Timeline of Events
by MRS Jeevas


Jan 7th 2010: Matt drives around the city learning the streets and ends up beta-reading a Japanese schoolgirl's English homework. Later, Mello acts tenderly and romantically around Matt, but mentions that he might send Matt back to England for his own safety. Matt has a barely suppressed panic attack over the implied abandonment, which Mello misinterprets. Mello thinks that Matt is only ok if he's being abused, so, fearing for Matt's sanity, Mello switches personality and attacks him.

Jan 24th 2010: Mello drives to see the church again, still planning on kidnapping Yagami Raito on the basis that Mafia interrogation tactics might lead to a confession that he is Kira. Mello bemoans to himself the loss of Matt as a friend, rather than a beaten underling and sexual play. He speaks to Hal and discovers that Takada has been speaking with Yagami Raito again. He also learns that Near isn't eating and is worrying the SPK members. Secretly working with CrashnBurn, Matt uses a variety of programmes to hack into Yagami Raito's computer mainframe. He is confident that he will be able to trace Yagami's location with a few days. Mello notices that Matt has been cutting and realises that he has misread the situation.

Jan 25th 2010: Mello tells Matt that he loves him. Mello makes an oath that he will never try to second-guess Matt again. Matt makes an oath that he will never suffer in silence on important matters again. Later, Hal tells Mello about Near's planned meeting with Yagami Raito. Mello deduces that Near is better placed to effectively end the activities of Kira. Mello switches plans to abducting Takada and negotiates resources from Sato. He openly states that it is to cover Near's move. The couple understand that they probably won't make it out alive.


Jan 26th 2010: Matt is shot dead by Kira supporters. Mello is killed by Takada's Death Note. Takada is killed by Yagami Raito's Death Note. L arrives to collect Matt. They go together to collect Mello. Matt breaks the news to Mello that he's dead by telling him, 'Mihael, you dropped your Godsword.'

Jan 28th 2010: The ghosts of L, Quillsh Wammy, Matt and Mello witness events at the Yellow Box warehouse, where Near defeats Yagami Raito. Mello possesses the body of Matsuda to cause him to shoot Yagami, in order to save Near. The shinigami, Ryuk, kills Yagami. L tells them all that Matt was, academically, the top ranked Wammy's child of their generation, but says it so ambiguously that only Matt (with knowledge of the Mario Clause) realises what he's just said. Blissfully unaware, Mello intervenes and takes Matt out of the warehouse.

Jan 29th 2010: A psychic, Veronika Bajic, is called to the home of Emerik and Zlata Kobak, in the Krapina-Zagorje region of Croatia. She speaks with the distraught ghost of Mello, who came looking for his parents. This was his childhood home, but his parents aren't there. The ghost of Matt intervenes and takes Mello away.

Feb 5th 2010: Veronika Bajic cleans up and places flowers on the grave of Silvija and Mihael Keehl.

Nov 16th 2010: Roger tells Jamboree that she can be a surgeon instead of a detective, if that's what she wants.


Jan 26th 2010: Mello abducts Takada after Matt shoots a CS gun into her bodyguards. Matt escapes by driving through the centre of a shopping centre and down the steps of a plaza. He eventually crashes the car and escapes on foot. He takes a bullet in his side, but makes it to a rooftop. He then uses a laptop to contact the EHC. The combined forces of the hackers cause chaos in the city. Meanwhile, Mello watches Takada writing on the Death Note, but uses his 40 seconds to give himself the last rites. After that time, he isn't dead, but fakes it so to hear her conversation and see what she does next. He escapes after she sets fire to the lorry and Hal takes him back to the city. He is reunited with Matt and, under cover by EHC activity, they make it back to the warehouse. Mello tells Matt that he will help him piece together his infant past. Later, Matt falls asleep in Mello's arms for the first time.

Jan 27th 2010: Yamada and his kobun arrive to be debriefed on the previous days events. They bring with them a doctor, who treats Matt's gunshot wound. Matt leads Mello into agreeing to leave the rest to Near. Mello lies on the bed, silently defeated for five hours, until Matt teases him out of his depression.

