Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 3rd 2002: Beyond Birthday sneaks cigarettes into Wammy's House and Mail Jeevas smokes one.

Jan 10th 2002: Claire Kouropoulos wins a competition, sponsored by the Wammy's Group, for gifted and talented orphans.

Jan 25th 2002: Claire Kouropoulos enters Wammy's House.

Feb 1st 2002: Claire Kouropoulos is placed in detention for racism against Mairoo.

Feb 22nd 2002: Lilac DeGaneau enters Wammy's House.

May 1st 2002: Beyond Birthday goes missing from Wammy's House. L starts tracking and solving cases globally trying to locate him.

May 23rd 2002: Quillsh Wammy issues a directive stating that all children at Wammy's House have to take pseudonyms for their own protection. Zhanna Sedykh tells people in the common room that it makes sense to have an 'ordinary' name, if they are going to be stuck using it. Sharon Haif takes the new name, Linda.

May 24th 2002: Nate River takes the new name, Near. Carl Tegeder takes the new name, Luigi.

May 25th 2002: Zhanna Sedykh takes the new name, Nathalie. Andrus Peiker takes the new name, Jonny

May 26th 2002: Hashimoto Genki takes the new name, Mairoo.

May 27th 2002: Naila Mehdizadeh takes the new name, Hollow. Mihael Keehl takes the new name, Mello. Claire Kouropoulos takes the new name, Lamond. Lilac DeGaneau takes the new name, Chrissie. Mail Jeevas refuses to take a new name. Roger Ruvie assigns him the name, It Matters. It Matters refuses to answer to the new name. Roger Ruvie directs everyone in Wammy's House to not call each other by their real names from now on.

Jun 1st 2002: Kamwala wa Ndongala wins a competition, sponsored by the Wammy's Group, for gifted and talented orphans.

Jun 19th 2002: Kamwala wa Ndongala enters Wammy's House and takes the name Salvo. After a few weeks of stalemate, Mello negotiates a compromise whereby It Matters may be addressed by, and answer to, the name, Matt. Mail Jeevas remains deeply unhappy about it, but does answer to the new name.

July 31st 2002: Beyond Birthday murders Believe Bridesmaid.

Aug 1st 2002: Peter Tighe loses control of his car, in wet conditions, killing himself and his wife, Susannah. His son, Liam, is taken to a Wammy's Group orphanage.

Aug 3rd 2002: Liam Tighe arrives at Wammy's House and takes the name Fenian.

Aug 4th 2002: Beyond Birthday murders Quarter Queen.

Aug 13th 2002: Beyond Birthday murders Backyard Bottomslash.

Aug 22nd 2002: Beyond Birthday attempts suicide and is arrested in Los Angeles for serial murder.

Aug 23rd 2002: Quillsh Wammy and L analyse the case for clues that would prevent another Beyond Birthday arising from Wammy's House. They analyse, in depth, the profiles of every child there.

Aug 30th 2002: Matt hacks the Wammy's House computer for the first time, then spends weeks fascinated with doing it.

Sept 18th 2002: Lim Pek Wan enters Wammy's House and takes the name Deontic.

Nov 5th 2002: Gethin and Carys Jones, four of their children and Carys's mother, Gwen Roberts, are shot dead by intruders in their home in Aberdaron, Llyn Peninsula, Wales. Their son, Iestyn Jones, is taken to an orphanage belonging to the Wammy Group.

Nov 11th 2002: Iestyn Jones is transferred to Wammy's House and given the new name, Century.

Dec 20th 2002: L writes a response, to a question about the succession from Roger, that Mello and Near are currently joint favourites, but adds, '... should Matt finally apply himself it is expected that his results will over-ride all considerations. There is an 87% likelihood that he will score significantly higher than both Near and Mello.' Privately, L and Quillsh Wammy express concerns that Matt could, instead, become another Beyond Birthday.

Dec 22nd 2002: L works out that Matt's academic scoring is always precisely 6.6598769 behind Mello's. He suspects that Matt is purposefully jeopardising his own results.

Dec 24th 2002: The Wammy's House children sit exams. Mello persuades Ann to take himself, Matt, Fenian, Jonny and Hollow to Midnight Mass at the Roman Catholic church. Matt sneaks out of Wammy's House to meet Mello and the older Wammy's House children in the city centre.

Dec 25th 2002: Mello catches Century sneaking downstairs to see if Sion Corn has come. (Unstated: Fenian did it. Salvo physically bought the presents, but it was with Fenian's money. Fenian wrapped them, wrote the notes and stashed them under the tree. Mello, remembering his own childhood disappointments, deduces that if one of the staff sees the presents first, they will hide them. He therefore advices and helps Century take them to the latter's room.) Later Mello and Salvo fight, because Mello thinks that Salvo called him a 'cheap, lousy faggot'. Matt deduces that Fenian is from Galway Bay and makes the latter cry. Nathalie, Lamond, Chrissie and Linda organise a football match to restore peace. Mello and Matt individually talk to L. Matt determines swiftly that they think he is following in Beyond Birthday's footsteps. Mello learns details of three cases, including the truth about Beyond Birthday. L privately thinks that Mello needs to know in order to stop Matt, if their fears about him are correct. Mello hugs Matt properly for the first time. Mello plays 'Ave Maria' on the electric violin at Wammy's House, accompanied by Matt on piano.

Dec 27th 2002: L starts creating a firewall, which ultimately becomes the Mario Clause, in order to test Matt. However, Matt is now bored of hacking Wammy's House and so doesn't trigger it.