Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Feb 9th 2005: Matt steals a prescription pad from Roger's desk and uses it to acquire anti-depressants. He becomes addicted to them.

Mar 23rd 2005: Matt takes an overdose of prescription anti-depressants. Linda saves his life.

Mar 25th 2005: Matt starts creating 20+ websites all about Kira and/or L, in an attempt to lure Mello into revealing his location.

June 20th 2005: Maisie Rose Campbell (later Kato) is born to James and Kate Campbell, in Al Khor, Qatar.

Aug 29th 2005: Hurricane Katrina hits New Orleans. Mark Barrington III uses the confusion of this time to leave the state. His daughter, Jeannette Pointe, never sees him again.

Sept 21st 2005: Century disproves theories, on the origins of the British, made by the historian, Stephen Oppenheimer. Roger tells him to stop doing that and concentrate on his deduction homework instead. Century runs away from Wammy's House for the first time.