Jan 28th 2010: Mello and Matt gatecrash the confrontation at the Yellow Box. As Matt is as the back, with an overview, it's he who fires the first shot into Yagami Raito to save Near. Matsuda fires the second. Ryuk writes Yagami's name into his Death Note and kills him. The Wammy's House alumni present a united front before Kira, but as soon as he's dead, their animosity shows again. Nontheless, Mello gives Near the L Code, uncontested. Matt tries to get Near to look after himself more and tells him that maybe Mello and himself would come to his rescue, if the situation was important enough. Matt inadvertantly tells Hal that Near has Aspergers' Syndrome.

Jan 29th 2010: Near refuses to get out of bed. Rester checks on him and reports that he's distressed. Mello and Matt fly to England and return to the flat in Southampton.

Jan 30th 2010: Near can't stop crying. Mello and Matt sleep for most of the day.

Jan 31st 2010: Near is still upset. Rester calls the Watari Network and reaches Roger. Roger advises that Near be brought to Wammy's House. Mello and Matt spend most of the day asleep again.

Feb 1st 2010: Delivery men, bringing their belongings from Japan, wake Mello and he belated realises that it's Matt's birthday. The couple go for a drive across the coastal road of Southern England. Mello loses control of the car on the Sussex Downs, but neither are hurt. Back at the flat, Matt entices Mello into 'compassionate sadism' sex. Mello tries breath control on Matt, but Matt panics. Mello accuses Matt of not telling him when things aren't right with him. Mello discovers that Matt is short-sighted. Mello starts to panic that there's too much that he doesn't know about Matt. Mello tries to tell Matt about his experiences of the Croatian War of Independence, particularly the massacre of his own town, but Matt is sarcastic back. Mello hits him and cries in the kitchen.

Feb 2nd 2010: Mello and Matt visit Wammy's House, because Mello wants to access Matt's records. Roger accuses Mello of domestic violence against Matt. Mello learns that Matt has physical, chemical and emotional issues stemming from infant neglect. Primary amongst the effects is a severe oxytocin deficiency. Mello also learns some details of the circumstances which brought Matt to Wammy's House, including the fact that Matt can remember them, despite previously stating that he had no recollection. The couple eat at Wammy's House and are beseiged with questions about the Kira case from the children. Mello tries to scare Neuron out of a fascination with the Mafia by threatening his young sister. Mello tries to tell Roger that he and Matt are cracking up. Roger diagnoses that Mello is suffering from emotional and nervous exhaustion and possibly a PTSD. He prescribes anti-depressants. Mello meets and befriends a Wammy's House student, Lauren. Matt drives recklessly on the way home and frightens Mello. Later Matt points out that Mello is making a lot of mistakes.

Feb 3rd 2010: Mello has a nervous breakdown. He keeps Matt drugged, with anti-depressants and sleeping pills, and shackled to their bed. Nathalie visits Wammy's House and learns that Mello threatend a child with a gun. She reports it to their peers on a forum.

Feb 5th 2010: Matt briefly wakes up and has a drink. He lights a cigarette and passes out.

Feb 9th 2010: Matt briefly wakes up as Mello is feeding him soup. He quickly passes out again.

Feb 12th 2010: Matt briefly wakes up in the bathroom, as his legs give way. Mello catches him and Matt passes out again.

Feb 13th 2010: Mello runs out of sleeping pills and so Matt wakes up. Mello tells Matt that it's him who has gone mad and so he's shackled to the bed for his own safety.

Feb 14th 2010: Convinced that the flat is bugged, Mello shoots a statue of the Virgin Mary to see inside. Mello sees L in their front room.

Feb 17th 2010: Rester is called back to England to collect Near. Matt contemplates killing himself and Mello.

Feb 18th 2010: Near and Rester fly to New York City. Near is apparently recovered, but nothing more is spoken of it.

Feb 19th 2010: Matt feels hope that Mello's mind is returning, when Mello calls him a 'whore'.

