Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Feb 21st 2009: Simon and Maisie Campbell become the first siblings to enter Wammy's House. They take the names, respectively, of Neuron and Kato.

Mar 3rd 2009: Aimee returns to tell Matt that she's pregnant and intimidated by Brucey, a man who's moved into her flat and is using it as a base from which to sell stolen goods. Matt goes with her and threatens Brucey with a gun until he moves out again. Matt reaffirms that he's never going to see Aimee again.

Mar 15th 2009: Sauli Mäkelä is killed in a boating accident.

Apr 1st 2009: Matt allows Mello to keep the gauze and bandages off his wounds, as the skin buds have met in the middle leaving just scarring.

Apr 24th 2009: Raakel Mäkelä enters Wammy's House and takes the name Lauren.

July 21st 2009: Matt writes 'something on the internet' which gathers 1000 hits really quickly. He's loudly ecstatic, much to Mello's chagrin, as the latter has a headache.

Aug 15th 2009: Mello makes a flying visit back from a Mafia operation, so that Matt can stitch a gash in Mello's forearm. They have sex and Mello leaves again.

Sept 2nd 2009: Mello meets Matt in the local laundrette and ends up in an argument with a young mother in there.

Sept 16th 2009: Mello threatens a Mafia capo, Ox, with a gun because Ox states that Mello is a 'flaming queen'. Rio tells Mello that, if the operation that Mello has masterminded, to bring drugs into America through the Washington coast, is successful, then Rio will be prepared to discuss providing resources for the Kira hunt.

Oct 14th 2009: Mello returns home from Mafia operations and Matt, listening to 'Song 2' on the iPod, nearly collides into him with his dancing. Mello is almost immediately called back out by the Don and, unusually, doesn't give Matt a time and date when he'll be back.

Oct 17th 2009: Matt tracks Mello down in a Mafia owned club and witnesses a gang shoot out. Mello arrives home before Matt and, in the scuffle/sex that follows, accidentally concusses Matt. Later, Mello finally tells Matt that he loves him. Matt hides the fact that he's crying.

Oct 18th 2009: Matt is lured to the home of Johan, a Scandinavian gangland boss, for whom he has done a hacking job. Johan wants Matt dead to remove external knowledge of this operation. Matt manages to take Johan hostage, but it's a stalemate situation. Mello rescues him by arriving with guns blazing. Matt kills Johan. Later, shocked by his first murder, Matt starting screaming in the shower. It's the first time that Mello has ever seen Matt properly cry. Neither know that concussion has unbalanced Matt's emotions, so both assume that he's having a breakdown.

Oct 19th 2009: Mello leaves for Mafia activities again.

Oct 24th 2009: Mello and Matt go to Wammy's House, where Madeleine, in the Infirmary, confirms that Matt is concussed. It is the first time that Mello has been back since 2004 and the first time Matt has been back since leaving on his 18th birthday a year precisely. They learn that Near has Aspergers' Syndrome. Matt triggers the gateway to the Mario Clause and, once back at the flat, becomes hysterical over it. Matt nearly chokes to death on a cigarette butt, but Mello slaps his back in time to remove the obstruction.

Oct 25th 2009: Mello wakes up in the early hours to find that Matt is out of bed. He goes out and finds Matt playing games, looking upset. They've both had less than an hours sleep, as they'd been up talking. Mello bemoans the fact that Matt doesn't calm down with talking or tender treatment. Mello then handcuffs Matt to the bed and tortures him during sex. Matt calms down and Mello takes notes.

Oct 26th 2009: Matt activates L's firewall again and this time triggers the Mario Clause. He completes the test, thinking it's an elaborate firewall.

Oct 27th 2009: Matt hacks deeper into the Watari Network mainframe.

Oct 28th 2009: Matt hacks the SPK.

Oct 30th 2009: Matt discovers that the Mario Clause has reset all of the rankings, placing him above Near and Mello. Mello returns from a stint with the Mafia before Matt has time to investigate further.

Oct 31st 2009: Matt sneaks away from the flat, whilst Mello is sleeping. Hacking back into the system from a laptop, in a cafe, Matt realises that he can't reset the ranking from here. He returns to Wammy's House and threatens Roger with suicide unless Roger a) doesn't tell anyone about the Mario Clause and its consequences and b) lets Matt stay at Wammy's House, with full access to the system to work on undoing the damage. Roger agrees. Matt accuses Roger of not seeing the children in his care as human beings. Roger shows Matt a drawer, which contains sentimental memorabilia from Matt's childhood. Matt tells Roger that he and Mello are lovers.

