Timeline of Events
by Orangepunch


Jan 5th 2011: Linda calls Mello and asks him to speak with Lamond.

Jan 5th 2011: Lamond dies of organ failure caused by anorexia nervosa.

Jan 20th 2011: A conference call between Mello and representatives from Poland, Bulgaria, France and Britain sees the firm start of the Mello Code.

August 10, 2011:

Matt tries to shoot a rat he sees in his workshop. Mello gets mad at Matt for firing a gun in an enclosed space, and then shoots the rat himself when he sees it.

Later, Mello and Matt are ordering groceries, when Matt notices Mello has been eating less chocolate. Matt makes fun of Mello’s scribbly handwriting, and Mello shows Matt he can take him over in even the most mundane things, like the groceries. Hal calls Mello and tells him about a case on the May Day line. Mello tells Hal that he refuses to do a case for Watari. Looking over the case reveals that teens have been mysteriously committing suicide in religious places because of a cursed song.

Highly disturbed by the implications inherent in the case, and the fact that a potentially cursed album is in his home, Mello leaves Matt cuffed to the bed later that evening, to put the CD with his Madonna statue. Mello panics briefly when he realizes how he’d left Matt, then, the two make love in lieu of the more violent escapade that had started the night.

August 11, 2011:

Mello, who cannot stop thinking about the mysterious case, begins to explore the power of emotion in music and supernatural phenomena, by playing Méditation, a piece from the opera Thaïs. This piece could have many religious implications for Mello, which Matt immediately picks up on. Matt, who is normally turned on by Mello playing the violin, actually perceives the emotion Mello wants to convey, and is concerned by the performance he witnessed. Mello reveals he will be taking the case.

That night Mello wakes from a terrible nightmare of the massacre that killed his family. He has a moment of upset in his kitchen, before smashing a plate against a wall in anger. Matt finds Mello in the kitchen, and learns that, “smiri se,” means calm down. Mello refuses to tell Matt about his parent’s death, but once they are back in bed Matt cuddles Mello asleep.

August 12, 2011:

Mello flies out to Sweden to interview Jörgen Aström, whose friend and family were members of the band with the cursed song. Mello learns that every member of the band is dead. Jörgen explains that he believes the band members had been murdered, by something not human, and that sound from this creature had been recorded. The creature was described as a woman with some dogs. Mello returns home, where he and Matt discuss the case. Mello learns the actual cause of death was a heart attack from being frightened to death. The couple continues researching for the case until late into the night, and both are exhausted. Mello reveals that there was a closer airport than the one Matt had arranged. Mello tells Matt he is going to be punished for his oversight, and then whips him with his belt, while Matt gives Mello a blowjob. Afterwards, Mello informs Matt that his real punishment is coming with him on the case.

August 13, 2011:

Mello and Matt arrive at and explore the manor where the band members had been killed. After speaking with the caretaker, and realizing that he is not significantly up to speed on Welsh traditions and language, Mello brings in Century. While Mello and Matt are picking up Century from the train station, Deontic arrives at the manor as well, supposedly as support for Century. Mello was ranting about why Deontic had come, and assuming it was that Hal did not trust him with Century.

Amid his tirade, the loud warning-cry of foxes surrounds the house, before suddenly sounding in the house. Mello then discovers that his Virgin Mary statue had been moved. Mello discusses the case with Deontic and Century, asking about the Welsh night hags Bean Sidhe, Mallt-y-Nos, Cyhiraeth, and Gwrach-y-Rhibyn. The Mallt-y-Nos is a strong suspect for the group, when considering paranormal causes for the deaths accounted for in the case.

Matt and Deontic fit sensors alongside cameras that Matt had previously set up, for better surveillance. Mello tells Century to find a priest hole in the house, under the impression that they would find a person in hiding as the cause for the supernatural phenomenon. Running footsteps are heard in the upper level and attic of the house, Mello and Matt block off the attic, while Century and Deontic watch the roof, but evidence points to a person never having been in the attic.

