Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


May-Oct 1997: Ioannis Kouropoulos occasionally takes his daughter, Claire, on haulage trips. She saw Slavic Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia/Yugoslavia during this period.

May 17th 1997: The First Congo War officially ends.

May 20th 1997: Zaïre is renamed The Democratic Republic of Congo, when Laurent-Desire Kabila proclaims himself president.

Aug 9th 1997: Sauli Mäkelä marries Helena. His daughter, Raakel, is sidelined amongst her four step-siblings.

Oct 25th 1997: A fifth exorcism is performed on Nate River, to rid him of the influence of the devil. It is so brutal that he is almost drowned and his mother, Kayleigh, is persuaded by one of the more moderate onlookers to take him to hospital. Nate River is taken into care by the hospital's Child Protection Officer.