Feb 22nd 2010: Matt starts to believe Mello's point of view, accepting that it is right for him to be chained up and for his every movement to be controlled by Mello. Matt had previously set up a counter on his server. If he doesn't log into it for 20 days, two alerts are automatically sent. Roger receives a text message telling him and Caerleon that Mail Jeevas is dead. Roger tries to reach Mello, while Caerleon tells Near. Roger asks Lauren to drive him to Mello and Matt's flat. CrashnBurn returns from shopping, an hour after his alert has been received, and discovers it. It contains the information to hack Matt's computer. He uses a Sub7 Trojan to hijack it and switch on a webcam. He glimpses Mello and hears Matt shout, 'PICNIC' (problem in chair not in computer). Unable to clarify the full picture, CrashnBurn hacks all of Matt's servers and changes their passwords, then wipes Matt's hard-drive clean. Mello shoots the webcam to stop CrashnBurn watching them. Meanwhile, Roger and Lauren arrive. Roger uses a live link-up with Near to provoke Mello into opening the door, in the belief that Near is outside gloating. Lauren pacifies Mello. Mello and Matt are taken to Wammy's House. Mello is sedated and sleeps. Matt contacts CrashnBurn and discovers that his friend had taken a back-up of the hard-drive before wiping it. CrashnBurn gifts Matt the server that it is stashed on.

Feb 23rd 2010: Awaking at Wammy's House, Mello's mind snaps back into sanity. He believes that he was only insane for three days. He spends the day with Matt, piecing together the events of the previous 20 days. He is shocked by Matt's subservience to him.

Feb 24th 2010: Roger diagnoses Mello's condition an 'anxiety collapse'. Mello agrees to take anti-depressants, but says that he wants to go home. Mello and Matt clear their Wammy's House room of all possessions left there in the past. Once back at the flat, Mello hands out compensation money to the neighbours, then embarks on tidying the trashed place. Matt orders a lot of new furniture as replacements. Matt has a massive panic attack. Mello rearranges the bedroom, does a striptease, then asks Matt to take the 'seme' role in sex.

Mar 15th 2010: Mello finds the house in the New Forest. Matt agrees to them buying it.

Mar 20th 2010: Mello and Matt start moving into the New Forest house.

Mar 21st 2010: Mello catches Matt on the roof, installing cameras, without a safety rope. Matt is high on drugs.

Mar 31st 2010: Near receives a delivery at his London headquarters.

Apr 1st 2010: Near disappears from the London headquarters. His team discover that the delivery was a change of clothes, but they are unspecified.

Apr 6th 2010: Roger asks Mello to find Near. Mello is introduced to the Watari Network and learns that Matt reserved the M for him. Mello deduces that Near is in Camden. The couple go there. Matt saves a raver's life. Near is tracked down in a hotel room with a prostitute and a Mafia soldier. Mello gets rid of them. Near, Mello and Matt all point guns at each other, until Mello backs down for Matt's sake (and because doing so would confuse Near). Mello puts a collar around Matt's neck.

Apr 30th 2010: Matt nearly takes his fingers off with a stanley knife whilst stoned. Mello feels estranged from Matt. They have a heart to heart to save their relationship. Matt proves in academic debate that he chemically loves Mello. Mello states that he suspects that Matt was manipulating the Kira investigation starting from Japan. Matt promises that that is untrue (it started in New York, is what Matt doesn't add). Mello states that he suspects that Matt could have been higher in the rankings. Matt offers to take his final exams, but guarantees that he will come third (he doesn't add that he will engineer it, either within the test or hacking later, to ensure that). Mello is pacified and their relationship is saved.

May 5th 2010: Mello has skin drafts on his neck and shoulder. He starts doing college courses whilst immobile. He gains 5 qualifications.

Jun 11th 2010: Matt sees his slow drip-drip feeding of Mello's name into the cyberworld communities, as the person who defeated Kira, start to take off in popular opinion. Mello finds out what Matt's been doing.

Jul 13th 2010: Mello gains 75/75 and a distinction in Business Studies: Project Management. Matt persuades Mello to take a case from the Watari Network - rescuing Luka Martinovic, a child genius from a Croatian paedophile brothel.

Jul 19th 2010: Mello, as M, contacts Luka Martinovic and tells him that he's coming to get him.

Jul 31st 2010: Mello and Matt infiltrate the Croatian brothel, free the children and blow it up. They place Luka Martinovic on a private plane to Wammy's House. Mello refuses to go near Krapina-Zagorje. Mello and Matt fly back to Heathrow Airport, after an argument in Zadar Airport.

