Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 6th 2000: Carl Tegeder's foster mother reveals to her forum that he scored an IQ of 188 in the test e-mailed to her by the Watari representative.

Jan 7th 2000: Orsino Manetti takes an exam that is just 'a few points' short of the benchmark. He is removed from Wammy's House, to an orphanage in Buckinghamshire, leaving just Mihael Keehl and Mail Jeevas there. Phase Four of Wammy's House begins.

Jan 11th 2000: Zhanna Sedykh enters Wammy's House.

Mar 19th 2000: Carl Tegeder enters Wammy's House.

Apr 21st 2000: Hashimoto Genki and his friend, Nueng Mairoo, attend a residential camp for genius children.

Apr 23rd 2000: Hashimoto Tai and Isoko are killed in a car accident near Mount Koma, Japan.

Apr 24th 2000: Hashimoto Genki is taken to a Wammy's Group orphanage.

Apr 29th 2000: Hashimoto Genki enters Wammy's House.

Jun 6th 2000: Nate River is assessed by a representative of the Watari Network, but his legal status means that he is unable to be transported to England.

Jun 7th 2000: Nate River is taken to a Wammy's Group orphanage in Topeka, Kansas.

Jun 29th 2000: Mail Jeevas receives a free pair of orange goggles with a game. Mihael Keehl sarcastically tells him that he looks stylish, but Mail takes it at face value. The outfit that he was wearing that day (jeans, striped top and orange goggles) become practically uniform for Mail for the rest of his life.

July 30th 2000: Tan Li Leen, the maternal grandmother of Lim Pek Wan, dies of heart disease. Pek Wan is taken to a Wammy's Group orphanage.

Aug 2nd 2000: Kayleigh River signs papers relinquishing rights over her son, Nate.

Aug 4th 2000: Nate River enters Wammy's House.

Dec 29th 2000: Piret Peiker dies of cancer. Her son, Andrus, is taken to an orphanage run by the Wammy's Group.