Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 21st 2004: Beyond Birthday is killed, in prison, by Kira.

May 11th 2004: Mello starts bullying Lamond.

May 29th 2004: Mello gained an A-level, grade A, in Literature after studying Emily Bronte, Samuel Beckett and Sean O'Casey, amongst others. During the course, Mello cried over O'Casey's 'Juno and the Paycock' and realised that he fancied Matt, whilst reading a line in 'Wuthering Heights': 'he moves me differently'. Mello immediately starts a BA (Hons) degree course, already writing his dissertation on Samuel Beckett.

Aug 24th 2004: Jonny accidentally floods the Wammy's House laundry, whilst cleaning sheets that he didn't want Ann to see.

Nov 5th 2004: L and Mr Wammy are killed by Rem.

Nov 15th 2004: Mr Wammy's death is publicised in the newspapers.

Dec 5th 2004: Roger tells Mello and Near that L is dead; Mello leaves Wammy's House. Matt packs a bag and goes out after Mello, but can't find him. Mello doesn't answer his 'phone nor answer his text messages. Matt starts smoking more than the 'odd one' cigarette and starts to become addicted to them. Ann goes looking for Mello but doesn't find him.

Dec 6th 2004: Near was taken to one of L's headquarters to take over his role in the Watari Network; Matt and Deontic see Roger about their role and are told that the rankings are frozen and that they should learn Japanese. Mello, still in Winchester, spots Ann and hides. Mello then leaves for London.

Dec 24th 2004: Matt starts cutting himself.