They regroup in the kitchen to discuss theories on the house. Deontic planning/causing any of the activity is ruled out, and while Mello proffers the theory of a person in hiding, he simultaneously discounts it as statistically insignificant. The remaining theory is a ghost haunting the house. Century’s research on the manor tells the story of a ghost of a servant who committed suicide that could be haunting the house. Mello and Century leave to Mr. Roberts, the caretaker’s home, leaving Matt and Deontic at the house. Matt indirectly tells Deontic that he is the one in control in their relationship.

August 14, 2011:

While retrieving a mattress from an upstairs bedroom of the house, Mello comes face to face with the ghost of Maja Gustafsson, the band’s singer. The atmosphere of the home has been negatively affecting their psychology, and alters their behavior. Mello fears he is cracking up, and Deontic is overwhelmed, and breaks down in tears.

The group all fell asleep around 3 am, and woke up 11 hours later. Mello worries over their changed sleep habits, and sets up a safety net with Chrissie, where someone will contact her every hour on the hour. If she is not contacted, she is to call for help on their behalf.

By 4 pm Century and Deontic have left for the train station, leaving Matt and Mello alone to finish the case. Silver emails Matt to inform him that there are at least three versions of the song available on the internet, but only one version kills. By half past four the paranormal activities have started again. Mello takes to blessing the house with a bowl of holy water he prepared. Mello had extra equipment, such as EMF monitors and EVP recorders brought in via Watari. Century and Deontic decide to return later that evening.

The group is discussing the night the band members died, and their flight from the manor. They learn the running footsteps they are hearing is Ioan Prothero running up to the roof and jumping off, repeating his suicide as a ghost, over and over. The recurrence of activity sets them all on edge, and they are no longer able to work together. Deontic is trying to work out how the house is actually affecting them.

Mello guesses the ghosts have been trying to lead them into the room where the cursed music had been recorded. Mello shouts to Ioan Prothero that he can stop running. As he reaches to open the room, they all can hear the band playing their music. As soon as they enter the room, all activity and sounds stop. Century finds the priest hole.

Mello and Century get into an argument. Mello throws Century’s phone out the window. No one has contacted Chrissie. Matt voluntarily climbs into the priest hole with Century. Mello freaks out and tries to negotiate Matt out of the priest hole. Deontic points out a wailing sound in the distance. Mello realizes that the sound is police sirens, and he calls Century out to go and speak with them, to get rid of them. Deontic is with Matt, who is setting up a camera in the priest hole.

Matt calls to Deontic for the camera. When there is no response he discovers the floorboards have been replaced over the priest hole, and nailed in. He gets angry to fight his panic. Matt uses the witch’s bottle to hammer the nails out of the floorboards, breaking the jar, and shattering glass, and the contents of the jar over his head, cutting himself with the glass and sharp objects and covering himself in urine.

Deontic hears a gunshot and runs after Mello and Century, leaving Matt behind. She sees Century running, and chases after him. Deontic ends up walking into the river, and is blinded by the surrounding mists. She has to fight the urge to jump in the water. She sees a spirit rise up from the water.

Mello is in the kitchen on the phone with Hal, Chrissie, and Salvo. He is having Hal call off the police. After speaking with the police Century goes to retrieve his phone and hears a gunshot, the same Deontic heard. Century runs off into the forest, hears barking dogs, and sees flashing lights; in his terror begins calling out “Elen Llwyddog, helpu fi!”

Mello, who followed Century going to get his phone, almost falls in an opened cellar. The gun shot that frightened Century off, startles Mello and his rosary breaks and falls into the cellar. Mello quickly follows down into the cellar to escape the shooter, and in there he smells gunpowder and rotten eggs. He sees the war in Croatia during the Domovinski Rat all around him. He hears the bombs, and smells burning flesh. He wants to get back to Matt. Mello speaks with the ghost of Nathalie, who calms him and clears his head.

While still in the river, Deontic manages to find her phone and call Hal. She screams, “Come and get us,” over and over into the phone. The police show up and find Deontic at the river. A frantic Mello, who is upset that he cannot find anyone, greets Hal upon her arrival. Mello starts calling out for Mail and hears him from within the priest hole. The police help get the floorboards up, and Mello helps pull Matt out of the hole.

With Century still missing, the group was taken to nearby disused barracks, where they were able to clean themselves up, and begin sorting out what had happened. Mello and Matt start fighting, but work it out so that the group can discuss the events that had just occurred. They speculate that Century must be ok, as they had not heard from Chrissy.