Nov 3rd 2009: Mello arrives back at Wammy's House for the first time since he left in 2004. He doesn't come inside, but Roger witnesses them kissing through the gates. Matt asks Roger to give leeway to children who don't want to become detectives.

Nov 10th 2009: Mello leaves the Mafia, convinced that Rio will never give him the resources to catch Kira. He is reunited with Matt. The couple collect things from their flat and immediately flee to a hotel near Gatwick Airport. Mello is planning to fly to Japan to hunt Kira, but Matt tells him that there are photographs of them. Matt has his own, which Mello burns. Mello learns that Near took his photograph and that Near is in New York. They have violent sex in the hotel room at Matt's instigation.

Nov 11th 2009: Matt loses his temper with a shop assistant in Gatwick Airport, as she hasn't any nicotine replacement items. Mello and Matt set off on their flight to America.

Nov 12th 2009: Mello and Matt arrive in Manhattan, New York, USA. Matt goes shopping, while Mello carries out a Mafia hit in Brooklyn, killing three people. Mello takes weapons from the home.

Nov 13th 2009: Mello enters St Patrick's Cathedral and makes a deal with God. The Vice-President of the USA announces that the USA will not actively oppose Kira. Mello leaves Matt and contacts Hal. He lives at her apartment for a week. Matt starts deleting his on-line presense, until he realises that they are all under pseudonyms anyway. He also hacks into various police and governmental sites and searches the internet for a feel of the mood concerning Kira.

Nov 15th 2009: Matt contacts Linda. She states that the strength of Wammy's House was its genius minds, but its weakness was its divide and conquer mentality. Matt secretly decides to subtly persuade Mello to work with Near. Over the next few days, Matt starts by humanising Near in little comments.

Nov 17th 2009: Near unofficially disbands the SPK.

Nov 18th 2009: The SPK is officially disbanded.

Nov 19th 2009: Mello goes to the SPK with Hal. After sex in the hotel, Mello and Matt move into premises overlooking Nick Street and the SPK headquarters. Mello calls Mogi and invites him to America. Matt sets up surveillance equipment. Mogi arrives, tailed by Aizawa and Ide. Mello mishears Matt saying 'my Halo' and punches him, thinking he's said 'Mihael' in a line that could be potentially overheard by Kira. Matt uses Mello's guilt over the mistake to subtly insert ideas about Kira being the reason that Wammy's House alumni won't work together. Mello and Near have a civil conversation regarding Mogi, which ends with Mello telling Near (albeit sharply) that he should go to bed.

Nov 20th 2009: Mello admits to Matt that he's scared. With reference to Runescape, Matt indirectly replies that he's accepted the fact that they are going to die. The euphemism 'lost my Godsword' is used instead of 'died.'

Nov 21st 2009: In the early hours, Mello and Matt have sex under the excuse of both being freezing cold and needing to warm up. Later, Demegawa and a mob of Kira supporters attack the SPK building. Mello and Matt watch people being trampled to death outside. Mello takes a sniper rifle and covers Near's back, as the latter escapes. In the aftermath, Mello watches bodies being collected up. (Unstated: Mello silently spoke the 'De Profundis' whilst watching the scenes.) Matt fixes the radiator. Mello leaves the apartment, confirms that Aizawa and Ide are in the hotel over the road, goes shopping and finds more corpses.

Nov 24th 2009: Aizawa briefly appears on the steps of the neighbouring hotel, but is whisked away in a car before Mello reached the ground floor to follow. (Unstated: Aizawa was going to meet Near.)

Nov 25th 2009: Mello and Matt go for a walk through Manhattan. Mello holds Matt's hand and kisses him in public for the first time. They tell each other their nationalities: Yugoslav (Croatian) and Spanish respectively. Mello and Matt have a conversation, reaffirming what they are going to do and what they want from life. It ends up being extremely precipient on what actually happens. Matt tries to dismiss the sombreness by saying 'then we'll just have to work out how to run the world when we're at Ground Zero'; unwittingly, they are actually standing on the site where the Twin Towers came down, hence they are doing just that.

Nov 29th 2009: Acting on a tip-off from Near, via Hal, Mello and Matt follow Aizawa and Ide on a flight to Los Angeles. Matt follows Misa. Mello follows the Japanese police officers.

