Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Feb 1st 2008: Matt leaves Wammy's House and rents a room in Camden

May 5th 2008: Matt moves to Southampton and rents a flat there. Meets Aimee et al, when he overhears them in the lift discussing what drugs they are buying. He follows them to the dealer and joins in.

Aug-Sept 2008: Rhodes and Bulmer travel to various countries staking out the homes of possible EHC members.

Sept 4th 2008: It is discovered that Hurricane Gustav has destroyed the orphanage in which Jeannette Pointe had been living. She is amongst orphans relocated into a home run by Wammy's Group.

Sept 9th 2008: Jeannette Pointe enters Wammy's House and takes the name Jamboree.

Sept 19th 2008: James and Kate Campbell are abducted by Sudanese militia, whilst on holiday near Aswan, Egypt.

Sept 27th 2008: Rhodes and Bulmer start staking out Matt's flat in Southampton

Oct 1st 2008: Matt is abducted by Rhodes and Bulmer and flies as their captive to Los Angeles, USA.

Oct 2nd 2008: Matt arrives in Los Angeles and is reunited with Mello. Mello kills Rhodes and Bulmer and arranges the murder of Matt's guard, framing a rival Mafia family, the Batinellis, for the murders. Rod Ross gives Mello the go ahead to finalise his plans to kidnap Director Takimura. Mello asks Matt to hack the American Military and to secure a missile. Matt distributes all of his hacking jobs amongst the EHC members and tells CrashnBurn to stop looking for Mello.

Oct 15th 2008: The Mafia, on the direction of Mello, kidnap Director Takimura.

Oct 16th 2008: The Mafia, on the direction of Mello, kidnap Sayu Yagami. Mello visits Matt in his Los Angeles flat, flirts violently with him and kisses him. Mello then visits the Batinelli family and negotiates new territory for Rod Ross's family, in return for the latter not declaring war on the Batinellis. A random American gives Matt a free bottle of whisky.

Oct 18th 2008: Sayu Yagami is exchanged for the Death Note. It is used, the same day, to kill the majority of the SPK members.

Oct 20th 2008: Officers Aizawa and Matsuda visited Wammy's House. Roger gave them information about Near and Mello, while Linda sketched them.

Oct 21st 2008: Mello calls the President of the USA and threatens him, stating that he can cause the president to press the nuclear button.

Oct 22nd 2008: The President of the USA orders Commander Joe to attack Mello's hideout

Oct 26th 2008: The shinigami Sidoh foils the attack of Commander Joe. The President of the USA commits suicide. Rod Ross's gang, including Mello, move to another hideout, but Syndar sends fanmail to Misa Amane, revealing the new address.

Nov 3rd 2008: Mello visits Matt again and promises to have Kira defeated 'by Christmas'. Matt negotiates it happening by Mello's birthday or else he will leave again on December 14th. Mello believes that he can catch Kira by then and agrees to leave the Mafia and return with Matt on that date.

Nov 8th 2008: Mello visits Matt, flirts with him and sends a copy of the 'Furious Angels' album to his own server, when he realises that it's significant to Matt. Mello confirms that he will be leaving the Mafia very soon.

Nov 10th 2008: Misa Amane, acting as Kira, kills hundreds of American Mafioso. Matt is alerted by Bubbles and, in turn, alerts Mello via text message. The Japanese task force storm Rod Ross's hideout.

Nov 11th 2008: Mello blows up the hideout with himself and the Japanese task force in it. Matt rescues Mello and treats him for burns at a Mafia flat in Los Angeles. Matt works out that he has a change of saving Mello's life by using the 1978 diptheria and chlorea rehydrating solution. The couple fly to England in Procter's private plane with Mello barely conscious.

Nov 12th 2008: Mello kills Procter. Matt steals a car and drives himself and Mello back to the Southampton flat. Matt's friends, Aimee, Stevo, Gallagher, Kaz and Davey, are asked to leave the flat. Stevo disposes of the stolen car for them.

Nov 13th 2008: Matt clears out his spare bedroom and buys Mello a bed. Mello takes to his bed and stays there.

Nov 14th 2008: Blisters form on Mello's body.

Nov 15th 2008: Mello orders new clothes from online American stores.

Dec 4th 2008: Other hostages, released by the Sudanese militia confirm that James and Kate Campbell have been shot dead. Their children, Simon and Maisie, are taken to a Wammy's Group orphanage in Egypt.

Dec 10th 2008: In Mello's bedroom, Matt tells him that he still fancies him. Later, Mello kisses him in the front room.

Dec 11th 2008: Mello leaves the flat to introduce himself to a British Mafia family headed by Rio. Mello passes on information about American Mafia operations, then viciously mutilates a man who had been double-crossing Rio's gang. Mello and Matt have sex for the first time. Matt asks Mello not to rejoin the Mafia and suggests that they would do better travelling to Japan, working on the case together there.

Dec 12th 2008: Mello returns to the Mafia and stays overnight.

Dec 13th 2008: Mello arrives back at the flat to discover that Matt has remembered Mello's 19th birthday. Mello tricks Matt into handcuffing himself, with his hands behind his back, then Mello has sex with him up the wall. Mello tells Matt that, though he's uncomfortable calling him his boyfriend, Matt should consider himself Mello's 'own private preserve.' Mello discovers that Matt cuts himself in times of stress.

Dec 14th 2008: Matt buys a Christmas Tree and some decorations. The couple get carried away debating post-modernism, whilst putting the decorations up, and end up petting on the settee. Later that evening, Mello orders Matt, at gunpoint, to strip and submit to sex. Mello later apologies and asks if he can sleep in Matt's bed that night.

Dec 19th 2008: Matt gives up smoking by straight cold turkey.

Dec 22nd 2008: Mello leads an operation on behalf of Rio's family, which is successfully lucrative. He is given a Honda motorcycle in thanks for his work thus far. Mello returns home to find that Matt's become delusional under nicotine withdraw. He believes that there are worms under his skin, ninjas attacking the flat and that MI5 have bugged them. Matt's alerted the EHC and has proceded to try and cut the worms from his body. Mello administers first aid and gives him cigarettes.

Dec 24th 2008: Aimee arrives at the flat, trying to persuade Matt to allow her to have Mello thrown out. She believes that Mello is intimidating Matt. She cites a bruise and cut on Matt's face as evidence that Mello hits him. Matt chooses Mello over Aimee and her friends.

Dec 25th 2008: Mello and Matt celebrate Christmas by opening their presents and having a meal in the local pub. Mello is anxious to have a 'normal' Christmas and searches a website to find out what one is. The couple have violent sex in the kitchen, then have a 'normal' Christmas tea, whilst playing cards and watching the television.

Dec 28th 2008: Mello returns to the Mafia to oversee operations 'in Derby'.