Meanwhile, the Roberts have pick up Century, after they nearly hit him with their Land Rover. Mrs. Roberts attempts to feed Century different sweets while he speaks with Chrissy on a computer. Suddenly the Roberts and Century hear the military searching the countryside. Despite Chrissy and Salvo’s reassurance, Century still fears Mello, and leaves the Robert’s place with plans to find his girlfriend Siân. Moments after leaving the Robert’s, Century hallucinates being shot in the heart. He has a fear driven heart attack that is nearly fatal. He is rescued by the soldiers and brought to a nearby hospital, while Mr. Roberts is brought into the bunker. Mello has him interrogated by air force officers, but no further information is learned from Mr. Roberts or the officers. Mello also has a group of officers on patrol at the house, and has asked to only be bothered should something happen.

August 15, 2011:

Mello is called into the office of Lieutenant Lees. Matt and Deontic follow. Lieutenant Lees has left two photographs out in an attempt to prompt Mello to asking about them. He tells of his experience in Yugoslavia and of the massacres that happened in Gorskica, while Mello breaks down crying while remembering the experience. Mello prompts Lieutenant Lees to continue, saying that he needs to know what he saw. Matt and Deontic are no longer trying to stop the discussion. Lees is running with the possibility that Mello could be the small child he rescued from the exploded cathedral. He asks if Mello was the boy he rescued and Mello tells him yes. Deontic asks how he could have known and Lieutenant Lees says he recognized Mello’s mother in his face. Matt has to practically drag a weeping Mello from the room. Matt, at a loss for how he is supposed to act, comforts Mello as best he can, and cuddles him asleep.

The next morning Mello is more or less back to himself. He feels he has all but solved the case, and is confident that the house can no longer touch him now that he has faced what he considers his greatest fear. Mello reveals he has a plan that could be potentially dangerous and involves returning to the house. They learn from Silver the version of the song that kills is called “The Banshee” and it replaces the track called “Ghost Path.” Mello forces Matt to send him the song, and also forwards a copy to Deontic. Mello, Matt, and Deontic return to the house, where they meet Century. Mello asks the other three to stay in Deontic’s car, while he tries something in the house, and Matt silently prompts Deontic to manipulatively flatter Mello so he will let them come with him.

Mello is setting himself up to play on his electric violin, in the room with the priest hole upstairs. He started with the Méditation, and when nothing happened Matt told him to play with more emotion. Mello switched to the Ave Maria, and part way through it the groups all heard Mello’s voice crying out “zdravo Marijo.” The group moves outside to the cars, and Matt brings up the question of what was happening to the atheists, and it is questioned whether they find religion, or if there are actually more nondescript suicides unaccounted for. Mello turns to the mafia, and calls upon a past favor, and has sent the cursed song to be listened to. He then initiates ‘plan B,’ as not much information came of playing his violin in the house. This time Mello wants to be alone, and won’t be swayed. He threatens to leave Matt and never return, should he attempt to follow Mello into the house. He starts to threaten Century’s girlfriend, and he and Deontic tell him they will not follow him. Once in the house, Mello calls Sidoh out, by threatening to take his Death Note. Sidoh reveals that there are hundreds of ghosts, and several “other things.” Sidoh also notices the presence of warmth, similar to that of the opening of Shinigami realm, which frightens him.

When Mello returns, Matt is very angry and only starts to relax after Mello quits his act and starts apologizing sincerely. After attempting to make amends with his husband, Mello switches gears, and starts working toward the best possible solution to the actual case, even if it doesn’t answer all of the questions regarding the house itself. He sets Deontic and Matt working to remove ‘The Banshee’ from the internet, and asks Century to give him a good reason why he shouldn’t burn the house to the ground. The group moves back into the house together.

After a discussion with Hal, it is determined that the case technically only asked for answers, and so it can be deemed closed. The group then let Hal know they will be staying in the house, as whatever is haunting the house will follow them, so in the end it doesn’t matter where they go. They call a truce; as a group they are going to work to solve the extra case of the house and why it is haunted, in order to save their own lives. Dee asks for a comfortable place to discuss the case where they could all feel a little ebit safer in the house. They agree on the living room and Mello has Matt block off the staircase. Matt uses a double wardrobe, with the back taken out so that it can act as a door, and with boards nailed across the top. A short while later, the house makes an attack on Matt when metal banging sounds go off all around the house. Mello brings up the topic of what helped people survive the pressure of Whammy’s house. Century says it was Fenian, and Deontic agreed that it was having friends that she was not in competition with.