Nov 30th 2009: Mello starts watching Misa, finding a derelict house which overlooks her rooms. Matt breaks into an old arcade and watches the Japanese police temporary headquarters from there.

Dec 1st 2009: Matt wakes up from a nightmare about his infant incarceration in the oil tanker. The white tiles in the arcade reminds him of the hospital where Quillsh Wammy collected him. He has a panic attack, but wards it off with playing a game.

Dec 3rd 2009: Matt starts burning himself with cigarettes.

Dec 4th 2009: Mello strongly considers re-engaging with the Mafia, just to have the resources to capture and question all of the people they are watching. It becomes apparent to Mello that Matt is extremely depressed.

Dec 5th 2009: Matt misses the Japanese leaving the headquarters over the road. Mello spots them all at the airport and immediately follows them back to Japan. Mello contacts the Japanese Triads (Yazuka), via the soldier he'd released in 2007, and uses his Mafia credentials to negotiate resources. He is given a warehouse with offices, including a kitchen and bathroom, upstairs, which he promptly furnishes with a bed, a television and a three piece suite. He also negotiates computer equipment, weapons and a car.

Dec 6th 2009: Matt arrives in Japan, drugged up on sleeping pills and anti-depressants. Mello entertains him with pretty lights, scares him with mannequins found in the warehouse, then possessively has sex with him.

Dec 7th 2009: Mello accuses Matt of self-harm while they were apart in America. Matt becomes less subtle about humanising Near in Mello's mind. They practice shooting, using the mannequins as targets. Matt is forced to call on the Watari Network and ask Roger to pay his rent for him. Mello and Matt go shopping. Matt accidentally proposes to Mello, then buys him a ring. Mello has a panic attack. In the midst of it, he includes Near in the 'it's not fair' assessment on all of their lives. Mello secretly decides that he's never going to hurt Matt again. Takada becomes the Kira spokesperson.

Dec 12th 2009: Mello ties Matt to the railing and beats him with a belt, before having sex. Matt likes it.

Dec 13th 2009: Mello celebrates his 20th birthday in the warehouse. Matt has sneaked in a chocolate gateaux. He also gives him expensive chocolate and the book 'Chocolat' by Joanne Harris, as well as the engagement ring (which Mello has been wearing for several days already). Mello tells Matt that he's worried about the violence in their relationship. Matt tells Mello that they're unlikely to get out of the Kira situation alive, so why worry about anything like that.

Dec 20th 2009: Mello and Matt go looking for locations that they can use in their plans. Mello punches a metal barrel, causing a noise that sparks an eidetic projection memory and panic attack in Matt. Mello is frustrated because Matt won't tell him what happened to him as a child. The couple find the derelict church. They plan to kidnap Yagami Raito.

Dec 22nd 2009: Sato, a Yazuka Oyabun, sends his deputy, Yamada, and other kobun, to check on the progress of the hunt for Kira and to deliver a hamper full of Christmas food and other seasonal items. Mello requests a motorcycle and other items too.

Dec 24th 2009: Matt buys a Christmas tree and a statue of Mother Mary. He witnesses a man being kicked to death in the city centre. His crime was an anti-Kira speech. Matt, purposely ambiguous, says that he should have helped Near/the murdered man, but Mello's reaction has Matt clarifying it to be the latter. Matt confesses to feeling the pressure and openly cries. Later Matt decodes the significance of Near's Christmas tree decorations, as described by Hal to Mello, as meaning that Near is a) scared; b) clinging to memories of home; and c) sees Mello as the most significant player of the lot of them.

Dec 25th 2009: In the early hours, Matt sets up circumstances so that Mello can make his Confession. The couple flirt over stuffing a turkey, which ends with sex on the kitchen floor.

Dec 31st 2009: Near abducts Misa Amane. Matt practices shooting. Mello talks Matt through his deductions and strategies thus far. The couple try to work out what Near is up to, while also planning their next move. Matt suggests abducting Takada, but Mello's favoured strategy is to abduct Yagami Raito. They decide that it's currently too risky to make a move on Yagami, as they don't have the evidence that he is Kira. It would cause 'dead celebrity syndrome', which would popularly deify him. Mello considers abducting Yagami Sayu again instead. They work out that Kira's best move would be to remove Hal; while Near or their own best move would be to remove Takada. The absense of either would disrupt the flow of information between various camps.