Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


May 19th 2007: Mello joins the Mafia.

Jun 14th 2007: Matt lies to Roger, stating that he's going to a computer conference in Hereford for a week. He actually locks himself in his room and ungoes cold turkey. He learns that no-one checks their rooms, even when they are away for a week.

Oct 16th 2007: A famous actress, Maria Andretti, teaches Mello how to 'project a glamour'.

Nov 14th 2007: Billie Pointe is shot dead at work. Her daughter, Jeannette, is taken to a local orphanage.

Dec 23rd 2007: In a clash between Rod Ross's family and the Japanese Triads, a young Yazuka man is captured by the Mafia. Mello collects information about him from the man's mobile 'phone. The proximity of Christmas and the fact that the man has a wife and child causes Mello to show compassion and let him go. He keeps the contact details though.