Working off of a new theory, and what he learned from Sidoh, Mello begins discussing the idea of a flyer being in the house. He describes a flyer as a predatory demonic creature that feeds off of emotions. He further elaborates as describing it as something that is telepathic, sentient, and which not only is able to manipulate a person’s psyche, but the physical world as well. Mello also decides that some of the sounds and phenomenon happening in the house are actually physically happening, and are not hallucinations, as they have been captured on film and can be played back, where others could be psychological as individual or mass hallucinations. Mello also concludes that whatever sounds were captured on the deadly song ‘The Banshee’ are physical and not psychological, as anyone who listens to the song can hear it, anywhere in the world.

High activity in the house continues throughout the night, putting the group on edge. Mello decides that if he mentally stops letting the house get to him, it will quit being real. He aims to up the moral of the group, and continually announces that nothing is in the house, even as he stares into the ghostly face of Maja. The house actually quiets down, and as Mello celebrates his victory. Century speaks with Fenian about coming to stay with him, over returning to Chrissy and Salvo’s place. The house stays completely quiet until the Gwrach-y-Rhibyn shows up. Century nearly has another heart attack, fearing she had come for himself. Mello brings in the defibrillator, and Dee is attempting to call for emergency help. Mello is speaking with Fenian when the house loses all electrical and battery power. Mello charges out and tries to shoot the Gwrach-y-Rhibyn, but she is unharmed by bullets; she attacks Mello ripping deep gashes into his chest and face. The visage of this creature can only be described as pure evil incarnate. The Gwrach-y-Ribyn calls out the name Fy ngw^r. Matt has to drag Mello back inside and is also cut on his arm.

Matt gets a fire going, and does his best in providing first aid to Mello and Century. Dee realizes that medical attention is seriously needed for both Century and Mello, she thinks Century may have had a second heart attack and fears he is dying. She decides to try to make it to her car, to see if it can be started. She wraps herself in makeshift armor made of kitchen cookware. When Mello finds out what she is about to attempt, so he comes to talk her out of it. When he sees she is serious, he waits by the door, poised to help, and after she has safely made it into her BMW and the Gwrach-y-Rhibyn returns, Mello then watches intently from the window. Deontic tries to start her car, but the battery is dead. When the Gwrach-y-Rhibyn flies to the front of the house again, Deontic bolts straight for Mello’s arms.

August 16, 2011:

Century wakes in the early morning as distressed as he had been the earlier in the night. He is sure he is going to die because the Gwrach-y-Rhibin only comes for the Welsh. Mello uses the information Century had said about Fenian rallying his spirits and pride in his Welsh heritage to survive Whammys in order to lift his spirits now. He recites the poem “Do Not Go Gentle,” and Shakespeare. It helps Century calm down some, but he is still sure that he is going to die. He begins making last requests. As the morning rises, the group remains cuddled together with not much more that can be done, when a loud crash is heard outside the house. Matt had ordered flowers on the internet for Mello, for their anniversary, and the delivery man had crashed into a tree. Matt uses the radio in the delivery van to call for ambulances. Mr. Roberts lay dead on the ground. He was the Welshman the Gwrach-y-Rhibyn had come for. They found a witches bottle near him, and Century realizes he was trying to put it in the Yew tree, so Century puts it there himself before passing out.

September 2, 2011:

Mello, Matt, Deontic, Century, and Fenian all meet in Hal’s office in Whammy’s house to discuss the theories on the case of the deadly song, and the current status of the haunted house. Mello explains his flyer theory, and the idea of fairy paths is brought up. Mello makes an agreement with Fenian that he would never do something like hang up on him in dangerous circumstances, and makes an aim at building a relationship. Mello and Matt have gotten Century a car for his birthday, and the whole group goes out to a pub to celebrate.

Oct 31st 2011: The Resolution is signed by every member of the Wammy's House Board, Watari and L (Near).