Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Mar 29th 1998: Phase Three of Wammy's House begins. Children are transported there from Wammy's Groups orphanages throughout the world.

May 13th 1998: Nate River is diagnosed as having Aspergers' Syndrome.

May 1st 1998: Orsino Manetti emerges as the clear successor to L.

June 27th 1998: Thierry DeGaneau loses his job.

July 10th 1998: Sharon Haif moves to a Wammy's Group orphanage, in Nazareth, Israel.

Aug 2nd 1998: The Second Congo War begins.

Aug 3rd 1998: Rwanda invades The Democratic Republic of Congo.

Sept 24th 1998: Mihael Keehl watches, on the television, Manchester United play Liverpool. Manchester United won 2-0 and so Mihael starts supporting them.

Oct 10-15th 1998: Mihael Keehl sits several GCSE examinations and achieves grade A awards.

Nov 1st 1998: The rankings show that Mihael Keehl has over-taken Orsino Manetti in the rankings.