Aug 1st 2010: (Early hours) Mello and Matt have a fight, wherein one of Matt's ribs is badly bruised. (Afternoon) Mello familarises himself with the MayDay Line to avoid doing revision for his Russian Language A-Level. He solves 21+ before uncovering evidence that Matt deliberately plays down his own intelligence. (Evening) Roger calls Matt, as he has every evening since Mello's breakdown, but upsets him by suggesting that Mello isn't pulling his weight as a detective and that Matt is a victim of domestic violence. Matt asks him not to call again.

Aug 2nd 2010: Matt shows Mello a forum for Wammy's House alumni. Mello reads some home truths about the effects of his childhood bullying of his peers. They travel to Knightsbridge, where many of their peers are gathered for Linda's art exhibition. Mello apologises, but ends up pulling a gun on Jonny. Nathalie, Deontic, Lamond, Luigi, Mello and Matt discuss the history of Wammy's House and their roles in the Watari Network.

Aug 3rd 2010: Matt punches Mello for bruising his penis. Later the couple go to Camden, for Matt to have the first session of his tattoo. In the afternoon, Roger calls Mello and tells him that Jonny has been shot dead. Mello's chocolate and Matt's cigarette butts were at the scene. Mello and Matt return to their home. Deontic reports on the Watari Network that she has found Nathalie shot dead. Salvo's chewing gum is found at the scene.

Aug 11th 2010: Mairoo's decomposed body is found. He'd been shot dead and Deontic's origami is found at the scene.

Aug 13th 2010: Mello takes his Russian Language A-level examination. Hollow contacts Matt. Hollow is killed in Winchester Cathedral. Matt is abducted. The remaining Wammy's House alumni congregate at Near's London Headquarters to determine who is killing them and to secure Matt's release.

Aug 14th 2010: The alumni solve the case and retrieve Matt. Through Matt's hallucinating babbling, Mello learns that Matt's real first name is Milo.

Aug 15th 2010: Mello and Matt arrive home. They have violent sex on the landing. Shocked at how emaciated Matt has become (due to drug taking, stress and his recent abduction), Mello makes Matt promise to put on weight and to stay off the drugs until he's at least 8 and a half stone.

Aug 16th 2010: Mello and Matt have a game of truth, which leads to them having an impromptu wedding in their chapel. Mello has Matt strip him of his Mafioso persona and make love to him, as a final claiming. Mello asks Matt what he wants from life. Matt asks for halloumi cheese, which Mello leaves to get. Roger confesses, in a conference call heard by all alumni, that the Wammy's House experiment has failed. He tries to commit suicide, but Mello is in Winchester buying halloumi cheese and gets to him in time. The Mario Clause is revealed to Mello and Near. Matt takes over Near's London headquarters and captures the L Code, threatening it destroy it and himself. Mello and Near work together to defuse the situation. Matt becomes overwhelmed by nervous and emotional exhaustion. Mello collects him and takes him home.

Aug 17th 2010: Matt cries when he thinks he can't have a DS in the right colour. Mello worries that Matt is having a nervous breakdown. Roger resigns as Watari. Near reminds Matt of his contract and Matt agrees to become Watari.

Aug 21st 2010: Mello asks Matt to try and open up to him. Mello also asks that Matt allow him to cook meals for him, out of concern for Matt's weight. The couple argue about sex, after Mello states that he doesn't think Matt can handle more violence at the moment. Mello challenges Matt to find sex acts that will satisfy them both without hurting Matt further.

Aug 22nd 2010: Matt has an eidetic projection hallucination and believes that Mafia!Mello has returned to kill him over the Mario Clause. Mello reassures him. Later Mello secretly helps with the research into the financial side of Wammy's House. The couple experiment with blow jobs and cock-rings.

Aug 23rd 2010: Most of the alumni meet at Wammy's House to discuss a new resolution for the running of the institution. Matt nominates Hal to become Watari. Roger tells Matt that his father was Cisco Heras, a known member of ETA. The couple return home and argue over Matt's plans to drop everything, move to Basque Country and help the ETA cause. They argue, fight, have sex, nearly crack up and finally reach compromises with each other. Mello agrees to present the rest of Matt's arguments at the next day's meeting.

Aug 24th 2010: Roger secretly leaves Wammy's House. The alumni formally offer Hal the job of Watari and agree to take on the task of creating a resolution. Hal accepts the job. There is a failed attempt to arrest Mello for domestic violence. Once home, Mello persuades Matt to go to bed, in order to physically let his body recover.

