts at Wammy's House. Alberto and Beyond Birthday move in.

Dec 15th 1992: Carl Tegeder is deemed fluent in his native language. Care workers reassess his designation as 'special needs' and make moves to relocate him to another foster family.