Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Throughout 2001: Mihael Keehl takes several A-level courses and passes them all at grade A.

Jan 5th 2001: Andrus Peiker enters Wammy's House.

Jan 27th 2001: Fire engulfs the Mehdizadeh family home, killing everyone inside. Naila Mehdizadeh was at boarding school and thus survived.

Feb 5th 2001: Quillsh Wammy is contacted by an Azerbaijan diplomat and informed about Naila Mehdizadeh's genius and orphan status.

Feb 28th 2001: Gabrielle Haif suffers a nervous collapse and is sectioned.

Mar 10th 2001: Naila Mehdizadeh enters Wammy's House.

May 16th 2001: Ioannis Kouropoulos's lorry overturns in strong weather and he is killed. His daughter, Claire, is taken to a local orphanage.

Jun 1st 2001: James Campbell moves his family back to Al Khor, Qatar, where he has contract work in the financial district.

Jun 20th 2001: Liam Tighe's headteacher enters him into a MENSA examination. He passes it with an IQ of 180 and gains MENSA membership.

Aug 9th 2001: Sharon Haif enters Wammy's House.

Nov 10th 2001: Saadiya Ndongi and her eldest son are shot dead by MIBA guards. Salvo visits a teacher, who takes him to St Benedict's Home for Christian Boys, in Mbuji May.

Dec 25th 2001: Quillsh Wammy gives Mail Jeevas an XBox for Christmas, but takes the opportunity to have a discussion with Mail about working harder in class. Mail worries that he's going to be sent away from the orphanage.