Sept 7th 2010: Mello catches Matt in his study dancing to The 5th Dimension's 'Aquarius'.

Oct 15th 2010: Mello weighs Matt and finds that he's still only 7 stone 2 lbs.

Oct 31st 2010: A draft resolution is produced forming a working strategy for Hal to implement at Wammy's House.

Nov 8th 2010: Mello starts solving cases from the MayDay Line in his own name.

Nov 23rd 2010: Hal speaks with Bernard Comben and he gives her a case, concerning American drug supplies, so that she can pass it onto L.

Nov 26th 2010: Hal calls Mello and asks him to assess a case as worthy of passing onto Near. Mello steals the case. He starts subconsciously reverting to his Mafioso persona.

Nov 28th 2010: Mello meets Jason Bradfield, a civil servant in the American embassy, and receives more details about Hal's case. Matt is concerned that it's Mafia related and therefore exists to gather evidence on Mello himself. As it originated with Hal, the couple ponder her loyalty to them.

Nov 29th 2010: Mello throws Matt out of bed, irritated at him for being lazy and asking Mello to make domestic and birthday decisions. Matt gets dangled off the landing by his wrists. Matt goes to Catholic class for the first time. Mello finds a book on Kira that mentions him. Matt argues convincingly enough that Mello has reasonable doubt about Hal's loyalty as a friend.

Nov 30th 2010: Mello beats Matt up during sex.

Dec 1st 2010: Matt arrives at Wammy's House claiming sanctuary under the new rules. He tells Hal that he's a victim of domestic violence and bugs her office with a camera and an audio device. A red car is parked outside Wammy's House.

Dec 3rd 2010: Mello arrives at Wammy's House to pick Matt up. Hal learns that the sanctuary claim was a set-up to test her loyalty. Hal is concerned that the red car outside isn't Matt's. Mello promises to investigate the car. Hal returns with Mello and Matt to their home. Hal overhears a conversation that clarifies for her that Matt really does consent to the violence enacted on him.

Dec 4th 2010: Hal tells Mello that she believes he's never killed anyone. She believes he's a compassionate soul hiding under a tough guy act. Later, Mello has a panic attack. The couple fight. Matt's goggles are broken and he needs stitches. They go to the hospital. Mello gets Matt's goggles fixed at an option. Mello offers Lauren a job working for him.

Dec 5th 2010: Mello tells Winchester police to release the car to Greater Manchester, as it is a simple theft and abandonment case.

Dec 6th 2010: Matt goes to Catholic class for the second time. Matt discovers there are now photographs of throat cancer on his tobacco pouches. Mello cuts the pictures off all of Matt's tobacco pouches and replaces the health warnings with messages of his own.

Dec 7th 2010: Mello dresses up as Eric from 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

Dec 8th 2010: Mello is contacted by Sergeant Buchariss, Winchester Police Station, and is told that the car that had been outside Wammy's House had a listening device in the back of it. However the car is now in Manchester.

Dec 9th 2010: Mello and Matt go to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United thrash West Bromwich Albion. Later, they visit the European Christmas Markets.

Dec 10th 2010: Mello and Matt interview Navinder Singh. En route back home, they are nearly killed on the M6. In Winchester, Mello interviews Rajan Singh, then orders the police to release him. Mello uses Jamboree to lure Rajan and his friends to where Mello can shoot them. Matt intervenes to stop Mello over-reacting.

Dec 12th 2010: Mello needs stitches, at Wammy's House infirmary, after Matt punches him into the sink. Lauren decides not to work for them. Mello and Matt go to Catholic class. Mello argues with the deacon. Mello renounces Catholicism.

Dec 13th 2010: Mello celebrates his 21st birthday being pampered at home, before breaking into a church to baptise Matt. Hal and Roger arrange for Mello's academic achievements to be recognised to the point where he receives an honourary doctorate.

Dec 14th 2010: Mello receives a case from Lucjusz Michalak, the Polish Ambassador to Bulgaria.

Dec 23rd 2010: Mello, Matt and Near speak to the Wammy's House children about the Kira case. They are given medals from Croatia, Spain and America respectively for their part in Kira's defeat.