Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 24th 1993: Cisco Heras shoots dead three social workers acting on a report from a neighbour about Milo. He leaves their bodies to decompose on the lounge floor.

Jan 26th 1993: Raakel Emmi Mäkelä (later Lauren) is born, to Sauli and Karita Mäkelä, in Lahti, Päijänne Tavastia, Finland.

Jan 28th 1993: Milo Heras hunts through the bodies of the social workers and finds their ID cards. He sneaks out of the front door and leaves them on the pathway where they can be found. A neighbour spots them and calls the police. One policeman is shot dead. Quillsh Wammy, whilst at a high class charity gala, learns that Cisco Heras and an infant have been located in Navarre, Spain. Cisco Heras, with negligible help from Milo, builds a barricade across the lounge-cum-kitchen partition in their home to keep the police, then the army out.

Jan 29th 1993: Cisco Heras is shot dead by the Spanish army. His three-year-old son, Milo Ricardo Sebastian Heras, hides in an abandoned oil tanker.

Jan 30th 1993: Quillsh Wammy invites L to overhear a telephone conversation with Sergeant Carrasco. Milo Heras draws a city on the walls of the tanker, using gravel stones in the rust. The rain washes most of it away.

Jan 31st 1993: Milo Heras writes his name on the oil tanker. Never having seen it written down, he guesses that it is rendered: Mail Ricardo Sebastan Jeevas. L deduces where Milo Heras is hiding.

Feb 1st 1993: In the early hours of the morning, Milo Heras is cut out of the tanker. Quillsh Wammy flies from Lisbon to Navarre to meet him.

Feb 2nd 1993: Quillsh Wammy and Milo Heras fly to England. The latter enters Wammy's House under the name, Mail Jeevas. It is originally pronounced 'mile hebaz', but Wammy makes a split decision to pronounce it as 'mile gee-viss'. (Unstated: Wammy doesn't want the Spanish to trace him, so deliberately confused Milo's name.) Mail sees Beyond Birthday on the stairs and meets Ann and Madeleine.

Feb-Mar 1993: Though Mail Jeevas's body is healing, he sinks into depression. Tests show that he has a deficiency in oxytocin and vasopressin due to infant neglect.

Feb 18th 1993: Karita Mäkelä commits suicide.

Mar 30th 1993: Quillsh Wammy visits Mail Jeevas in the Wammy House infirmary and gives him a Gameboy loaded with 'Super Mario Land 2 - 6 Golden Coins'.

Apr 5th 1993: Mail Jeevas leaves the infirmary and is given a room on the first floor of Wammy's House. He starts stealing and hording food. He refuses to interact with the other children and remains withdrawn with the staff.

Apr 23rd 1993: Mail Jeevas becomes attached to Sally Goodall, a member of the kitchen staff. She talks to him, but never touches him, whilst allowing him to sit at the kitchen table playing his games. He becomes distressed whenever she leaves for home and so abandonment issues are diagnosed in Mail.

May 8th 1993: Care workers express concern that Kayleigh River is treating her 18 month old son like a 'small adult'. A retraining course is suggested.

May 22nd 1993: Care workers visit Kayleigh River and discover that she has moved out of her bedsit with her son, Nate. They cannot trace them.

Jun 4th 1993: A exorcism is performed on Nate River by Elvin and Rachel Karmann, on a farm near Wichita, Kansas. It is believed that he is possessed by the devil (in reality, he has Aspergers' Syndrome and is also a genius).

Nov 28th 1993: Hashimoto Genki starts playing the koto.