Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Apr 5th 1994: Hashimoto Genki starts attending a school specialising in educating geniuses.

May 3rd 1994: Mihael and Silvija Keehl, along with their extended families, are killed when their Roman Catholic church is bombed, as part of the Gorskica Massacre. Their four-year-old son, Mihael Keehl, survives and is taken to a local orphanage.

June 17th 1994: Isaac and Gabrielle Haif assist in the suicide of Isaac's mother, Eva Haif.

July 2nd 1994: Isaac and Gabrielle Haif are arrested on suspicion of the murder of Eva Haif. Their daughter, Sharon, is taken to live with a foster family.

July 19th 1994: Quillsh Wammy is told about a potentially genius orphan and so flies to Croatia to meet Mihael Keehl.

July 21st 1994: Quillsh Wammy and Mihael Keehl fly to England. The latter enters Wammy's House.

July 22nd 1994: Mihael Keehl asks Roger Ruvie why God has let this happen to him. Though an atheist, faced with the child's already shattered faith, Roger decides to help him piece his religion back together again.

July 23rd 1994: Roger buys a large Catholic Bible to help him understand Mihael Keehl.

July 24th 1994: Simon John Campbell (later Neuron) is born to James and Kate Campbell, in Al Khor, Qatar.

Aug 1st 1994: Mihael Keehl defends Mail Jeevas against bullies. Mail likes Mihael because his hair is yellow, the same as Big Bird's.

Aug 15th 1994: Tests on Mail Jeevas show that his oxytocin and vasopressin levels have risen slightly due to his friendship with Mihael Keehl. Roger Ruvie suggests that they share a room, which has beneficial effects on both of their outlook on life. Mail becomes less withdrawn and Mihael becomes calmer.

Sept 2nd 1994: Iestyn Jones (later Century) is born to Gethin and Carys Jones, in Caernafon, Wales.

Dec 6th 1994: Mihael Keehl cleans his boots and leaves them out for Sveti Nikola to leave little presents in.

Dec 7th 1994: Mihael Keehl learns that Sveti Nikola didn't leave him any presents.

Dec 24th 1994: Mihael Keehl learns that Djed Božicnjak also didn't leave him any presents.

Dec 25th 1994: Mihael Keehl is shocked to discover that Christmas isn't a day of prayer in the Wammy's House. He is, however, given an English language copy of 'The Wind in the Willows' after Roger Ruvie discovered that it was a favourite book read to Mihael by his mother.